Final Solution

Most of you know I am busy causing trouble over on FriendBurst these days… Recently we were treated to yet another “kill every Muslim in the world” comment from the self proclaimed compassionate right wing. I wrote this modest response…

Final Solution

When I walk across jagged broken glass barefoot, it hurts. My feet bleed.

I TRY not to do this.

When I read Fascist American Right free speech, that hurts too. Redefine and spin words all you want. If you endorse “the final solution” for a billion and a half people you ARE A FASCIST. You makes Hitler’s little Halloween Holocaust look like a warm up.

Oh, those damn Muslims.

I have attempted to explain I don’t think perma war is about religion. Oh, those damn Catholics….

Party affiliation is not an issue. Feel free to fap to the Tweedle Dee OR Tweedle Dum party, if it gets you off. The truth is, Democrats AND Republicans are cozying up to the corporations and support Empire (even as it bankrupts us).

This is the definition of Fascism. The American Right votes it in even faster.


Who gets to be the new Jew? Maybe all of the above.

If you endorse the final solution you have destroyed your credibility about having a heart. Knock off the whining. Heart for me and mine is easy. Most folks love their own kid.

If you support the nuke em all, homesick for Dachau philosophy you have more in common with Hitler than I do. STFU about not being Fascist.

I don’t put words in your mouth.

You have a right to your bar room 3rd shot of Tequila, 5th beer politics. I have the right to say you are not only hypocrites, but dangerous ones who think drinking more deeply from the poisoned well is the cure.

Some will call this another drama blog. Some will claim to be 100% objective. Some will walk away in disgust.

Good for you.

When We are in such deep trouble not speaking out is cowardice. I am saying killing every Muslim in the world is a wrong idea. Got it? I am saying if you think that is a good point, you are a sick bastard.

You get to believe outlandish and idiotic things. Under the American understanding of free speech you get to endorse and recommend burning down orphanages and bringing back Vlad the Impaler as our fearless leader. FINE.

Could you knock off the part where we all need to send you a Hallmark thank you card for that big heart you have, when you advise the execution of a Billion plus people?


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8 Responses to Final Solution

  1. Cary says:

    Who IS the “common man” these days? What does “common” mean? I am a stranger in a strange land I fear.

    • osolynden says:

      I am too Cary. One hears the center and left did not speak out in Germany in the 30’s. Some from politeness, some from laziness. By the 40’s it was too late. Fear silenced everyone.

      Here is a really bad video from a town I lived in for several years… My friend Moosehammer says the right worries about the grape juice stain on the couch while the house is on fire and the roof is caving in. He is right.

      Most of the blogs I read are about dead beat disabled cheating the system and that is why America is in debt…. We gotta speak out.

      The right voted for The Patriot act and the Department of “Homeland Security”…..

      This is a very small farm town with a college. I used to live there. Where did all those uniforms come from? We gots some problems folks.

  2. mac in ct says:

    There has been a running dialogue about this within the postings on Facebook. It seems that most of the people I know agree that bin laden had to be stopped, few of us believe that a party atmosphere is any more called for that quiet reflection of how this came this far.

  3. Mel Avender says:

    One cannot argue with a closed mind. It’s open to nothing that isn’t what it is. It’s closed. And when has a letter to the editor ever made a difference – even to him who writes it? But, but, but… Can’t we all just get along? Obviously not. There is no such thing as common sense. And the opposite of love is not hate. It’s a lack of love. A willful, witless lack of love.

    • osolynden says:

      Agreed. Closed minds are by definition. I refuse to be “nice” to folks who believe we should execute a Billion and a half people so they can feel safe… We gotta speak up folks. Nice is another form of silence…

  4. Little Sun says:

    It has been difficult enough to deal with those on the “right” who have long been caught up in the thrall of bloodlust and groupthink. In recent days, it has been horrifying to me as I have watched those on the “left” gleefully celebrate the killing of Osama bin Laden and pile on those who dare interrupt the festivities to even ask, “Was this legal?” Many of these are the very same people who stood beside me to protest G.W.’s war on the rule of law but who, inexplicably, have gone on to shush me when I ask about President Obama’s declaration that it is his right to murder U.S. citizens without due process, his continuation of rendition, Bagram, etc., etc.

    I have been contemplating mob mentality and the rule of law, a great deal.

    As a mixedblood lesbian, I have been unfortunately made all too familiar with mob mentality starting with the lynching in my neighborhood when I was in elementary school. In recent days, one particular instance of mob mentality has come to mind…

    Many years ago, I found myself accidental­ly thrust to the front of a “Take Back the Night” march (a march against sexual assault and other violence). It was a small town and I knew all of the people marching. It began joyfully as we marched and sang. Then we neared a hard core magazine shop and the crowd turned ugly. People began picking up rocks and sticks, whipping one another up into a frenzy, intent on destroying the shop. I found myself pinned against the shop with a friend as the faces of our friends became increasing­ly threatenin­g and unrecogniz­able. It was terrifying­. Somehow, I was able to break through to a few nearest me. The power of the mob broke and the crowd backed off, people limping away, some angry, some chastened.­.. For weeks, many in the town avoided my friend and me. Wouldn’t even look at us. Some never did, again.

    Mob mentality is at the heart of why humans constructe­d the rule of law in the first place. It isn’t just to protect the innocent but to protect those liable to succumb to mob mentality from later sobering up to find the blood of innocents on their hands… to protect the very fabric of society, itself.

    To those who cheer the abandonment of the rule of law when it comes to the Other Person, the One They Do Not Like: What on earth makes you think that the rule of law will somehow magically return to protect you should the day come when you are seen as the Other…?

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