Our Lady

I may have mentioned we can get a little breezy here in the spring? Perhaps I have even mentioned the abandoned white trailer the dogs and I often visit as a place for shade and a seat on the tongue.

I ventured a slightly different route today to show the dogs an as yet un-christened rock. We were up a bit on the hill and I saw a huge metal sculpture above the tree tops. It looked like a two story wad of tin foil. This was of interest because the rolls of foil here in New Mexico are rarely that large.

We walked over to investigate.

Wind had slammed so hard into the old trailer that the entire roof had peeled off, wadded, and dropped to earth 20 feet away. the walls on one side had fallen to the ground. An area the size of a basketball court was covered with 2×4 studs and insulation. Debris was everywhere.

There sitting untouched on a table in the remains and wreckage was a statue of the Virgin Mary.

OK, the wind had blown her skirt up and she was decapitated. I nevertheless took this as a miracle.

This morning Our Lady of Total Annihilation appeared to me. The dogs saw her too.

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7 Responses to Our Lady

  1. Diane Jackson says:

    Had she been a bad omen? Perhaps the pack rats curse the day they dragged that statue into the house. 🙂

  2. annie whitney says:

    you were the first one i thought about when i saw what the wind had done…….

    • osolynden says:

      I couldn’t believe when I saw that big wad from the base of the butte. Nuttin was there yesterday, right? An internet Pal from FriendBurst (the new hip and cool place to blog), said this story and video had “Aluminated him”…… Bwa ha ha ha.

    • osolynden says:

      May do another video tomorrow as a sales pitch for the place…. “Love for Sale”. Ya gotta love a fixer upper….

  3. Harmonika Savingsbonds says:

    Our Lady of Total Annihilation. NIIIIIICE!

    Sadly, her appearances are not as uncommon as one would think, her having secured the exclusive visitation rights to most American baked goods, pet turds and tree trunks many years ago, thanks to a proclamation by Saint Ronnie. These, of course, create much needed jobs in today’s mottled economy, but at the expense of those less likely to honor the religious opinions of food products found in most supermarkets. One would think her marketing department would once schedule her an appearance at the local Piggly-Wiggly, where most good Xtians shop, thereby increasing her fan base. No, instead she hangs around decrepit trailers in the middle of nowhere. She lacks any true ambition or inspiration anymore. Depression? Perhaps. Post-menopausal behaviour? Most definitely.

    Don’t let the doggies anywhere near her; she’s rather toxic these days. Watch your wallet.

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