The right lusts (and plans) to turn Social Security over to Wall Street.  Privatization means profit.   “The commons” were recently forced to “bail out” this financial elite after their irresponsible deregulated bubble burst. They went on to have a record year in bonuses, income and corporate profits.   At the same time, the commons tightened their belts and suffered like they haven’t since the 30’s.

Social security was set up (under Roosevelt in 1935)  to be a trust fund.  NOT part of the Federal budget.  The system has worked well for 75 years.  It is funded by FICA taxes.  It has never added one thin dime to the national debt.  It is not an “expensive entitlement program”.  It has paid its own way.

In 1983 the Social Security payroll tax was increased substantially.   This placed a larger burden on the baby boomers.  This increase was meant to insure that the “pig in the Python” could pass through.   We are now being told this “entitlement” program needs to reformed (chopped) because true “patriots” care about the national debt.


Both parties have been complicit in the rape of  the Social Security trust fund.  The real reason they want to raise retirement age and cut benefits is simple.   25 years ago they started borrowing the money.  Now they need to start paying it back.  That will be tricky because China and Japan are getting cold feet about buying anymore American debt.

We know the money hasn’t been going for bridges.  They are falling down.  We know the money hasn’t been going for education.  Promising minds got left behind.  We know the money hasn’t been going to create jobs or windmill energy farms.

Get out your “WE ARE NUMBER ONE” foam rubber football thumb.  America has slipped behind the other industrialized nations in all but one area.

We have two million five hundred thousand personnel abroad serving in 737 military bases abroad.  This does not include our (increasing) use of paid mercenary forces.  We pay mercenaries substantially better than our own troops, but they are useful.  We do not hold them accountable.

Information on how much we pay “privatized” for profit military is hard to come by.  If anyone has an informed estimate it would be Jeremy Scahill.

George Bush recently said his greatest regret (about that  presidency thing) was not being able to “privatize” Social Security.


Consider how many Seniors would now be sleeping under a bridge.   That boy has sensitive written all over him.  It seems to me he had plenty of choices,  but he regretted not throwing the lives of Seniors to the for profit Casino Hyenas.

Go do some homework.  Google “social security who stole the money”  And here is an article by Bernie Sanders to get you rolling…. The system seems in less trouble than they say.  The notion that Social Security won’t be there for the young is a MYTH STARTED BY THE RIGHT AND REINFORCED BY REPETITION.   Many take it for fact these days.  Read my links and then go ferret out the truth.

America’s bills ARE coming due.  But once again the most vulnerable are being asked to foot them.

This just in.  A workable plan from someone knowledgeable.

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14 Responses to Social INSECURITY

  1. Harmonika Savingsbonds says:

    Nothing pisses me off more than this ‘American Exceptionalism’ bullshit most of my fellow Americans feel is a universal truth or something. It’s almost as if our country is telling the world, “Yeah; we gave you Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Baseball and Mickey Mouse. We’ll always be able to rest on those laurels.”

    Our jobs are going overseas. That plainly means no jobs available here. What part of that do unemployed TeaBaggers not understand? The money now is all over in other countries with perhaps lax rules and tax laws. Republicans and heartless corporations (sometimes synonymous) have been doing this. The rich WILL get richer, the poor WILL get poorer.

    I call for a revolution. As much as I want to believe in Obama brand Hope ®, I get tired of seeing him roll over before Republicans even offer him a treat. He compromises before being asked to.

    No repeal of DADT? No Public Option? Will he give the rich their Bush tax cuts?
    If he is unwilling to work for the good of the people who voted him into office on a wave of hope, change and yes, love, I’d rather he pulled a Sarah Palin and quit.

    • osolynden says:

      Good take Harmonika! Yes, “American Exceptionalism” is nothing more than nationalist superiority. (unfounded) And we sent those jobs overseas with free trade policies. We need to bring back tariffs and “protectionism” unless we want to compete with countries where the wages are abysmal and corporations ignore environmental impact.

      Obama looks likely to “compromise” on extending the Bush tax cuts and try to “find the missing money” by trimming Social Security… What a drag.

  2. Little Sun says:

    But but but… we need all that money for Perpetual War, Lynden.

    Looks like President Obama is finally making the war on/in Yemen official.

    After he makes the wars on/ in Sudan and Somalia and Pakistan official, I wonder what’s next? Iran? Or something to do with all that uncovered-by-the-media saber-rattling going on down south of here… Wonder when the attack on Venezuela will start? Has it already, behind the scenes? What are all those U.S. troops massing for in Costa Rica? Sorry. Don’t pay any attention to me, there ARE no REAL countries south of us, so nothing we do down there REALLY happens…

    Come to think of it, Canada ought to be a bit nervous, too.

  3. “We know the money hasn’t been going for education. Promising minds got left behind.”

    OK. I know you are talking about me. You could have entitled the blog with my full name. There in lights, “Robert C. Goble.”

    Sensitive in Nowhere. 😉

    PS. Keep the information alive! Senator Sanders is a wise man.

    • osolynden says:

      You big kidder! Robert C. Goble. Thanks for supporting this blog. They are going to try hard to trim/destroy/privatize Social Security. I hope everyone “arms up” with the facts. We need to stand our ground on this fight.

      • You and Me and Everyone We Know will be on this! “you betcha ;)”

        We will move forward. And everyone who wants to move forward will recognize that our nation in one of progressive ideas. All anyone needs to do is to study the FACTS, not listen to fox “news” and accept.

        Peace my friend.!

  4. Red says:

    Thank you Lynden will check out Mr. Sanders…

  5. Cary Ryerson says:

    Why don’t more people KNOW about this???? Robert and I get SO fucking sick of listening to the “ignorant” seniors down here in Kentucky and how “Obama is ruining “their” Medicare”, when all the while, the two IDIOTS they’ve voted into office for years now (Bunning and McConnell) are RAPING them blind on a daily basis………..and NOT just for their SS benefits. Stupid, God Damn hicks down here who want nothing more than to bury their heads in the sand and then RANT about how bad things are. Hey DUMBASSES……………YOU’VE CREATED THIS MESS. Wake the FUCK up, will you????????

    • osolynden says:

      All I know to do is try to get more information out to the public in whatever small way I can. It is soooo frustrating. This will be an interesting battle as I recall all those teabag signs saying keep your government hands off my Social Security… 😉 The baggers will of course turn this partisan and blame Obama….

  6. The Lady B says:

    I knew you would blow this one out of the water. I have shared on Facebook again. I am trying to help fill the world with as much osolyndenisms as I can. Dear friend, our world doesn’t seem to be able to find the forest for the trees, even when the trees are being eradicated. 😦

    • osolynden says:

      Your friendship and support is valued more than you know. Bernie says the system ain’t in trouble and needs a minor tweak (eliminate the pay in cap for the rich) to make it just fine till 2075. They have propagandized this issue for so long most folks believe the system won’t be there for the young. HOGWASH! What they want to steal from the America people isn’t even enough to pay the war debt down. The Corporations benefit from our foreign policy. Why not let them help pay for it?

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