“They hate us because we are free”. George Bush famously uttered, and then mocked us by destroying the most important freedom we had.

The Magna Carta, was a terrific idea.   It dates back to the year 1215.    The idea is simple.  No one can be “disappeared” into a dungeon forever on the say so of the King.  There must be proof of a crime and a trial.  The law must be observed.  It is interesting to note that AMERICA ALREADY HAD the LEGAL ability to “suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus”  and has done so.  It took an act of Congress and not the say so of ONE MAN.  Our government ALREADY HAD the ability to wire tap and spy on it’s citizens.  But they needed a warrant.  They needed to give a reason.  Most people are unaware that the Patriot act brought no new safety or protection, it simply concentrated the power to the (king) president and eliminated oversight.

Here is a linkwritten by a historian, We have had this debate.  No one will change their mind.  I feel compelled to remind everyone how much contempt American right wing has for “freedom” in spite of their rhetoric.   They threw an 800 year old baby out with the bathwater.  What is it “conservatives” conserve?  Wisdom?  Certainly the small government and fiscal responsibility rhetoric has been as duplicitous as their deep love of freedom. Once usurped, power is hard to get back in the bottle.  Sadly,  Democrats have not reversed this, in fact they have worsened the situation and the assassination of American citizens

is now legal on the un-reviewed order of one man. Need more?

We are in big trouble folks This hardly reads as a sales pitch to vote for the Democrats does It?  It is.  These mid term elections are urgent because so many who feel frustrated and betrayed (as I do) choose not to vote and the right gains strength.  We cannot afford to move an inch further right.   The recent Supreme court decision that corporations are people and money is free speech is not working well.  The money is going to the right wing 11 to 1, more than half of it from “undisclosed” donors.  There are a surprising number of foreign contributions.  This happened to us because the Republicans packed the Supreme court with their own. By voting for the Democrats we may buy time.   Time to create viable alternative.

Time to get the Green Party back on the ballot in New Mexico.

I leave you with a recent quote from William River Pitt: “It’s hard to know what’s more disturbing: the fact that Tea Party activists are beating up women in public, or the fact that acts like this are not terribly surprising anymore.”

Subsribe!  It’s not all politics on this blog.  😉

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11 Responses to VOTE! 2

  1. osolynden says:

    Hope it doesn’t put folks off that I require an email address. No one public ever sees it but me. After the stalker incident….. But would love to hear your thoughts and even get some dialogue started. 😉

  2. Robert C. Goble says:

    much today is disturbing. anger is everywhere. the american right has no monopoly on anger and frustration, perhaps vocalization. the american left- the progressive nature of america- is angry too! now. what can we do with all of this discontent? we can vote.

    also, we can write, debate, and inspire. we can believe that our nation- we its people- will pass this angst and rise above the anger, which arises from fear, to continue our forward path!


    • osolynden says:

      Thanks Robert. Yes, there is no monopoly on frustration. I just don’t understand why anyone thinks what hasn’t worked for 30 years should be our direction? Swing even further right? I don’t think so. Look around this place is a mess.

  3. Little Sun says:

    I voted Saturday. Not happy about having to vote for the barely less evil. But, as you say here and we’ve both been saying to one another, maybe voting for the barely less evil corporatist Dems will buy us a little bit of time before we plunge into full-out fascist neofeudalist theocracy… though I’m not optimistic about it buying us much time.

    That nauseating chore done, I’m trying to figure out what it will take to get some sane non-neofeudalist non-theocrat populists on the ballot. The time to start working on that would be–NOW.

    • osolynden says:

      Whatever the outcome of this election, The Dems need to know folks like me are not happy with them. I am just less happy with the Republicans. I will vote on Tuesday. No line out here in the country. 😉

  4. Absentee voting, babies!

    Voted several weeks ago. Sharron Angle should be hollowed out and reconstructed into a lovely planter.

    • osolynden says:

      Planter? Now there is an original idea I had not considered. 😉 Just got back from voting myself. There was actually a line today and I had to wait two whole minutes.

  5. Your “Written By A Historian” link now appears broken.

    I have been a dues paying member of The American Civil Liberties Union for many years, and am confused why <1% of this country fulfill their civic duty to preserve domestic rights by joining.

    Another good post, lynden.

    • osolynden says:

      Will try to get over here soon and repair link… One interesting thing about WordPress is they tell you how many times your link got clicked…. Pretty big chuckle when someone says great link and it ain’t been clicked. Probably been broken since I posted it…

      • I clicked on the broken link twice, as I recall. Since I prefer not to open new windows, I usually right click on a link, then click “Open in New Tab”. Have you tested whether this type of click will add to the link counter? Will the count increase if the link is broken?

        I just did this type of click on “They Hate Us Because We Are Free”, so maybe you can tell from that.

        • osolynden says:

          Broken links do not count, only ones actually visited. Regardless of click type. Hard for me to test as my activity does not count on the stats page… 😉 You click on They hate us did show… Thanks for letting me know. All repaired.

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