To the Residents of Gold Mine Road

To the Residents of Gold Mine Road
(and planet earth)

Again this morning, Sadie dog had trouble crossing the road.  She is old and deaf as a post.  Her owners have long suspected brain damage, now compounded by the creeping mental fog of dementia.  When she sees a car barreling down on her she freezes.

Sadie was two feet onto the road when a car doing 20 miles over the speed limit raced around the blind curve, screeched to a jarring halt and laid on the horn.

THIS WAS UNNECESSARY.   It showed arrogance and a mind that downloads at dial up speed.

I thought it over and responded with a resounding FUCK YOU!  Which brought even more honking as the car sped away.

I don’t care if you are running late.  There is a posted speed limit and I expect you to observe it.   I could hope for even more.   Your reaction lacked basic common sense or the patience that you (obviously) require from others.    It spoke of selfish irritation that YOU were being inconvenienced.  It articulated your need to control.   If Sadie had been spilled firewood you would have slowed and driven around.  There was no oncoming traffic.  There was 25 feet of empty road available.  Because she was a living thing you made the decision to MAKE her move.   Letting me know you were being inconvenienced added 20 more seconds to that inconvenience.   Making a scene mattered more to you than the look of fear and befuddlement on that frozen old dog’s face.

Nor do I apologize for my language.  People who observe the niceties of the niceness rules rarely are.  My policy is to run, when I see “nice” folks coming.  They often have memorized the rules but are mystified by the heart behind them.

Some folks need to be slapped.

I realize that this message betrays my own anger and smallness of spirit.   I TIRE of playing grownup to your puerility.  If you wish my respect and accommodation, offer me (and mine) the same.

If decency won’t work for you, how about fear?  I have heard that the old guy with the cane and the dog pack is mentally unbalanced, unpredictable, and has nothing left to lose.  He is probably dangerous.

Let’s not find out.

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31 Responses to To the Residents of Gold Mine Road

  1. osolynden says:

    Reply to Cindy…

    I am so bad with cars… It was white and boxy and not new but not old. I do my best to Sheppard that old dog safely, but people could show some patience and heart. Just as they would want. I mean maybe they could get up 5 minutes earlier instead of trying to make up for lost time on the road.

    • Cindy says:

      Hey Lynden, a few years ago I was going up past your place when an acquaintance of mine was coming BARRELING down the road. She must have been going 60, and partially in my lane. As soon as I got home I emailed her and told her she was going WAY too fast and to PLEASE slow down, because a good friend of mine and a few dogs cross that road (sometimes slowly) there. She actually thanked me later for putting a face to the speed limit. (she’s moved on, but I think about it every time I see someone blasting down around that curve!)

      • osolynden says:

        I am very grateful! 🙂 We have had several rollovers on that curve. Right down at the end of my driveway. I never cross there anymore. I go further down so they have better sight of me. I guess they are coming off the big hill and have built more speed than they realize?

  2. The Lady B says:

    This is one of the many, many, many reasons that I truly adore you! You make my heart smile. I am happy that Sadie and all of the other variety of furred friends out there, have you.

  3. rafa says:

    That speed limit was posted when the road was still dirt and the dust
    used to cover the horses beside the road. Sometimes your neighbor
    would stand out there with a rifle to slow down traffic. There’s not
    much traffic at that corner now.

    My dogs like to run up to an approaching car to see who it is, or
    to chase after them as they go by. They don’t know that cars are
    dangerous. That’s kinda a problem for country dogs. Back maybe
    10 years ago, one mine got hit and had to have to hip joint reattached. What kind of a car was it that scared you?
    Saludos de Rafa- at the top of gmr.

    • osolynden says:

      Pardon me for editing the (neighbors) name out. I was used to my handful of readers being from Australia, the UK, or Ohio… I am not looking to start up a new range war with so many delicate personalities in the hood. Mostly this is a vent about a daily struggle I face.

      I am unsure why you think traffic is less now than it used to be. This (as you know) is the only road in or out and the population has grown and new houses have gone up. We have had several rollovers at that corner as there are 5 driveways close to that blind curve. My driveway is not a driveway at all. It is a road and there are 4 homes on it. Perhaps you pass by at quiet times of the day? And yes it was a dirt road. But raise the speed limit if you want on the straight away, and leave the bottom of the hill at 30. The wrecks and close calls are testament to why…

      Would love to know if the rifle story is something you witnessed or a retold story? Everyone around here knows I get myself in the hot seat plenty by being blunt when I think folks are badly in the wrong. I was aware of harsh words and such….

