9 Apples

Johnny Has 9 Apples

Or does he?

Captain Obvious says:

Few of us collect our own nuts and berries AND make our own shoes. Society is complex. We “specialized”. Ogg knapped flint tools and Ugg knew where the bees hid honey. Everyone in the cave ate.

Trading can be awkward. Sometimes you don’t need honey or flint. The Apple Store no longer accepts flint as payment anyway. I tried.

Ugg traded apples to others who collected honey for him. He swapped apples to sales reps that visited far away clans and often… came back… bearing apples. Ugg Jr. inherited the best cave apples could buy and the knowledge that hard or dangerous jobs were best performed by others.

Does this fairy tale have a happy ending? Let’s write it ourselves.

Society has rules. There is no escape. It’s not fair that it’s not fair. I don’t care how hot the weather, you are required to have a fig leaf over your Hoo Hoo at all times. Because.

Once a year I sign an online petition demanding sunshine and fresh air for Hoo Hoos. Maybe someday.

We have fragmented “jobs”. It is less satisfying but more efficient. “We”stepped back from specialization and created replaceable cogs. “The cobbler” is a factory that locates where cogs get the fewest apples. Johnny earns apples doing something anyone could. Since anyone could, Johnny’s labor has little value. The only valuable job is rearranging the apple pile. The cogs can grow the apples… And eat cake.

Johnny could ask for a raise but considering the hungry faces out there, waiting to replace him, good luck. The poor will always be with us. We see to that. Without a desperate labor pool, cogs ask for more apples. An unemployment rate has nothing to do with people unwilling to contribute. It is about how we choose to hand out apples.

We have tried to “soften” the harshness of survival of the greedy fittest, going back thousands of years. The Roman Republic put a cap on wealth so the tribe as a whole might prosper. It didn’t work, but it is worthy of note that they tried. 2,000 years ago Romans knew something we have forgotten.

Now… I don’t want to upset Johnny’s apple cart. But… He says the Red and the Blue Teams both suck. Are lawmakers bought off by those with apples to spare? Do more apples than you can eat have a darkside?

Since Johnny knows the red team cheers by rote, I suspect he secretly attends their pep rallies. I love the class war memo. It is in bad taste to ask for more apples. Apparently it’s divisive. Any complaint of hunger or death from lack of medical care is vulgar and an attack on the rich. Gutting Unions is not class war. Striking the poor and minorities from the voter roles is not class war. Asking the rich to cough up a few more apples to pay for the wars they profited from… Now that is just tasteless.

Johnny is an idiot.

He is also lazy. By his own logic, if he wasn’t lazy he would be rich.

Pharaoh gave way to Emperors that gave way to Kings. Kings gave way to Governments. Taxes and death are eternal whether we are talking fall harvest or apples. Some supported the tyranny of the few over the many with the “Divine right of Kings”. Others justify the same with Ayn Rand. The rabble still struggles for basics. To a First Worlder that includes a roof and medical attention. Some think the whole world is human.

Johnny’s team says they want to starve Government Suzie till she is small enough to drown in the bathtub. And go back to the year 1900. Rote speak robots don’t know much about what that might look like.

So Johnny has nine apples. Only on paper because Suzie takes three. He knew this forever and so did his boss.

The problem as Johnny sees it, is Suzy has been “stealing” 3 of his nine apples and giving one to Grandma. The others go to pay clan members to steal apples from other tribes, but that is another story. One that Johnny has never and will never bitch about. It’s that free money for the lazy that galls him.

Johnny thinks apples come from the big pile.

Remember when they used to grow on trees? And we planted trees instead of chopping them down….

God help us if we defend the “right” of Corporations to ONLY absorb wealth without conscience or remorse. With a vision of the future that looks as far ahead as the next quarter.

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6 Responses to 9 Apples

  1. Mel Avender says:

    Welcome back, Oh Blogless One. What a wonderful treat. A pie, a strudel, a fritter and sauce of apples are our right, not our begrudged and shackled handout by the sheckled few. My apples – and I was sure I had a couple around here somewhere – are your apples. Worms and all.

    • osolynden says:

      Now if we could convince Rupert to pay more apples in the first place…. Ran into a blogger a few minutes ago saying the rich are under attack. Poor Murdock. Worn out shoes and living under a bridge.

  2. Cary Ryerson says:

    One Bad Apple Don’t Spoil the Whole Bunch Girl! (or does it????)

  3. Richard Mooney says:

    Great Blog.. A beginners Economic theory and the introduction of political beginnings.

    • osolynden says:

      A response to our Libertarian right wing who are howling that it’s not fair to ask more from the top. They manage to forget it’s not fair that wages have been stagnant for 20 years and the top has prospered wildly. The inequality of incomes here has not been this extreme since the great depression of the 30’s.

      So great to hear from you!

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