A spat upon minority may well go the way of the wooden shoe soon if we cannot reverse majority opinion. Our differences are the Paprika, the oregano, the seasoning in the dish we call life.

This blog is a call for Toleration.

I understand that Breeders were in the majority for most of recorded history and drove the planet to the edge of extinction with their thoughtless constant whelping out of another litter. I have read history and learned many of them were “recruited” to their unfortunate “Het” proclivity.

Now that we are the majority, I say the bad hair and unfortunate vocabularies, the fashion crimes and tasteless landscaping in their yards serve a purpose. It reminds us of our superiority.

For this reason I urge that attacks against opposite sex couples showing public displays of affection should be brought down to a more manageable statistic. Attack against their bowling alleys and other places of worship should likewise not be as encouraged. Smoke is carcinogenic and we all breathe the air.

In time we will adjust and no longer cringe when we see them touch one another or hold hand at the movies? I know that is asking a lot. I have found anti-nausea medications helpful.

Let us examine the charges made against these unfortunates.

1. They seek to impose their straight AGENDA.
2. Their unfortunate sexual perversion spreads disease.
3. They killed Christ.
4. They invented trailer parks.
5. They cannot keep it in their pants.
6. They whine constantly about wanting the right to marry.
7. They are a danger to real families.
8. They traffic in illegal fertility drugs.
9. They are often violent.
10. They always leave the toilet seat lid up.

These charges are all true and fun to repeat.

I want to share a moment with you. I recently held a wanted and loved turkey baster baby on my lap when visiting a lesbian couple and thought about the crimes against humanity breeders perpetrated and the vast numbers of unwanted children their vulgar boinking produced. And I wept. I shed tears of truth and love and light on this fragile infants head.

We should tolerate this endangered minority. Someone needs to pump my septic tank.


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10 Responses to Toleration

  1. Mel Avender says:

    Years ago while cruising the shrubs of Land’s End in San Francisco I came across some relevant graffiti. Boldly painted in red on a prominent rock was the poetic “kill all fags”. In response was a pinkly prophetic “sterilize all hets”. If we wait around a little longer and go with the flow we won’t need to do either.

  2. i hate the straight agenda!

  3. Little Sun says:

    Your list seems to be about straight men, on several counts. I think we need to be tolerant of straight women, too. And possibly even compassionate. After all, someone has to put up with straight men, lest they become completely unbearable. πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Some of my best friends are straight people.

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