Old Things

Old Things

Maybe you have a shirt or some ancient rag you can’t bear to part with?  I busted through the elbow of my winter “hoodie” last week.  The cuffs are frayed and the right arm is particularly discolored from ranch dirt. 

It won’t survive another trip through the washing machine.

I love that Hoodie. 

Maybe you have a friend who stood with you even in hard times when fair weather friends fled.  Perhaps there were disagreements and hard patches but you still have his back and he yours. 
I have walked a lot in my life.  It was once a form of transportation.  I would go blocks out of my way to pass through older neighborhoods with charm and character and the architecture of a previous age. 

Maybe you have a dog nearly two decades old who still charms you everyday.  He may wobble a bit when he walks but what the hell, maybe you do too.

I like old things.  

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10 Responses to Old Things

  1. Patina Fan says:

    When people complain about feeling unattractive due to wrinkles, I ask them, “Who wants to read a book with nothing written on the pages?”
    At the risk of freaking out younger people reading this, I get turned on by a 72 year old in a way that three 24 year olds never could accomplish!

  2. Cary says:

    some of my GREATEST possessions are “old things”. I consider YOU, one of those (but hardly old). take care…….love you.

  3. Lady_Hart says:

    My husband is the oldest thing that I keep around and would never throw out. 🙂 I had to part with my favorite pair of sandals last year. It really hurt. I told my daughter the other day, when I was trying to replace them, that next time I will buy two.

  4. Some People's Kids says:

    I have always appreciated old things even when I wasn’t. 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      😉 Me too. When I was a kid they were taring Victorian houses down to make room for ranch style split levels…. Even then there was something about those grand staircases in the entry hall…

  5. thomassparky says:

    You have the wisdom of a 124 year old with the heart of a teenager! If the rest of the world could learn to Love like You, it would be a much better world!

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