SOCIALISM: “it’s a good thing”


Zealots think in black and white.  Everything must be one or the other.   Shades of grey exist only as a slippery slope.

Horse pucky.

Black or white thinking is nothing new.  Fear mongering isn’t new.

The extreme right’s attempt to tar all things tax supported as “Socialist” has backfired.  This McCarthy era scare tactic began to fail as soon as the American people realized the absurdity of equating public schools with the inevitability of prison camps.  If having public schools and a safety net is Socialist then bring it.

The right is  “framing” the debate.   EITHER, OR.


Pragmatism works.

Purist  extreme ideology almost never does.

Social Security is one of our most popular “Socialist” programs.  Its popularity crosses party lines.  The program is 75 years old and the government has not yet Nationalized General Electric.  Its constitutionality was settled BY A CONSERVATIVE COURT in 1937.

The Libertarian notion that everything must be voluntarily fails to comprehend that laws and regulation arose because of abuses.  The age of the robbers Barons was an age of company towns with restricted liberty, children working in factories and coal mines… and a small middle class.  It was not a paradise we should yearn the return of.

Extremists themselves explain that corporations are not required to have a social conscience, only to be profitable.
They Holler “DEATH PANELS”, and justify for profit health care that leaves those without care or with pre-existing conditions to die.   As added insult they then claim compassionate nature.

Now stir in a cow pie of “love it or leave it”.   No disagreement can be tolerated while they seek to overturn court rulings on the constitutionality of Social Security and other safety net programs and radically reengineer our society in a Milton Friedman/Ayn Rand mold.  Not because these notions have been proven to work but because they see this purist extremist ideology as moral.  God wants Social Darwinism.  They are the totalitarians they fear.

Educate yourself about what happened in Chile under Pinochet.  Find out why this economic experiment got dismantled and how much suffering it caused. This is what our Libertarian friends demand.

Our radical friends want to privatize and deregulate EVERYTHING.  This is not about efficacy, but morality.  Our moral fiber (one hears) has been destroyed and dependency and laziness has been created  by all that free government money stolen from the rich and thrown from the float to citizens along the parade route.

Bull Feathers.

The argument that some nations have done a better or worse job with “Socialist” National Health care is a Red Herring.  The claim that safety net programs are rife with unsubstantiated fraud and encourage laziness and dependance is a Red Herring and an ideology.  No disclaimer can hide the fact that they want Government out of the business of making sure even the least of us eat.

Profit is their God and it will all just “work out”.

Poor George Washington, one of the first things he did as president was found the United States Post Office.  He didn’t have Constitutional Scholars like Ron Paul around to tell him what he and the boys had intended or that it was unconstitutional.  The price of a stamp was the same if the letter was sent across the street or from one end of the colonies to the other.  The short distance letter subsidized the long.  Under today’s hair splitting definitions that is redistributionist Socialism.   George Washington was a Commie.

Add the Post office to the long list of things the radicals want in private hands.

The extreme right is growing increasingly bitter, angry and strident.  There is no compromise in their position.  They must have their way and every inch of it.   It looks like a child’s tantrum to me.

80% of America has 7% of the wealth.  Things are not so good for the 80%.  Our Social programs are designed for times like these.  With high unemployment and a health system tied to employment, the numbers of those without out health care is naturally climbing substantially.

Perhaps laziness is epidemic as current numbers are NOT hard to find.

Democracy allows debate.  Democracy is built on compromise.  Democracy is not served by telling those who disagree to get out.

Now, I’m sorry (no not really)  but the laissez faire philosophy of the right with its Union Busting and deregulation has shifted 93% of our wealth to the top 20%, collapsed our economy, and put many of our liberties in jeopardy by allowing money, free rein to purchase power and make law.  It has allowed our jobs to go to the lowest bidder overseas.  “Socialism” had nuttin to do with it.

American right wing extremists are not clamoring for a “restored”  democracy.   They would allow the totalitarianism of Corporations and seek government too small and weak to insure the general welfare.

Everyday outside the Labor department where I live, men gather early and stand waiting in the cold.  Trucks pull up and negotiate.  A few jump in the back.  With so many men and so few trucks one wonders what the wage is.  Libertarian Nirvana…

Capitalism with laws that soften it’s worst abuses and cushions it’s fluctuations is not only possible, it is a functioning reality in most 1st world nations.


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4 Responses to SOCIALISM: “it’s a good thing”

  1. ‎”The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

    – Frank Zappa

  2. Cary Ryerson says:

    You are my hero.

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