I gag when people say they are getting “Gay” shoved down their throat.  Is it just me, or is that a ROFL unfortunate choice of metaphors?

TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THE “GAYS”?  Turn them into neighbors.  When you transform 10% of the population into outlaws you make it harder for them to be as boring as you are.  I yearn to talk for hours about how to keep dandelions out of bluegrass lawn or compare coffee brands and surgical scars.  LGBT people would be a lot more like you if you set a place for them at the table.



George Wallace did not think himself a bigot when he stood in that school house door.  Bigots never think they are.  They are defending tradition, a way of life, Jesus and the flag.  George actually reconsidered when he got some wheelchair time.  There never has been a bigot that knew or admitted they were.

I recently left (slammed the door on my way out) a small backwater social site (Gather).   Every time I visited I was treated to people telling me I was going to hell, God (the Christian one) hated my sin, I was a menace to society, a danger to children (pedophile) and a sociopath.

You betchore BIPPEE that was fun.

At 63 I have a tree to plant and an elderly dog to shepherd a bit longer.  It’s not that I can’t do battle with internet fools…  but would it matter if I did?

The experience makes me want to say these things:

The notion that It is offensive to compare the struggle of LGBT people to the civil rights movement of the 60’s… is absurd.  It demeans me.

The Black struggle is not identical to the Native American struggle.  Prejudice faced by Asian Americans is different from the bigotry the Irish American immigrants faced.  The current rash of hate crimes against American Muslims differs from the prejudice Catholics long faced in America.  Bigotry has different faces.

There is strong correspondence between groups who struggle for an equal seat at the table.  The best of us don’t want freedom and justice for ourselves… we want it for everyone.  When separate drinking fountains were outlawed in America a funny thing happened.  Prejudice against African Americans didn’t die, but it looks less virulent than it did in the 1950s.  Law matters.

It is offensive to me that someone who has experienced prejudice can ignore the death of Matthew Shepard as another kind of “strange fruit”.

Let’s talk about how I have equal rights (already) because we can all marry someone of the opposite sex.  Even if we don’t want to.  That is a shallow word game.  Gay and Lesbian people (who have existed since humanity began),  sometimes pair and live their lives with a same sex partner.  They (we) do this in spite of the fact that it is not socially, legally sponsored or encouraged…  It might just be real.

Those who claim they are not bigots but want to keep marriage “sacred” dodge the reality that marriage is a state sponsored legal contract that can be blessed by religion or not.  Gay marriages performed by churches with the exchange of sincere vows “before god” are not legal unless recognized by law.  Heterosexual “civil unions” performed by a justice of the peace without God in attendance still entitle legal rights even if it might be the 5th serial monogamy union.

When contested, those who wish to keep marriage “sacred” usually end up talking about who pokes whom and where…   the slippery slope to goat fricking and committed relationships with chickens.  On the way down they show their complete contempt for Lesbian and Gay people.

Sure looks like bigotry to me.

When I first joined Social sites I made the mistake of telling a painful personal story.   I have since related stories about how marriage has mattered to some of my friends.  How someone I know was legally able to stay home and care for his husband after surgery.

Pearls before swine.

Science increasingly confirms that homosexuality is biological.  Biology is not a “choice”.

HOMOPHOBIA IS A CHOICE, a nasty bigoted lifestyle choice.


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70 Responses to BIGOTS

  1. gardeningrus says:

    I too struggle with the concept of bigotry and hatred. The most frustrating thing is that it can’t be changed. No amount of verbal bombardment onto the perpetrator is going to change the mind of a bigot. So, I am left with working around all the hatred in this world, side stepping all the piles of steaming horse manure, piled up on my road to the future.
    You are welcome in my heart any day. Your goodbye article got 142 views, 21 recommends and 41 comments. I tried to tell you: you are loved.

  2. Some People's Kids says:

    I completely agree with you here.

    If marriage was so sacred the vows would be taken verbatim not only by society, but also by the law. There would be no divorce, domestic violence would never occur, and people wouldn’t cheat on their spouses, sexually or otherwise.

