Who you are, is a tricky subject for a Chameleon.  I blame the stars.  Not Brad and Collin and the spirit of Anna Nicole, rather the grand universal wheel.  I am a Pisces.  There is so much water in my chart, my personality is transparent.  I have no identity.  Water, charts, what is this faceless creature on about?

Before you were born, before the telephone or the internet, equally faceless witches, warlocks and sorcerers, decided to anticipate the future by Inventing things like Tarot cards and Astrology.  Many believe that Nasty Domass predicted all of this.

He certainly should have, as these inventions predate him.  Many believe in these dark arts.  I certainly agree with them.  Many do not believe, and I agree with them too. Some think these arts are not dark.   People think I should support the troops and send Mother’s day cards.  I could not agree more.  If you come for tea, and we have that moment of connection, I will agree with you.   That would be my point, unless you disagree with it.

I was going somewhere with this thought, but I am alone at the moment so i am unsure what to think.

I have faced this quality, that I may or may not possess.    I have given great thought to Universal truth and the most likely center of Atlantis.  Mel Gibson and I have shared  the passion.  I have agonized over who I may, or may not be.  I have done this for so long that I believe it to be pointless.  But I could be wrong.

Progress is being made.  I recognize that I take on the color and shape of the container I am in.  After hanging out with the literate, I wax polysyllabic.  Here in the Southwest I tend to say dawg, when referring to my trusty canine.  After I visit my Jewish friends  beautiful Yiddish expressions pepper my speech.  Last week I beat up an old lady after visiting my Texas friends.

As I grow older and closer to death, as I consider the grand and interrelated cogs that snake under the earth, like water sucking roots, connecting us all, a demonic celestial Venus Fly Trap, I believe I am a mirror.  I have an affinity for quicksilver and we did eat a lot of Mercury as kids.

Come for tea or beer or prayer.  You call it.  At last, I think I know who I am.  Let me know what you will be wearing.   I’ll try to color coordinate…

It’s so much easier being you.

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10 Responses to Identity

  1. Little Sun says:

    Sorry, I don’t buy it. Especially the part about you beating up the old lady 😉

    But then again, if it’s true, you must agree with me and not argue about this, lol.

  2. osolynden says:

    😉 What, and tell the world I actually do have some opinions? Several may suspect already.

  3. Permit yourself to explore whatever tickles your fancy. Do refrain from beating up old ladies – I bet the ones out here are nastier than yours. We have roving bands of unrestrained grannies festooned in chains roaming the streets, looking to lay some hurt on some innocent bellboy or something.

    You are a dear at self expression.

  4. I will wear blue. You have opinions! 😉 I opine too….

    cheaper than a gallon of sea water.

  5. I like the invitation – one day I hope to be able to take you up on it. I will bring the beer, and if flush, maybe even Champagne & dog bones.

    If I bring both types of alcohol, the prayer part may be to the outhouse Godess.

    • osolynden says:

      We could skip the alcohol. Just bring the dog bones. And Dame. 😉

      Hope you are well and happy. Writing a blog you will hate. About those damn Creationists. Can you believe they haven’t evolved?

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