Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I am a Vernal Equinox baby.  Yuppers, I made it one more year.

I woke to clouds and wind and cold but hey…  it’s spring in New Mexico.  As long as I have sunshine in my heart, right?

I cheerfully started the coffee water and sat in my lazy boy chair.  One of the springs snapped.  The tip sheered right off.  They sell replacements.  No problem.  While I was looking for a spring online, I swiveled the swiveling chair side lamp for more light and it shorted out.  OK then….  But I  can fix that….

I returned from the dog and pony show ranch chores exhausted as usual and sat in my no longer lazy, lazy boy.  I decided BY GOLLY I was going to bake myself a cake.   I laid in a pineapple upside down cake mix just in case.  The pyrex baking dish was in the dirty dish pile (with everything else I own)  so I filled it with warm water and soap and started scrubbing.  It snapped in half.

Ha!  I have two.  Ok had.

The cake mix had the most beautiful photo on the box of pineapple slices gracing the top of the cake.  The can of pineapple was missing from the box.  Last time I bought this product the pineapple came with.  They changed the name on close inspection to Pineapple Supreme, charged the same and left out the pineapple.  Same picture.

That sunshine in my heart was becoming partly cloudy.  Well… You can’t have everything you want even on a birthday.

I started on the quiche next.  I love a good Quiche Lorraine and mastered them years ago.  It seemed my eggs had a broken one in the carton and were all firmly glued to the box.  I cleverly topped the ones I needed and poured them into the mix.  It was messy and I was able to pick out most of the shell.  Calcium is healthy.

As I was washing up the under the sink drain bucket overflowed onto my shoes…  Well, that has happened before.

While everything was baking I went online.  My beloved Mac was acting strangely so I ran maintenance software.  I got a message I had never seen before….  “Your Hardrive Disc Needs Repair, Please insert your start up disc”.  I did so.  I do whatever my Mac or my dog ask of me.  It refused to read the disc.

I called Mac.  Sounds like a hardware problem they said.  Don’t ship it they said.  If you do the minimum charge is $300.00.  Bring it they said.  The store is an hour away and I don’t have wheels.  Or money.  I backed up to my external hardrive and maybe I can put up with the quirky behavior until it just goes black.  Maybe that will be months…  I could save money in that time.  I could quit buying cat food.  It’s not like I have a cat….

By this point in my yearly anniversary I was dangerously close to cloudy skies.  That sunshine in my heart resolve was at risk.  I needed to go to my fall back position.  I called my dog on the bed for a nice petting session.  It comforts us both.

Three pets into the session he projectile vomited all over my bed.

Screw sunshine in my heart.  I have some beer.  Maybe moonshine in my belly will work instead.

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16 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. Mac in CT says:

    Oh Gawds, Lynden, I’m so sorry! Please know that at least THIS Mac won’t fail you.

    • osolynden says:

      I’m just doing some self indulgent whining. Three friends had or having surgery this week. They would all three trade my lot in a heartbeat…. Love ya.

  2. osolikeyou says:

    Only someone who really loves you would vomit all over and trust you to clean them up.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Lady_Hart says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    I hadn’t realized that they didn’t put pineapple in the boxes anymore. I wonder when that happened? I can’t remember the last time I bought one with it in there.

    I hope tomorrow brings a better day for you and little bear. 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      Just shows how often I bake,,,, 😉

      It will be a better day. Will see how long the computer holds. Is two cursors normal? ;-(

      • Lady_Hart says:

        I don’t think the two cursors thing is normal.

        Does it burn when you type? 😛

        It’s been horrible rainy and deary here for the last several days. It looks like my tulips should bloom tomorrow with the sun we’re expected to get. I will be sending you a picture, whether you want it or not!!!

  4. Some People's Kids says:

    I need some of those floaty hearts for this one. It sounds like you had a very exciting birthday. It’s tough being an equinox baby. Happy Birthday and may you have as many more as you want (just not exactly like this one).

  5. Cary says:

    wow, projectile vomiting………….sounds like QUITE a party!!!!! life is good…..no?

  6. Little Sun says:

    Happy Birthday, Sweet One. Guess I’m slipping. I called to wish you Happy Birthday, today… (check your messages) then I got around to catching up on my emails and saw that I was late.

    But then again, after reading the blog, maybe you could change your birthday to today? 😉

    Hugs and kisses.

    • osolynden says:

      Glad you said what you did…. I checked my answering machine and got to hear your voice! Thank you. Fixed the lamp. Inserted my software startup disc one more time and knocked on the computer and it started reading it! When all else fails try brute force? 😉

      Things are looking up.

  7. Happy birthday, my desert kitten.

    Ain’t getting older fun??!!

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