New Girl in Town


Faced with “older dogs” syndrome, my neighbors added young blood to the mix.  They took in an abandoned dog.

Patches had a few days of angst and then settled in.  She is still persuaded she is starving to death, but considering her newly plump belly, this may be her permanent perspective.

Patches is very sweet, gentle and not much trouble.  This is fortunate as she seems to be moving in.  Last night the owners called her and she sat at my feet and stared…  Didn’t budge an inch.  I had to walk her next door.

She seems to adore Little Bear (as do I) and He TOLERATES her more than any dog he has met since he (too) became a grumpy old man.  He (twice now) has climbed on top of her and laid down, because she snuggled up against ME in HIS spot     🙂  No growling or fuss.   Just a double-decker dog sandwich until she squirms out from under and he subsides into the Daddy spot.   Little Bear growls at her when she gets excessive about sniffing his behind but then allows her to lay right next to him.  They are the same size and a bond is definitely forming.  Yesterday he walked over to the big house and brought her back.

Patches adores the every morning dog walks.  The cast keeps changing.   For a decade and a half Sadie and Little Bear were the regulars with others tagging along until they moved away or worse.   Recently Sadie’s hips deteriorated another notch (I so understand), but I explained that I fall down too, and she has started coming again.

Over time the morning ramble has become more pathetic subdued.  With the passing of the years the older dogs plod along and I follow doing my nursing home shuffle.  Patches tires of the pace and like a pin ball firing up the chute she takes off.  She bounces off the trees (almost) and runs circles around us oldsters.  She can do a 180° so fast it is undetectable to the human eye and at 50 miles an hour, stops on a dime.  She is the only Dog I have ever seen fly, with long eerily sustained leaps, all four legs stretched straight out.  All she is missing is the cape.  It is infectious and tails rise a little higher and feet feel less leaden.  Ah!,  youth.

The rolling foothills of the high New  Mexico desert are sparsely inhabited and filled with wonders.  There are rabbits and rabbit holes.  You can stick your nose in one for a heavy breathing session.  There are Prairie dog tunnels one can attempt to excavate.  Dogs are born Scatologists.  New Mexico is famous for it’s scat.  The three dogs cluster around a pile and conference.  Coyotes play “marks a lot” as do dogs, and any  fragrance must be meticulously and exhaustively sniffed, examined and then covered with your own calling card.  Patches enthusiasm renews our appreciation for this Coney Island for dogs.

Patches is a talker.  She emits a spectrum of low grunt, groan, moan, throaty burpels, wooflets and puffs.  Or sometimes she just mutters.   The new girl has some character and quirks.  I like that.  She has some flaws.  No one could measure up to the high standard Little Bear sets.  Still, here she is and we like her just fine.  She is a happy addition to our lives.

Posting pictures of the current Dog Walk Club is akin to Grandma whipping open her plastic accordion of grand baby pictures in the grocery store line.  I realize this.  There is one OBVIOUS exception.  I believe images of The Little Bear  (graven or not) activate harmonic celestial vibrations that flood the world with smiles, joy and cookies.  Not that I am prejudiced.

Next week:  My secret talent as a Namerizer

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12 Responses to New Girl in Town

  1. “…smiles, joy and cookies.” Beautiful. I would love to be in the pack walk. 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      You would be so welcome Robert. And it will be even more fun if that new dog you are thinking about comes with you.

  2. Barbara says:

    you have a beautiful way of putting words down that create a picture……….and to see the pictures are wonderful. I am so happy to put a face with the names. Especially dear Sadie. I am happy to meet her through your wonderful stories and now a beautiful photograph. I wish I could just roll on the ground hugging all of them.

    Too bad Patches and Little couldn’t procreate. I bet they would create some beautiful pups.

    Hugs and Love! And thanks for sharing this wonderful tail!

    • osolynden says:

      Thank you so much. Just getting this blog off the ground, so your visit really makes me smile. Yes, I bet they would have had wonderful pups. But there will never be a shortage of dogs to adopt. That is how they both found their way here. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Little Sun says:

    She sez, “The ability to fly is simply a state of mind, grasshopper.”

    Hugs and kisses to all. I’m looking forward to meeting Ms. Patches.

  4. moosehammer says:

    The joy of a lap full of pups! 🙂

  5. Red says:

    Patches is adorable & she looks like she has mischief in her…

  6. Love it, Lynden. A nickname for my little girl, Dame, is The Wolf Dog. I feel it helps her deal psychologically with her physically small stature.

    A few months ago she tangled with a racoon that had young ones, so she got a bite or two. Fortunately she had already had her rabies shot, and she is all healed now. She is fierce when it comes to chasing other critters, including “bad kitties”, but only if they run.

    • osolynden says:

      Both of our children have some Corgi? “Baby Anubis” also has a Napoleon complex. But only if Napoleon runs…. Glad to hear Dame won the battle. Like my boy she is no longer young?

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