    I’ve also wondered that if it really mattered who was poking whom where and for what purpose, why isn’t there some language about that in the wedding vows. You know….like….to love, honor and cherish, with sexual intercourse in the missionary position during the four day ovulation cycle only, till death do us part. Or something like that. 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      It just kills me when they say they aren’t bigots. I don’t think even I spend that much time thinking about Gay sex…

      So how is the little terror? Our Angel jumped in the pond, rolled in the dirt and came and climbed all over me in my freshly laundered jacket….

  3. I too struggle with putting up with the self righteous idiots on gather. They are incredible hateful, commit discrimination and bigotry towards Gay people for pleasure to hurt. I will give a few the benefit that they are sacred from being ignorant.

    The latest hate rant is from a disciple bunny who lives in his moms basement. He claims you can be cured from being gay, and it is their right to have that choice if they were born hating being gay. What an IDIOT! That doesn’t even make sense either.

    I asked the @sshole if a heterosexual man hated being straight and wanted to be gay is there a cure for that. No reply, figures.

    I’ve become fully supportive and active with gay rights for equality. My nephew open that door for me.

    He almost killed himself. His step dad and grandparents couldn’t except him for being gay so they were very hard on him and used a church program that claimed they can cure people from being gay. BTW this is in Texas, home of some of the worst evangelists.

    He was privately cutting himself like his inner thigh or inside his forearm. He said it makes the pain go away. One day he cut himself so severely, he was found lying in his own pool of blood past out. His mother no longer stepped back and stayed silent. She divorced her loser conservative husband, moved out and supported her son and she had two others boys, a lot younger, she is raising on her own.

    My nephew is a grown man, in show business doing Broadway type shows, does costumes and back up dancer. He is so beautiful when in drag. I sometimes ask him for makeup and outfit tips. His talent and taste are impeccable! He still has some emotional problems due to what he was put through but his family and long time friends watch over him and are there whenever he needs them.

    He finally got a deceit boyfriend. I hope he settles down. I can’t wait to see his wedding plans.

    I love you Lebrea and so grateful you are part of my life. You are my best friend.I learn something new today, thanks to you sharing. Give Little a big hug. And make way we are coming to wordpress. Wait till you see what we are up to next…lol. But first going to stir up the rats nest on Gather. 😉

    • Sorry for any misspellings or misplaced words, I’m on my little laptop today. It changes words automatically. For instance I meant scared but it changed to sacred. Go figure. I have to be careful to spell right or proof read my comments when on this little baby. Have a nice week.

      • osolynden says:

        I look very much forward to you and … getting active over here. We can build our own community. It is a much better platform in terms of posting links and pictures.

        Not to worry about the spelling. 😉

        Always good to hear from you SG

  4. Cary says:

    I hate living in a world where *my husband* (yes HUSBAND) and I live in fear at the thought of walking down any street in America holding hands. Pathetic. As Rachel so aptly put it, “Rights are not meant to be voted on……that’s why they’re called rights.”

    • osolynden says:

      I love that you two got legally married! I know a bunch who have.

      Yuppers… We (and I) are the equals of everyone else out there and it is time the law reflected that. We are a democratic constitutional republic. The republic part is meant to protect minority rights.

  5. Melissa Hart says:

    I can feel your frustration, your anger and the hurt it all brings. Bigotry is born of ignorance and there sure seems to be a huge amount of that around. I love you!

    • osolynden says:

      I adore you. You know that. I think what ticks me off the most is when people make it clear they think I am their inferior and then characterize it as a “political opinion” that I shouldn’t get butt hurtz over…
       photo i-am-a-man2_zps4c380f51.jpg

  6. thomassparky says:

    For the most part, bigots ARE bullies! The have to put someone down to feel superior! They think being Gay is a psychological problem, when it is they who need a shrink and hate counseling! Their type are the ones who cheat on their partners, teach their kids to hate and be bullies, bully their wives, torment their neighbors, and abuse animals! They ARE the sick ones in society! You WILL find more LOVE and commitment in a Gay family than any other family unit overall! BTW, all of you who have commented on this blog, I think you are all the GREATEST!!!Hugz and Love to all of you!!! This is a very well written blog! I wish you would write and publish books too! I Love You Big Brother! I’m so glad to follow you here! I would follow you anywhere! Hugz and much Love to you!

