English Only!

Remember all the English only petitions? So many of our xenophobes wanked off over them. I plan to bring them back. Yes, I know the Mexicans are leaving in droves since the economy tanked…. But I have another group in mind.

The American right wing does not speak English.

To say that Marxism=Socialism=Communism is not only untrue, it kills our language. Words actually have meaning! Part of the joy of words is nuance.

Jingoism (for example) has a very negative nuance. It is not JUST extreme patriotism, as was suggested to me by a know it all language killer.

Socialism isn’t communism. Socialism doesn’t give all power to the government, or eliminate private enterprise or private property.

It also comes in different dosages and flavors. Reality ain’t the black and white world some of you live in.

Many confuse Socialism, the economic system, with Communism, the political system. Communists are “socialist” in the same way that Republicans are “compassionate conservatives”. Not really.

I am not here to demean those who did not get a decent education. As a liberal, I am in favor of our (socialist) public school system. I would love to see it expanded as so much of the world has, … to include higher education. A well educated nation would bring obvious benefits. The smartest are not always the richest.

I am here to demean those who deliberately twist words to tar them with “scary” associations. And imply that a slippery slope exists. It is quite deliberate.

It pander to the Red Scare of the 50′s and even applauds the McCarthy era. You Conservatives let us know when you are ready to upgrade to the 60′s?
Some believe one puff of marijuana is a slippery slope to lying in a gutter in front of an Opium den. Some wish to imply that Social Security will lead to totalitarian Stalinism. Let’s privatize the Fire Department or next thing you know … KGB.

One most often hears these words tortured and abused in the context of Obama Bashing. Let me expand on that thought.

I am 61. I have watched our country grow more and more right wing. The center today is far to the right of where it once was. Pre Reagan Republican Presidents COULD NO LONGER RUN AS REPUBLICANS. If you think dismantling the New Deal and shutting down our social safety net and allowing the corporations more political control indicates we are on the brink of a slide into Communism… You are a fool blinded by narrow ideology.

The notion that President Obama is a wild eyed Socialist Marxist Communist (WHATEVER YOU MAY THINK THAT MEANS) who is coming to take your guns is absurd. He is not particularly different from George W. Bush. The right should be overjoyed.


Much discontent with the President is that he is NOT a Liberal Progressive.

So next time you feel the need to insult the president, consider doing so on the basis of policy you disagree with. I do it all the time. I cannot believe people can still be “disappeared” without charge, court or lawyer. (it’s called the Patriot Act). If you worry about FEMA concentration camps, worry about how you might end up there … and help reinstate the rule of law.

If you hate the President for right wing reasons, cause he is way too liberal and are to lazy pick a policy to fault…instead of destroying the English language and accusing him of being something he is not…

Call him a pig fucker. ENGLISH ONLY.

The right wing has never been more powerful in this country than they are today. Or more whiney. We are not on the brink of Communism or Socialism. We are on the brink of Corporate control of government. There used to be a name for that when English was still spoken.

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6 Responses to ENGLISH ONLY

  1. Great return, Lynden!

    ” Some believe one puff of marijuana is a slippery slope to lying in a gutter in front of an Opium den.”

    You don’t know much much I have lived my life HOPING that were true. Try as I might, I’ve never been able to find these elusive opium dens one has heard and/or read about.

    All one has to do to stymie these ‘patriots’ is to ask them to define what they are calling someone: Define Socialist, or Marxism, for examples. That usually stops them dead in their tacky little tracks while showing you how ill-informed they actually are.

    I remind them they are being manipulated into repeating talking points that they personally have not bothered to think through for themselves. By that time, they are usually running to get away from me.

    AAaaaahh, Amerik\ca, Amerik\ca!

    Who knew our collective stupidity would rise so quickly to the fore? It rose, like cream I know; I grew up in Texas, so the stupidity to which I was exposed was 100% primo, no-doubt-about-it, San Antonio stockyards AAAAA rated material. Professionals, every single one of them, each in their own given skill-sets, religious-infested mouth-breathers that thought reading was stupid.

    Once I had the chance I got the fuck away and libraries became my childhood and adolescent ‘s best friend.

    My Texas relatives are all republicans simply because they watch FOX News. They do as they are told, because thinking is too hard. They are Catholics, as well, because then they can blindly follow the pope. They may say, “the bible says…”, but trust in your heart that they have NEVER read the bible, but instead quote something they heard was from their book. I would venture to say that the last book most of them read was a high school required reading assignment.

    Sadly, THIS is the new face of Amerik\ca. Our media is patterned to feed us pablum and shock, bluster and division where sometimes, none exists. I am sitting here dispassionately listening to NBC news attempt to pull at heartstrings through their reporting, and I find it shameless. THAT is entertainment, not news. They color the story at the expense of the facts.

    Drug commercials for your various inadequacies.

    We need an actual progressive party that stands a chance at running. Surely there are many progressives ready to leave the democratic party to form a new one. Can we gather enough money through donations to make it happen? I believe so, but that would be another post…

  2. Podd Talin says:

    Oh Golly, you’re such a maverick!

  3. dochayes says:

    So true. I get so sick of the warping and incorrect use of language. Add to that the total lack of knowledge about history and the basis of the origin and foundation of our nation and we really have a sick bunch of idiots on our hands trying to get the power to run things. Keep up the good fight, Lynden!

  4. Cary says:

    Que pasa?

  5. VP Biden today alluded to the TeaBaggers as “terrorists’. Let the games begin!

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