I feel like writing a blog but then again I don’t.

I thought about describing in painful detail the process of someone older and badly arthritic clipping their toe nails. The ropes and pulleys, the rag you bite on, the mandatory presoak, the hours involved and the iron supplement to compensate for blood loss make for riveting reading.

I was exhausted just considering it.

I thought about describing dog antics but these days I have to poke him just to get an eye to open. We seem antic-less these days. I could recreate some from memory but I can’t remember where I put the Ginko Biloba.

I considered a rancid rant. I generally rant with great passion. I just don’t feel up to a rant. They take so much energy.

I have several political topics underway, but what joy is there in twisting words that come pre-twisted? The research is a lot of labor and the Nukem All Gang still wants to nuke em all the next day. I could switch sides and do research free political opinion?

Religion is always fun. So is sex.


My heart is just not in it.

You will never know how close I came to writing a blog today.

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15 Responses to Blogless

  1. Podd Talin says:

    How strange, I was almost up to leaving a comment here too!

  2. I had a dear friend who chose one day to write a blog, and she died.

  3. Mel Avender says:

    What’s a blog?

  4. osolikeyou says:

    Blogless in Frankfort…
    that was exhausting.

  5. Cary says:

    I thought about something clever to say about Jay Z and Beyonce’, but it’s gone. Old age……………………….don’t ya know. Oh well, that’s why YOU’RE here and I’m not. Go figure.

  6. so, too hot to trot blog king, after the nails are clipped you throw the pieces away (please says yes!)

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