    • osolynden says:

      Thanks for your support TS. Whatever happened to “live and let live”? Yes, I would like all the same legal rights heterosexuals have. No the world won’t end when that happens. 58% of Americans now support Gay marriage and only 35% are against it. Rights are for all of us.

      Hugs TS.

  7. Becky says:

    I keep wishing my brain would comply with my heart–just give it the means to say what it wants to–express the sadness, anger, frustration–most of all the pure guilt.

    I’ve always admired you for having the strength & dedication to go ’round & ’round with those ignorant d***heads. I thought about the hammering you were taking, but dismissed it right away. I didn’t want to feel it, so I told myself it would make it worse for you if I asked how it was effecting you. I told myself that the outpouring of love for you on the site was enough to counter the pain–& I was a little hurt that it didn’t when I had no right to be hurt.

    I can excuse myself by saying that I can’t allow myself to feel too much of the ever-present fear that my son will experience the same, putrid hate for the rest of his life–I have to push it down for his sake so he won’t see that I’m struggling with my feelings. But it’s just an excuse to turn a blind eye rather than have the courage to stand up for what’s right, & support my dear friends.

    The truth is that I genuinely admire you, & appreciate your wit, intelligence, & compassion beyond words. I tried to be supportive when I thought it might help. The harder truth is that it wasn’t nearly enough. I thought about stepping in far more often than I had the guts to do it. I created my own brand of intentional ignorance to protect myself, & I’m sorry.

    • osolynden says:

      While I delight in the guilt festival myself from time to time … after we learn from our mistakes, the pleasure of continued self flagellation starts to look silly.

      You were always very supportive and I wouldn’t waste another moment on that thought.

      I believe and hope your son will have an easier go in life as attitudes change. Attitudes will continue to change and speaking out against all bigotry will hasten the process I think.

      I have always trusted your affection and good wishes in my direction. And they are appreciated.

      SGH (FMY) tells me I missed a horror story post about “changing Gays”. Reminds me of the time I got sent to a shrink who maintained if i fondled female breast and thought about baseball scores while doing so, “nature” would take it’s course…

      They keep score in baseball? who knew.?

      This week my biggest problems are picking out the variety of flowering crab apple tree to plant and my continued use of sentence fragments….


      • Wow Becky… that is so touching and well written.

      • Becky says:

        Well crap! If I had been aware that I was supposed to drag out the cat of nine tails during the pity party I would have…seriously, too bad it would just look silly now. Good thing it’s not too late to share in your vision of the future, & do my part to make it happen 🙂 .

        And yes, they do keep score in baseball. It’s one of my favorite games…although I did break my sister’s nose…ok, so that was a just a tiny bit fun, too…as for the game being sexual, I played on a Jack & Jill team…apparently I commented on the other team’s fannies so often my teammates felt compelled to give me a “Big Boy” piggybank trophy at the end of the season…I don’t recall feeling an overwhelming desire to change my orientation…yeah, I’d say your shrink doesn’t know much about baseball.

    • thomassparky says:

      I’m really glad you are here becky! We will ALL find Love and peace here!

  8. NOMNOMNOM…crab apple jelly!!! When your tree starts making fruit, I wants to be mailed some homemade jelly please. I will in return send you some of my homemade bath salts made with sea salts, or brown sugar with local honey and herbs from my organic garden. Spring is here…..woohooo…everything is trying to grow. I have ass loads of lettuces and mint right now. off to make Inarizushi. I will be posting about it tomorrow. You’re going to get a kick how I came across the recipe..LMAO!!! Luvs ya. 😉

  9. thomassparky says:

    I Love pickled crab apples! Yum!

  10. thomassparky says:

    O crap, my photo greeting didn’t work.

  11. thomassparky says:

    Remember Frank (aka Democrat Jesus)? The above photo was the icon he used! I liked him, I wish he would find his way here!

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