      So sorry about your dog getting hit. We do our best. I lucked out that my boy showed little interest in the car chase thing. I spent the time and patience to teach him about the horses.

      So when do you want to get together and talk computers? I have been busy with the books and the learning curve now that I am a man of leisure… 😉

  4. Run Lynden! I heard “they” are building a senior center for all of the nice seniors in your county.! 😉

  5. Margaret Dumonte says:

    My hero! Personally I would have thrown rocks at the car.

    • osolynden says:

      Hey thanks Maggie! 😉 Given the number of folks who call themselves Christian around here I wonder why everyone seems so selfish and me, me, me and to hell with you.

      I do have a problem with your technique. Here in the Southwest our rocks are on the ground. As in wayyyyyyy down there.

  6. God says:

    My dear child, I put humans on my planet in order to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Far often people think they are the only earth creatures I created, when in actuallity humans are only one of the earth creatures I created.
    Thank you, my son, for watching over part of my flock, and to those who think I’m all about the fire and brimstone, I offer this;

  7. Little Sun says:

    I saw the neighbor with the rifle some years back. I was rather grateful he was focusing on the fella roaring ahead of me kicking dust a mile high.

    Pavement is evil and breeds evil. I now live in a sea of it. Sigh.

    But then again, we had eejits who would fly at 90 going down Mailbox Road. Not usually more than a few times, of course. That road is a firm and pointed believer in Instant Car-ma.

    I’m so glad Sadie and you survived that ordeal.

    Last time I hoofed in Santa Fe, I became acutely aware that the same sort of person who terrorized you and Sadie does not tend to slow or stop for two-leggeds, either.

    I wonder what the fine or charge is for illegally-constructed speed bumps?

  8. Red says:

    So glad Sadie is OK. XXX

    • osolynden says:

      That is the bottom line. Thanks. I just wish it wasn’t a struggle from time to time. It is a “divided” property and there is no avoiding that road.

      so are you blogging anywhere beside MS? Would love to read yours. Let me know.

  9. Life is certainly CHEAP for people like that.

    I like to memorize their cars then later when I see their cars at the mall I break off their cheap jesusfish symbols. Or twist their car antennaes into lovely knots I learned as a Boy Scout.

    Why, I have never met Sadie but I am sure she is a much more civilized person than that hound from hell behind the wheel. But people like that never have to deal with US, the puppies of purgatory!

    I’m just saying…

    • osolynden says:

      Thanks Harmonika. Just needed to vent about what turds people can be. Sadie probably won’t be around much longer, but as long as she want to go for the walk, I would love to include her.

  10. I think (hope) Rosie has by now learned that fast passing cars = death. She has never tried to rush across in front of them, and somehow I think she knows this. What she HAS learned is that suddenly, from out of nowhere, the other daddy’s car MAGICALLY appears to offer her rides with us, so she hops aboard like some insolent Spaniard. Mr. Man, my husband/nemesis got his car detailed recently and wants to keep HER precious slobber off his auto’s side, so lately she has had to contend with closed windows and dealing us those long-suffering victim look in her eyes.
    Just sits there, chin resting on window of the car, looking disengaged.

  11. Very good writing, as I’ve come to expect from you Lynden. Little Sun also has some well-phrased thoughts.

    You remind me of that man from the edge of the prairie. Except you are on the edge of being that old man on the lawn shaking his fist and his cane at all the young people going by.

    O.K., so maybe you already ARE that man.

  12. Diane Jackson says:

    “If Sadie had been spilled firewood you would have slowed and driven around.” Isn’t that the truth. So many people out there have no feelings at all when it comes to other forms of life. When I hear someone talk about hitting a deer with their car all they seem to care about is the damage “that deer” did to their car. You are wonderful Lynden, thanks for writing this story and I’m glad that Sadie is ok.

    • osolynden says:

      It IS the truth. That they had no idea she was deaf and is dementia addled is no excuse. It shows a meanness of spirit no matter what. Thanks for your support. I just get frustrated.

      Hope things go well for you. I am excited about Christmas coming. Cause the days after start getting longer again. 🙂

  13. God says:

    You know, child, you’re not my first, nor my last, crossing guard with a stick.

  14. God says:

    Moses with a staff.

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