Dreams and Prayers

Dreams and Even Prayers
The Oso Way

Many New Years wishes blogs are being published this week.

I am ready to take a whack at it…..

For thousands of years we have marked years end and the beginning of the new.  Many use it as a time to blow on the ember of  hope before the last glow dies.  We put away the past with its’ salmagundi of good, bad, joy and pain.  We celebrate a fresh start.

Those of you who have watched me accept the bouquet of Roses and Plastic Tiara time after time know that world peace is high on my list.   Let that begin at home.  It is about sweeping our own mess up before we rage about the neighbors.

As Americans we barge around the world toppling governments that are inconvenient, supporting (or installing) brutal dictators out of economic self interest, applying harmful sanctions, and forcing others to our will by any means necessary including military might.    No matter what your politics are, this is true and WE ALL KNOW IT.  Do you know about Coca Cola’s crimes against the world?  Do you know the full American involvement in oil drilling in the Niger Delta and the blood that was spilled there?  Nobody loves the playground bully.  World peace may require America stops beating up the other kids for their lunch money.  It may require maturity.

For the religious, I pray you lay that heavy burden down. If it hurts, you are doing it wrong.  If your God is the way, the truth and the light, then consider getting some faith.  Let God be God.    It is not your job to decide who God loves or hates.  Nor force your religion on others.  Interpreting the fine points of the mind and heart of God (which no one had really understood till you came along to figure it out for us) is arrogance.   I do not ask you to abandon your belief.  I beg you to find the joy in it.  Find the aspect that makes you and the world you touch a better place.  Find the joy and peace in your religion and learn to live and let live.

There is much pain and suffering in the world.  It would be so wonderful, it would make such a difference if we all did one small thing EVERYDAY to ease a life.

Many know  I love animals.  I consider them our equals.    I favor Fake Fur.  However, some things are better done in the laboratory, not the kitchen.  I opened one of the antique Chinese carry out containers on the third shelf behind the Ketchup last time I visited.  The world would be a better place if you cleaned your refrigerator.

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28 Responses to Dreams and Prayers

  1. The Lady B says:

    Wonderfully said….however, I refuse to clean out my refrigerator. One day an experiment in there will turn me into a brillian scientist and I will win a Nobel prize for nothing more than laziness……ha, ha, ha

  2. Little Sun says:

    Lovely blog, Lynden.

    As you know, I have a new refrigerator. It is devoid of even a smudge.
    I am certain it has no soul.
    One should not have objects in one’s nest that have no soul.

    I think of the eons I lived without such objects in my nests…

    I listen to this object hum and miss silence, the feel of walls not riddled with fluid-bearing pipes, tangles of wires singing a song that only those who’ve lived long without them seem able to hear…

    I do not miss carrying water. I am aging. Water is heavy. Frozen water is heavier still, though it should not be.

    But I am not convinced this stuff others call, “civilization”, is at all civilized.

  3. osolynden says:

    Labor saving conveniences are not by definition civilization or civilized.. I hear your cry more than most will. I also appreciate it’s poetic nature.

    I would observe that no machine has a soul as far as I am concerned. Even the old quirky ones we personify as they go errant and develop “personality”.

    I would not be happy in a cave. Life would quickly end for me.

    Oddly everyone has responded most to the refrigerator part of this blog. On “FriendBurst” the comments are all about spoiled milk and yogurt. Life is so odd don’t you think?

    • Little Sun says:

      You would do just fine in a cave. In no time, it would look exactly like your current house, minus the xmas tree lights–and, perhaps, that Apple machine you worship 😉

      I am not so sure all machines are completely devoid of souls. (Even some of the neofeudalist minions in D.C. may have atavistic remnants. Never developed. Deeply buried. Somewhere. Maybe.) In my world, rocks possess them. I suspect my grandfather’s hand-forged pliers might not have had all spirit beaten out of the beings who changed shape to form them.

      As for people responding to “the refrigerator part of the blog”, you were talking about modern religion, were you not? You supplied the refrigerator idol for us to utilize for distraction, meditation,self-flaggelation, joy-making…. whatever might be our wont.

      P.S. When you edit after posting, the word press email still contains the text of the original blog for those of us plagued with memory. I guess I can understand why you might want to avoid providing the set-up line for the foolish. I preferred the original.

      Besos to you and the Bear, et al.

      • osolynden says:

        Actually the minor change to the last paragraph was done because several people didn’t understand what I meant. Fake fur = furry fridge food. The edit was to increase clarity.

        And yes, my cave would have underwear on the floor in no time…

  4. Cindy N says:

    I think I’ve fallen in love with you…I even told my husband all about you, and he’s becoming quite attached to you as well. You are such a vibrant, sensitive and warm hearted human being, L…..I have no doubt that this will be a wonderful year filled with love for you. You are one of a kind, my friend. I’m blessed to have you in my circle of friends.

  5. What can I say, Lynden? But that you & Smiles are two of the greatest writers I’ve ever met.

    Many blessings to you & Little Bear in The New Year.

    A Soon To Be Plagiarist

    P.S.: Since I can’t delete my comment about Cindy N., please apologize to her by sending a bottle of Reposado Hornitos Tequila along to her as my way of apologizing.

  6. Mel Avender says:

    Bear. Forgive me but I’m confused. Whose god is this that hates? Whatever happened to “god is love”?

  7. Robert C. Goble says:

    Perhaps we could elect mature people to “govern” such as Sarah Palin. She seems like a wise sage who could always tells her own not to pick on those that are not the equals of her and her family (oh wait, that may be one of her ghost writers?) AND I think we would all admire how she keeps he religious views to herself. However, I see her with a nasty refrigerator, so I’m now uncertain how I feel. Any suggestions from New Mexico?


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