Whine can’t We All Get Along?

In the history of America we have never had a politically motivated assassination, not one, not ever. The deity smiles on our exceptional country. This is in spite of the fact that we have committed so many politically motivated assassinations abroad.

In Der Fatherland, it is not that we do not  murder and assassinate. Statistically we are doing quite well in that area. Our blessing has been that domestic atrocities are always committed by apolitical lone lunatics. That this has often changed our political destiny has been a remarkable coincidence.

I am also impressed by the common sense of the blogging community. Guns do not kill people. People with guns kill people. It has been pointed out that murder can be committed in any number of creative ways. It can (however) be tricky to mow someone down standing on a motel balcony or in a second story theater box by driving your Mustang over them.

Pointing this out is not meant to strengthen the position of those who would like to see sensible regulations on gun ownership.  They are evil people and I have them in my crosshairs.

Rattlesnakes and bobcats are a terrible problem here in our southwestern shopping centers. Ten percent of South-westerners die from Bear attacks in JC Pennys.  For this reason I stand ready to blast the head off any snake I encounter at the mall.  Guns should be sold in vending machines in every saloon and bar in America. There should be no restrictions whatsoever.  We will only be safe when everyone is packing heat at all times.

We know hundreds of thousands of minds and viewpoints change every time someone Blogs. For this reason I have exercised great care choosing my words today. I apologize for not joining in the great Kumbaya moment that seems underway. I fully expect this new era of peace  harmony and love to last forever.

Or at least until someone suggests genetically modified foods should be labeled.

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39 Responses to Whine can’t We All Get Along?

  1. Robert C. Goble says:

    i believe.

  2. The Lady B says:

    On Sarah Palin facebook, well…..we were talking about guns weren’t we?

    Now, let us all hold hands and meet for a prayer circle to masturbate the love of Jesus with our AK47’s slung over our shoulders. We will find piece that way (or was that supposed to be peace).

    I never know what to do in these situations. I guess I should make sure that there is plenty of ammunition left in the seller, because somebodies god, politician, or pundit might be waiting to tell me.

    I wonder if Little Sun was right and the world really did end in 2010.

  3. Little Sun says:

    “Katie Couric: There are also laws that allow you to take concealed or non-concealed weapons and carry them with you at all times. Is that correct?

    Sheriff Dupnik: That is absolutely correct. That’s the height of insanity. I don’t know what else they can do. Maybe they could pass a law that would require that every child have an Uzi in their crib.”

    I am so loving Sheriff Dupnik.

    So, Lynden, all divisions weren’t healed by that excellent presidential sermon, er, speech? Sorry, I know, I know, I’m not supposed to rankle even just a little at theocratic moves when it’s “our” guy doing them…

    In the spirit of healing all rifts, mind you, I was told yesterday that I should view the President as my parent, given to me by god, that the Constitution is a Christian document, and the Only Way to view our leaders is through a Christian lens. Silly me, I thought I’d voted for the guy. I really didn’t know god had installed him. And, apparently, not only did the world end on May 2010 and I failed to notice, I am also blind…

  4. Robert C. Goble says:

    freedom is awesome ~ if we are all free.

  5. Little Sun says:

    As someone else once said to me, we call our “lone wolfs” mentally ill, but we are not supposed to examine how we collectively spawn them, let along ever examine the collective mental illness involved in stuff like wars for profit, gangs of bullies bullying, oppressed serfs defending their oppressors, etc. etc. etc.

    Kinda like treating the “identified patient” in a dysfunctional family. Never works. But we do it, over and over and over again…

  6. ososbro says:

    I personally would prefer weapons to replace the toys that come with happy meals.
    So many children have so few responsibilties at home.
    Coyotes are becoming a global problem.
    Probably eating happy meals.

  7. ososbro says:

    I know, it should have been an uzi or possibly C4 Little Sun but I’m new to this
    and love the glass you view the world through. 😉

  8. Well, I happen to believe the assassination of JFK was a politically motivated assassination. Codify your statements with ‘ that we know of ‘, and we can meet in the middle, right over there by the pumpkin patch.

    Guns. I know they have their uses, but I don’t want one in my life. I’m posting my own gun story soon. I just don’t think that when the founding fathers wrote the constitution, they had any idea we would eventually be dipping so heartily into the shallow end of the gene pool.

    Food for thought, Missy. Leave it to you to leave out such delicious morsels for us to nibble on.

    • osolynden says:

      My sarcasm font has not yet arrived. JFK, RFK, and MLK? Why would anyone think politics or political direction was involved?

      Thanks for your continued friendship and support. Sniff Rosie’s butt for Little Bear.

  9. Mel Avender says:


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