Movie and Popcorn?

OK… no popcorn.  Will you settle for Movie and a note?

Hope you all are doing well.  I miss many of the My Space pals but I am done supporting Rupert Murdock in any way.  My profile there is going to vanish one of these days.  But HERE I AM.  😉  Please note the “what I read” links on this page.  Your blog could go there too, no matter where you write. (will not pimp my space, sorry) Let me know.

Feel free to comment.  I would love to hear from you.  You do not need to use your real name and your email will never be seen.  Same drill with subscriptions.  Any name you want and your info stays private.

NOW….   My outhouse stayed rough and unfinished for 14 years.  I finally completed it this year and filmed my effort.  Some of my pals have seen it already, but for those who have not…



MANGO CHUTNEY rides again…

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20 Responses to Movie and Popcorn?

  1. The Lady B says:

    I will be joining you at the Cannes Film Festival this year! And of course there will be great demand for part deux!

  2. osolynden says:

    Just got back from whoring this on my space… 😉 Maybe we can get a few more refugees over here? Thanks as always for stopping by.

    • Count me as a refugee! Though we miss one of the brightest planets on MySpace, I can see you are happy here in your wonderful new home, and fabulous new outhouse.

      I don’t see any like or kudos buttons?

      Warmest regards from awesome Bend, OR (for the night).

      • osolynden says:

        There is actually a “like” button. However, basking in the glow of your approval and friendship is more than enough for me. Thanks as always… you devastatingly handsome man.

  3. Little Sun says:

    Just one burning question… Does the door handle still turn in the “wrong” direction? 😉

  4. Margaret Dumonte says:

    Is this a remake of the spoof of Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 From Outer Space” with the working title of “Plop 2 from Uranus”?
    This movie ran the gamut of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I soiled myself.
    But seriously folks, my grandparents lived in an affluent Connecticut town (Guy Lombardo lived next door) and they had an outhouse until the late 1940’s.
    Excellent job, Mango!

  5. Red says:

    Much nicer than many in houses…bravo! Do you have to check for rattlesnakes first though?

    • osolynden says:

      So good to see you here! No snake problem. The building is now as tight as a drum and no way they can get in. We do see them maybe once every year but they avoid people. (I sooo understand) 😉

      Just having fun learning to make videos.

  6. Red says:

    Whew! Since they like to hide in rocks I thought they might like to hide in petrified turds too…LOL. Glad your babycakes are safe.

    Missed you.

    • osolynden says:

      Missed you too and that sense of humor. Please note the Egyptian art on the back wall. It would be more theme correct to refer to my “gifts” as “mummified”. One can peer down and see that many of them have white wrappings….

  7. I want popcorn. 🙂 Thanks for the Reading.!!!!

  8. Lisarae says:

    I had an no indoor bathroom growing up and we had an outhouse too, but ours was not nearly this nice! (and it was a little stinky-I wish we had used the wood ash-the opposing windows is a great idea too). Very nice! track lighting! I love the brick floor and the wood on the outside. >;-D
    Why the plunger?

    • osolynden says:

      good to hear from you Lisarae. Yes, the ash, windows and keep it dry policy all keep it odor free. There is a vent stack also.

      The plunger I own for doing laundry in a washtub. Keeping it in the outhouse is a joke. People are so used to seeing a plunger in the bathroom most don’t even notice it. Which cracks me up.

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