What a Head of State Can Sound Like

Have you heard the news from New Zealand?  New Zealand just became the 13th country in the world to legalize Gay marriage.  Here is the amusing Speech given by their MP, Maurice Williamson.  I LOL-ed….

And when the bill passed into law…  The gallery in the House of Parliament burst into song.

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17 Responses to What a Head of State Can Sound Like

  1. Interesting to note that of late I am getting more of my blog views from overseas. The Netherlands, Chile, Australia and the UK mostly. Today I had more views from these sources than from America.

    • maks says:

      That’s great mate, international blog purveyors unite!

      It’s interesting that it’s the Conservatives in Australia that have just begun to pave the way for a conscious vote after the next election which is putting Julia Gillards stance under pressure. The funny part about all this is that when it is all said and done, gay people getting married is of no consequence to anyone else.

      Give the dog a pat for me 😉

      • 😉 Maybe Australia will be next?

        Pat given. Mr Little was funny yesterday. Afternoons, weather permitting, we go sit on the swing. Instead I got busy re-setting an Iris bed. He milled about for a while somewhat miffed and finally went to the swing without me. He’s strict, that one…

  2. Isn’t it amazing when politicians tell the truth. Good for New Zealand!

  3. osolikeyou says:

    The world would indeed be a better place with more politicians like Mr. Williamson.
    A special scritch for little. Don’t short him his swing time!

    • Yuppers! Thumbs up for Mr. Williamson.

      Mr. Little has a new trick. He lags about 100 feet behind me on the walks now and I think perhaps he is having trouble keeping up so I turn and look back at him to allow him to catch up. He turns too looking behind and sits down. I can hear him thinking “I wonder what Dad is looking at… I don’t see anything…”

      Thanks for commenting and hugs.

  4. This man, and everyone that voted this through, is a hero. We don’t see elected officials like this in the US, unfortunately. My hat’s off to you, New Zealand. You done good!

  5. drmanhatten1 says:

    “Be Ye not afraid.”

    Quite a refreshing change from the hateful, gay-bashing rhetoric we often hear in America, Land of the Free. I do not think the Catholic Church should be chastising anyone for committing unnatural sexual acts when they have been protecting men who did this for decades, maybe centuries.

    Americans used to be proud to be Leaders of the Free World, now we are just followers. This is inevitable, it is just a shame that it is not recognized presently.

    I am also relieved that I will burn in Hell for only a few seconds and not an eternity, science rules!

  6. thomassparky says:

    We think America is a shining example of humanity! I don’t believe we ever have been. In the whole scheme of things, while the other nations of the world have crawled from the slime and stood upright, America is still just slime! We have enslaved, abused and denied people throughout our history!

    • osolynden says:

      Hi Thomas! Did you hear the news? France just became the 14th nation to legalize Gay marriage.

      • thomassparky says:

        It seems the rest of the world is more humane than the U.S.! The rest of the world will continue to legalize Gay marriage while we sit and think about it for another hundred years!

        • Seriously, Thomas, if we quit sitting around “looking into” things like this, we’d have to rework the entire budget for the next two decades…where would we spend all those billions currently used to “research” important matters? I really think you’re being a little harsh ;).

  7. This is so wonderful, thank you for sharing this great news. Funny how America use to strive to be the best and first at everything from technology to human rights, but now fallen way behind and going backwards. That’s the outcome when our government became a business for the rich, ran by radical religious cult fanatics. Only we can save America from being destroyed by the extremist.

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