American Brown Shirts

Screw Godwin’s law…  let’s cut to the chase.  Friends of mine just got vandalized.  They are big Democrats and decorated their yard along the highway with American flags and pro-Dem election signs.  It all got ripped out and stolen last night.   These are Brown Shirt tactics.


I am not a Democrat.  Like many progressives, I am deeply disappointed in the Democratic party.   I am nevertheless urging you all to vote; in close races I am urging you to vote for the Democrat.

There are party differences.  Here in New Mexico we fought off oil wells in my little valley with great difficulty.  Our Republican candidate for Governor pledges to make our state more “business friendly” and put New Mexicans back to work.  That is code.  She means she will strike down what few weak environmental laws we have and let the oil rigs in.  Drill baby, drill.

There are Republican calls to abolish minimum wage and more than just a few.  They are talking about child labor laws and Public Schools and so much more being Unconstitutional.  That’s the spirit.  When you get an open wound, rub salt in it.

We all know the rest of the drill.  Bust the Unions, deregulate, privatize, dismantle social spending and “entitlement programs”  and never a word about bloated military spending .

We have lived under increasingly right wing dogma since Reagan.  Even Clinton helped “de-regulate” by signing the legislation that dismantled the Glass/Steagall act.

If cutting taxes for the rich, and waiting for trickle down worked, after 30 years we would have a strong and prosperous middle class.  Instead we are sitting here in the middle of the ruins listening to the glassy eyed right beating the same tired drum.

Let’s work to form a truly left wing party, dethrone the corporations and end perma war.  But it seems urgent to keep the uber-right out of power.

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15 Responses to VOTE!

  1. Barbara says:

    I voted my conscious and my conscious is not with Republicans or TeaPartiers. All you have to do is look at Ohio’s own John Boehner and you shouldn’t have any problem understanding the ‘left’ thing to do.

    Well written Lynden. I am going to figure out how to share this on my Facebook page.

    • osolynden says:

      Yup! Dismantling what little safety net we have when suffering and hard times are here, seems insane. Thank you for your kind words.

    • Little Sun says:

      You two haven’t heard much from me because I’m still sick and have been on (unpaid, mind you) on-call and have been called in, non-stop… for kids who all belong elsewhere but aren’t elsewhere because our “safety net” stopped even resembling a net a long time ago. And this is with a Democrat for governor.

      I lost my job when the last Forced Birther Republican governor decided our thrownaway children didn’t need treatment foster care. More than half of our state’s adolescent residential treatment centers also closed due to lack of funding (and all of the half-way decent ones) while that fella reigned… But, hey, he’s a media darling now because he’s pro-let-’em-smoke-MJ-while-we-rob-’em.

      If Martinez wins… shudder, twitch, twitch… I guess we can look forward to Texas-style social safety nets which all seem to involve being handed a shovel for digging your own grave. I could be wrong, though–they may have cut back on the shovel budget.

      • Moosehammer says:

        Republican powers thrive on running death panels. It’s enough to make a person wish we could all be fetuses. Seems the only way to get an ounce of consideration out of the Fascist bastards.

        I hope you get better soon Little Sun. You’ve been in my thoughts.

      • osolynden says:

        Disgusted by the Dems. But until we create an alternative, they beat the shit out of the Social Darwinists. Hang in there Hunny.

  2. Hyper-Intellect (MySpace) says:

    Excellent, Osolynden. You are a thoughtful treasure who is missed on MySpace. But I suspect you have less censorship here, which I applaud.

    Great points, and as both a science-based person, & a sexual minority, the G.O.P. to me seems to want to stay in a harsher prior century, if not millenium.

    I continue to wonder though, if we would be better off rewarding alternative parties, rather than Democrats & Republicans? Over decades, both continue with hyper-militarism & massive deficit spending. Though Democrats don’t give me the creeps and shivers that I get when ‘Nuke the gay whales for Jesus’ Republicans win.

    • osolynden says:

      Hey Good Lookin…. Got tired of Rupert Murdoch and his ever more face book Circus. Thanks for following me here.

      Seems to me we need to get urgent about making sure third and fourth parties can get on the ballot and participate in debates. They are currently locked out by the self serving anti-democracy SOB’s in power.

  3. Little Sun says:


  4. Moosehammer says:

    I’m voting Democrat, even though my Democrat (Gene Taylor) is really a corrupt Republican. He’s still much better than the Republican.

    Not that it would count anyway, but my state’s Attorney General saw to it that all three Reform Party candidates in my state got removed from the ballots. Red states really know how to play the Good Ole Boy game.

  5. Doc Hayes says:

    I’m really frightened where the Republicans will “lead” us… sort of like cattle being led to the slaughterhouse gates. Great post, Lyndon.

  6. Harmonika Savingsbonds says:

    That filthy, drunken, nasty little animal Jan Brewer apparently is involved in a plan that would feed ‘illegals’ to their burgeoning prison system that she plans to profit from. The older I get the more progressive I become, having been so consistently disappointed by our so-called Democratic brethren. Every year I have voted this way I have wasted my vote. But I could never vote Republican. I would begin to bleed profusely as I approached the voting booth, I am sure.

    I gave up listening to NPR in the mornings sveral months ago and have switched over to KKGN – Green 960 Progressive Radio. LOVE IT! Almost everyone on staff is either gay or gay friendly, ultra progressive at times, but highly entertaining. This morning someone called in to offer this: “Carly Fiorina needs to get a new hairdo. She looks like a dirty Q-tip.”

    I am 57, progressive in a town that nourishes and encourages our kind (San Francisco), longhaired, gay, insanely happily married, and

    When I am an old woman I shall wear emeralds and be very, very disagreeable.

  7. osolynden says:

    Soooo glad to hear from you here Blanch, er, I mean Harmonica. You always make me smile.

    When I am an old woman I shall wear nothing at all. And be twice as disagreeable.

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