Chalmers Johnson

Chalmers Johnson died on November 20th.   His death was sadly under reported/eulogized in American Media.    Of course they doubt you have heard of him…  They saw to that.

His clear headed precision made him an American treasure.  His last four books are strongly recommended reading for anyone who claims to love this country.  (they are listed in the Daily Kos link)  Even if you would disagree with his analysis, to do so intelligently you must know what he has to say…

This page is my tribute to him.

Here is a short video:

Here is a list (with links) of articles by him

Here is what the Daily Kos had to say

Chalmers Johnson, your voice will be missed.

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10 Responses to Chalmers Johnson

  1. Cary Ryerson says:

    It scares me that seemingly “logical” people won’t listen to the truth, but rather listen to “only what they want to hear”. This country will NEVER wake up, even after it’s too late.

    • Robert C. Goble says:

      Cary, I know that you are not so negative. Our country wakes up each day. It’s up to you and me and everyone we know to make certain that our nation continues to progress in the direction we feel is best. At dinner you shared a statistic with me that might be the answer to the question you didn’t ask in your comment. 🙂

      • osolynden says:

        I would love to know what that statistic is? 😉 For me it is a razor edge dance between pointless “pollyanna” and negativity. We need to take care to “keep it real”.

        Hope you gents get some wonderful food today! That is my plan…..

    • osolynden says:

      Sadly some think it too late already, PARTICULARLY with so many retreating into fantasy versions of reality. We can keep reminding people the truth is out there.

  2. Robert C. Goble says:

    Most great thinkers are not appreciated while alive. I hope that the blogs that are written for the progress of our nation will continue to blast people with correct information and not misleading “fox news” crap. (BTW, since “fox news” is not news, but a speaking arm of the american right, are they breaking any laws by purporting to be a news outlet?)

    Keep posting Mr. Osoleft.!!!

  3. Superb post, Lynden.

    I have to block out how stupid almost all of the people in this country choose to be when it comes to rewarding political parties that repeatedly increase the national debt AND military spending. Or I risk having a mental breakdown.

    • osolynden says:

      One hopes (but doubts) someone as well spoken will step forward to take his place. He made his point effectively without drowning it in pointless erudite speak.

      • Your timing is interesting lynden that you would write of no apparent living replacements for Chalmers Johnson.

        Perhaps to prove your point, N.P.R.’s “On Point” last week discussed something new & fabulous in a certain author’s hometown of Indianapolis that you may be pleased to know more about.

        It is only 1100 square feet, but I think an active tribute is fitting. And your view?

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