Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

I see by checking my Orwell to English translator… “personal responsibility” means LETS END ALL SOCIAL, SAFETY NET AND NATIONAL INSURANCE PROGRAMS.

Once again paid think tanks have performed miracle spin. Who is in favor of personal IR-responsibility? Maybe a puppy kicker somewhere…. ???

You certainly get a lot more Hosannas going all Walton’s Mountain than you would saying what you mean.

Let’s try:


The silence is deafening in here….

I wouldn’t want to saddle the “PR” gang with the responsibility of being honest about what they advocate.

Some (but not all) of the PR gang love “I knew a guy” anecdotal evidence. They tell horror stories of fraud. They stoke the myth that an army of the able lazy live in luxury on YOUR tax dollars while you sweat, toil and scrape by.

I certainly would not take any personal responsibility for telling a whopper that big.


Actually I used to be a pretty big slut so I know more than one.

This one guy was a woman but it wasn’t her fault. She got a divorce and that wasn’t her fault. She had two kids and that wasn’t her fault. Rough times happened and that wasn’t her fault. She got food stamps and more to get through. THAT WAS DEFINITELY NOT HER FAULT. She believes in personal responsibility and wants these programs ended.

There was this other guy. He strutted all over the internet accusing everyone who got a government dime of being a fraud. Turned out his common law wife was getting some real expensive freebies. Turned out the party he voted into office in his state took certain organ transplants off the welfare list. She needed one. It wasn’t his fault.

Why does NOT MY FAULT ring hollow when we talk personal responsibility?

When the PR gang quotes statistics or cites facts on the internet they won’t be sourced even if you beg. If you provide proof their information is spin or flat wrong you will be ignored or called names. They will trot out the same information time and again knowing it a lie.

They take no responsibility.

They tire of hearing America ever did anything regrettable. They tire so tired they expend huge labor denying, justifying or if they got nothing… Just telling you to get out of THEIR country.

They take no responsibility.

Our “moral fiber” has been undermined more by mendacity and duplicity than food stamps.

Give someone who believes in “personal responsibility” a dictionary and mirror today.

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6 Responses to Personal Responsibility

  1. Excellent post! Personal Responsibility is cousin to that evil prop, “I am sorry if I have offended someone”, usually voiced by some minor personality for engaging in whatever personal nastiness has happened to become evident to others.

    It is safer for these engines of opinion to reduce humanity down to cold uncaring statistics. The 1% plan is for the poor and elderly in America to hopefully starve to death so their corpses can be tossed out onto the road, just to turn over their vacant condominiums. Cuts to programs benefiting the least among us, and the rich live tax-free, not to mention the corporations.

    Surely by now, seeing how poorly our economy has done, there must be many Tea Baggers on welfare or unemployment — where are their voices? Have they wizened up by now, or are they still mouthing the words and financially paid for project of the Koch brothers?

    My love to the little ones, not to mention you.

    • osolynden says:

      Hey sweetie! Good to hear from you.

      Another favorite internet preface: With all due respect…. Nearly always followed by FU. 😉

      It is frustrating to me that even those not getting a fair shake under our system think Libertarian remedies are the cure. No, not really.

  2. Mel Avender says:

    It’s not my fault it isn’t fair. It’s not my fault we’ve let them steal our souls. It’s not my fault that crocodile tears impede their pilgrimed passage to the bank. It’s not my fault I read your blog. I tell you, damn blast it, it’s not my fault. IT’S MY RESPONSIBILITY. And it’s every citizen’s responsibility to rein in its government and to hold it accountable for its egregious excess and abominable actions. But … wait a minute … hello? Is there anybody out there?

    • osolynden says:

      Hey Mel… 😉

      Yes. We all must take responsibility. Our excess seems to me more about Empire than Social Security. It is programs like that the “personal responsibility ” crowd wants to end…

  3. Cary Ryerson says:

    This country/culture has a HUGE problem with PERSONAL resposinility. Just look Araby or ALL of the current rash of Republican idiots. P,A,T,H,T,H,E,T,I,C.

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