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And now….



The Troll trolls.  He trolls for thee.

The internet is a beautiful wonder.   It has allowed someone with a shrinking physical arena access to an expanding world…   of ideas, information and people.  It is what I hoped the international pen pals of my youth could be…   with a constantly updated Encyclopedia and newspaper thrown in.

I’m having fun.  Internet friends have knocked on my door.  More will.  Delightful.


Humanity has that oft discussed “dark side”.   As a child I helped a new friend put in a small garden.  We dug and planted seed in rows.  When we were done he looked at me and our accomplishment and said, “Now let’s tear it up.”

Like the Bene Gesserit of “Dune,”  there are places I cannot look.  Is it easier to destroy than build?

If you use your real name on the internet…  perhaps publish personal details and bravely insist troll attacks are “sticks and stones” but YOU are standing your ground…     tell me where your blog is… Your voice.    Some of the loudly brave seem more silent.

internet sociopaths are real.

I have seen an elderly lady who dared express the need for touch and a physical relationship told she was so old, wrinkled and ugly no one would ever touch her again…

I have seen a woman whose beloved husband with a serious illness facing a surgery told he would not be missed.

I have seen someone who does wonderful work with the disabled harassed for many years on the job.

I have seen many hounded off web sites with harassment, pointless cruelty and stalked from site to site relentlessly.

The Troll has a list of victims.  The attacks are now you see it now you don’t hit and run.

If a frontal attack has no result, friends and innocent bystanders are casually harmed.

Because our society is good, bad and ugly,  a Gay Man is vulnerable to accusations of pedophilia.  Some eagerly believe slander.   I have loudly and publicly been accused of pedophilia.

By a coward with a 20 minute profile hidden behind an IP proxy who then vanishes.

I do not know of a left wing troll who stalks and tracks the unwittingly Fascist.  Do You?  Looks Brown Shirt to me.

This “bon mot” was once excreted on an antique blog of mine.


What if I suspect you may be a troll but are not?  That would be unfair.  YOU ARE ONE MORE VICTIM OF THE TROLL.  I trust those who have given me reason to trust.

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12 Responses to Trolls

  1. I don’t get these person’s reaction to you. Is this troll someone you know in your day to day life? Some gentleman caller you slighted?

    Next time get his IP address and report him to Friendburst.

    • osolynden says:

      Bwa ha ha…. Gentleman caller. Sounds “Glass Menagerie” to me…. No, this is not a real world acquaintance. I am not even the main target. I wish I had the tools to dig through the mask of a proxy. I left FriendBurst. Mostly from sheer boredom. It became a haven for Vogon poetry which holds little interest for me.

  2. Some People's Kids says:

    I have lots of opinions about internet trolls and their possible motivations, but since I have never had to actually deal with one I don’t really have a first hand understanding of the experience upon which to speak. I, of course, do not blog as often as I would like and when I do I try to be prudent with facts and details about my world more out of old habits (pre-internet) then a fear of trolls and stalkers.

    I’m sorry that you are plagued by a troll. 😦 I wish that I could pass on some of my “I really don’t give a crap” outlook to you, but you are in a different existence than I and that shoe doesn’t fit well on everybody. Some days it’s even a little tight for me.

    • osolynden says:

      I of course always research my topics. It seems the problem is that Trolls have undersized genitalia and are unable to satisfactorily mate with humans. That must be very frustrating.

      Others have had much worse than I. Still, it’s like a mosquito at the picnic.

  3. No matter how they sneak in, Trolls are cowards to the core. Keep up the good fight, Lynden. I hope the snow is not too deep out your way :).

    • osolynden says:

      I so appreciate your support. Yes, these tedious attacks are cowardly. The malice makes it clear that this sicko pulls the wings off of flies for fun….

      We had a troubleingly dry winter here. It bodes ill for our fire season.

  4. Lady_Hart says:

    I am bi-expertal on the subject of trolls. Maybe that should say semi-expert?? I list them in three categories.

    1. Uses their regular profile to do the run by hating(as the gloom and doom guy used to say)in public. They just make one hit and are off to their next victim. You might get hit multiple times by this troll on separate days. where they are annoying, they are usually harmless.

    2. Uses their fake profile to try and get one to believe that your actual real friends are the ones that are trolling you. These are one of the dirtier low life dogs.

    3. Uses multiple fake profiles to send you private messages that talk about how bored or boring you are and other various put downs, yet they are the one stalking you. A wise man once told me that this kind of troll is actually talking about themselves. I agree strongly with that sentiment.

    Number 2 and 3 are terrorist. I can’t think of a better word for them than that.

    • osolynden says:

      You have a good analysis going there… What continues to stun me is the amount of time and labor it must take to stalk a long list around the internet, collect data and harass. My summer will be spent using my new bird book identifying and learning about the avian friends who frequent my garden.

  5. Cary says:

    sorry Hon, I’m not versed in the lingo, nor the cantankerous. behaviour of said trolls. I guess I don’t, or never remember, dealing with any. just lucky I guess? (I’m still welcome here, right?)

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