Oso Acre Gazette #47

Oso Acre Gazette #47

We had a record setting warm March. While the end of winter is welcome the weather shift is troubling. I wonder what our July temperatures will be and what kind of fire season may come? A substantial number of summer days were unusable last year because of smoke. I want a refund.

I did manage to tarp my solar panels. I can now turn off my heat for the summer. The (earth friendly) anti-freeze breaks down if it overheats without circulating.

I have seen no snakes yet but assume they are awake. I placed the dogs in a neat school room row and gave them my annual spring lecture about rattlers. They paid rapt attention but I fear it may have had more to do with the cheese chunks in my pocket than my advice.

I filled the hummingbird feeder but have had no takers so far. The birds are all carrying twigs and dog fur about and wearing little hard hats indicating nest building has commenced. It amazes me how when the dogs give up their winter coat the birds need it.

In addition to tarping my solar yesterday I arranged the pebbles in the pond with a deep end (three inches) and a shallow end and a small mountain of pebbles for a bird friendly beach. I filled it. My productivity is astonishing somedays.

My reward was the Towhees found it today and all took long overdue baths. There was much feather puffing, preening, head bobbing and splashing about.

It gets more exciting.

It also rained today. For my Southwestern Friends… that is when water falls from the sky. (rain) I had moved dog central to the swing and suddenly heard drops on the tin roofed Pavilion where we hang. There were even 5 or six rounds of rolling thunder but Little Bear is going deaf so he didn’t notice. It was a long way off. I’ll bet it rained for 10 minutes with the sun streaming out of the sky. It was a lovely unexpected treat.

Bill Maher may have New Rules but so do the dogs. Mr. Little has decided he is no longer comfortable nestling against my hip and now shares my pillow. Our heads nearly touch during naps. He has also decided on a new time limit for my naps. After 45 minutes he grows restless and squirms about. Inevitably a paw soon rests on my shoulder. “you get up now”. I have no idea what this is about since when I do he rolls over and goes back to sleep. Brutally unfair in my opinion.

The list of acceptable dog cookies is shrinking. Anything that says “dog” on the package isn’t even worth burying for later. This week small chunks of Colby/Jack are at the top of the acceptable list.

Now… because I was so productive yesterday you might think I took the entire day off today. You would be wrong. I plan to cook. In fact as I write I have 4 strips of bacon in the microwave using the double paper plate method. (one is the lid) I will go Alpha and 3 of those strips are mine. Tonight’s sandwich will be gourmet.

In other news I spent a delightful Easter weekend with friends who make my version of home cooking look as pale as it is. Such a treat for me. Also I had 97 views of my last blog on Easter Sunday which is a new record.

As today’s bonus… I want to share a hint. Heloise might not approve but what did she know? Next time you go all out for a meal and microwave bacon save the grease. Not in a tin can on the back of the stove for cooking. We know now that is the reason so many people born in 1920 are dead. No. Pour it in an ice cube tray and freeze it. Take out a frozen cube and rub it on your boots. It not only waterproofs them but strengthens the legend that you are a dog whisperer.

Sending you all smiles and hugs from my Oso Acre.

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5 Responses to Oso Acre Gazette #47

  1. Mel Avender says:

    Absolutely lovely. The older I grow the more cherished the return of Spring. And that thing called rain you mentioned. Is it wet? The Paulownia tree in my back yard is in bloom against all odds. I will bring you photos. It cannot be described.

  2. Some People's Kids says:

    I do enjoy a good sunny rain. According to the weatherman, we’re supposed to be getting a good dose of wind (what’s new) and some rain (always needed) tomorrow.

    With the onset of spring, projects here are being worked on post haste since the season is so very short and soon it will be too hot to accomplish much of anything. After much discussion, the Man has made it clear that he is opposed to making a house payment and moving out to the travel trailer full time so we’ve gotten through several of the boxes in our storage room. Now the debate is whether to call the American Pickers or just drive the possible good stuff that we had forgotten we have down to the Pawn Stars. Who knows? I may have something that would allow me to give up my quest for the Dutchman.

    Doesn’t the bacon scent trail attract the coyotes?

  3. Cary says:

    such a dear man who always has a WONDERFUL view and ELOQUENT words. I’d LOVE to come cook for you’!!! what’s your favorite????? take care of you and “dogs”, sexy man.

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