Bad days in Black Rock

Life is hard for many, brutal for others.  Me?  I face the same potholes and roll of the dice you do.  I have it better than most.  But…

My urgency is the return of cold weather. It is imperative to get back on Celebrex.  The “discomfort” is a small issue compared to the danger of falling.  I am less likely to have limb failure when my joints are not as inflamed.  I live alone.

One pal told me not to call it “discomfort” any more.  He said my face shows it to be pain.  Fair enough.

Pfiezer has artificially extended their patent.  American drug laws are corporation friendly. .  We are the only country in the world where GENERIC Celebrex is not available.  The price here for my dosage?  $400.00 dollars a month.  The Canadian price?  Fifty bucks.

For months I worked toward my goal.  I applied for and got Medicaid.  I had been eligible for several years but some welfare frauds are too lazy to bother.  It took months and many trips to town that left me in tears from fatigue.  It wore my friends who drive out, too.

A senior center counselor and I called my part D provider on speaker phone. I was assured it would be no problem.  I received a letter from HHS and another from the insurance provider.  No problem.  I struggled to achieve  a doctor visit and saved up the co-pays.   She emailed the prescription in.  No problem.

Months of effort was finally going to bear fruit.

I was always proudly self sufficient.  Need is a bitter pill.  It galls me to need.  I live in terror of asking too much from friends and Libertarians and Republicans with austerity axes.

Momma may have, and Papa may have…

It was nasty when after jumping through all these hoops the pharmacy got a computer auto denial.  I came home empty handed.  Again.

I had decided to take my little dog on this trip to nowhere.  He so loves cars, the grandpa dog.  He tried to jump in as soon as the car door opened.  He missed.  He fell.

He can’t walk since.

He hasn’t pissed or dumped for 30 hours now.  I rigged a sling and hang him from my neck.  Using the walker I climb the stairs and manage him outside.  He lays there for an hour and I bring him back in.  He drinks a little if I bring a cup.  He ate some shredded chicken but threw it up.  He really hurts.

So how is your day?

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11 Responses to Bad days in Black Rock

  1. Cary Ryerson says:

    My heart bleeds for you and Little Bear. I would love to scoop you both up, transport you here and take care of you…………….make it all better. But we all know that isn’t part of the real world. PLEASE let me know what you need me to do for you??? You both are in my thoughts and I am sending positive, loving energy your way. Doesn’t seem like much, I know, not when you NEED.

    My heart bleeds Lynden.

  2. It seems you are at the end of Little Bear’s life, my friend. Eighteen years is a very long life for puppies. Please prepare yourself for what is coming, and know that there are people out in your world that are aware of what’s transpiring in your life and care deeply for you.

  3. Mel Avender says:

    My friend, you know I am a telephone call, an email, and just hours away.

  4. B says:

    I have been wallowing in myself. And now I want to cry. I am so very, very sorry that this is happening. Last time I got an email from Little Sun it was so inspiring, it seemed things were going to happen the right way for a change.

    It breaks my heart and even worse since I have been so neglectful. I, at the moment, sincerely would like for wishes and prayers to work. 😦 I love you very much Lynden, even in my neglectful and self centeredness. I am terrible sorry for not being there for you.

    • osolynden says:

      Don’t be trashing my pal B… She has had her own hands full and I know loves me. 😉

      Little sun Helped enormously with my new push to improve my situation. That the system continues to impede is nothing new. I am doing everything I can on both fronts.

      You and others ARE here for me. I know and appreciate it.

  5. osolikeyou says:

    So very sad and sorry my brother.
    I weep with joy when I recall my visit.

    • osolynden says:

      Your visit was a most wonderful gift. Thank you again.

      My present woes will resolve one way or the other in the passage of time. Naturally I am fighting for good outcomes on both fronts.

      Love ya.

  6. Jimmy says:

    I really like what you are saying, and am glad I found your website. Please keep it up.

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