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Some things should not be reprised, like Beehive Hairdos or the DARK AGES…

Most American believe in freedom of speech and thought. The ACLU famously defended the right of the Nazis to march in Skokie Illinois. I was young. I didn’t understand. I learned. Suppressing anyones freedom of speech endangers everyones freedom.

It is that simple.

Speech SHOULD NOT be suppressed because we disagree. Particularly if your opinion is a minority view, our law is MEANT to uphold your rights. That is a BASIC American Constitutional principle.

I passionately support your right to religion. I equally support the right not to have one. I value my freedom and therefore support yours. We both lose when you do not return the favor.

Christians are NOT a minority in America. The Pew Forum 2010 poll says 78% of us identify as Christian. Protestants are 51% of America. One in four (26%) self identifies as “Evangelical Protestant”. The rights of Christians are not endangered. The only Christian minority in this country are those who turn themselves into one. They believe their splinter faction are the only “TRUE CHRISTIANS”.

Creationism and Intelligent Design are the current fruits of the old war waged by Religious Fundamentalists and Biblical Literalists on Science.

When the issue is raised we often chose a side and debate Evolution vs Creationism. This misses something basic.

Creationism and ID exist for one reason. To develop teaching curriculum and force it into public schools. Proponents freely admit this. Everyone knows this.

The creationist movement has maintained separation from science from their inception. They were never “uninvited” to the science party. They have been free to research, publish and participate in the gathering of knowledge about the natural world. The history of this movement is available for you to consider. Many scientists are theists or deists. Science is however the study of the natural world and the natural laws that govern it. It has remained carefully divinity NEUTRAL. God cannot be proved or disproved. Science can.

The debate is not about gaps in the theory of evolution or the logic that it makes better sense if we say God did it.

ID folks want to teach “The Creator” as science. They aren’t planning to hold their breath till they turn blue and kick their feet. Nope. They are mounting a well funded, beautifully orchestrated attack. Conservative courts have not been friendly to Creationism so the new push is backdoor three fold. Textbooks, local school boards and think tanks designing court case proofed polemics. It is not the first time Christians have claimed moral high ground, good intention and then sought to win through subterfuge, deception and any means necessary.

Biology can and should be taught Divinity neutral on the public dime.

Theistic Evolutionism is the majority view in American religion. The official position of Catholics, Jews, Anglicans, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, United Church of Christ and more… it rejects literalism in favor of God directed evolution. The Fundies are behind Creationism.

“Fundies”. You know, Biblical Literalist who send money, advice and support to the Ugandan faction who may succeed in imposing the death penalty for the sin of Homosexuality. These are the folks who ask my pity for the subtle discrimination and implied Atheism of not teaching god did it. Pardon me while I weep for their suffering. They are a small fraction of America. How did they get this much money and power? Why are they using it to increase their own worldly power instead of helping the swelling ranks of the homeless?

Creationism morphed into Intelligent design (now with new and improved) Madison Avenue appeal for legal reasons. Creationists keep bunkering in, refining language and debate skills readying another legal test case. Both sides know this. It is still the same dog, now wearing a halloween costume. What changed since the Scopes Trial is Creationism and ID have borrowed a lab coat. In the tradition of St. Thomas of Aquinas and his debate team, talking points have been refined and tightened.

How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin?

I am not here to debate Creationism versus Evolution. The “Watchmaker” analogy has been taught in Seminaries for one hundred years. The concept goes back to the Greeks. Some find it moving. I am not here to refute that belief. I point out that IT IS ONE.

The thrust of Creationism is to insert itself into the Public Schools as valid scientific theory. Most of us realize religion distills to belief. Period.

The scientifically illiterate with an axe to grind, stress the “THEORY of evolution”. To do so misunderstands Science. I hear gravity is a theory. To engage ID fanatics about gaps in Evolutionary Theory is just what they want. They are good at slipping on that borrowed lab coat and out debating but debate is about winning and not truth.

I do not misunderstand the motives behind intelligent design. I was raised Christian. My father was a minister. I didn’t have it as bad as Fred Phelps kids, but I definitely suffer from PCSD.

Belief must not be taught as science on the public dime.

Want personal responsibility? Teach your kids at home, at your church or start your own Madrasa. Theocracy and dumbing down America is not attractive to everyone. Learn to play nice with others. Stop running with scissors. Have a nice day.

Here is the best video I have ever seen on the subject. I discovered it after this blog was written. Check out the credentials…

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7 Responses to Creationism

  1. Little Sun says:

    Like sexual assault has, at base, nothing to do with sex, this has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. It is all about power and control. Take away the sexual weapon, they simply become violent in different ways. Same thing with the theocrats.

  2. Mel Avender says:

    The moral majority is neither.

  3. Cary Ryerson says:

    Topic: “How many dinosaurs DID Adam and Eve actually ride before they developed hiney sores?”…………………………………………..DISCUSS.

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