Spring and an Old Man’s Fancy

Let’s talk about lust.

As an internet warrior I have a few bruised electrons.  One of the spit balls oft hurled is Gays are lustful.  I know that sounds silly. 

There really are people absurd enough to think identical pudenda automatically equals lust but the breeder sex they have is not.

I pity anyone having sex with a partner they don’t have a strong desire for.   I won’t even get started on the Theological overtones of the use of the word “lust”

I do however come today with a confession.

This spring I am overcome with consuming concupiscence to a degree I have never experienced. 

Damn porn seed catalogs….

I will wither and die if I cannot plant  Tithonia soon. 


That pot under the juniper?  I imagine it filled with vibrant Coleus and grow heady. 

One catalog has a grass called “Purple Love”.  It must be airbrushed.  Nobody has seed heads that ephemeral.  Nobody.
purple love
I did manage to afford a pound of Cosmos seed… and a friend says I can tag along next week when he goes to the nursery.   

He has a really big truck.  Size matters.

A friend whose name I am not at liberty to divulge (Hi Melissa!) is having issues with a tree dropping it’s balls.  Here in New Mexico we wish we could find a tree with balls. 


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14 Responses to Spring and an Old Man’s Fancy

  1. I’m not good with plants. Not good at all. I’ve killed every house plant within 3 years of getting it. And I don’t even want to discuss my experiences with gardening. Not pretty I tell ya. I’m a bit better with trees, but I think that’s only because I’m so good at digging deep holes. 😉

    • 😉 As always I love your humorous take.

      My experience is I am very good with outside gardening and inexplicably lousy with houseplants. I once decided I would never have to vacuum again if I brought in six inches of potting soil and covered it with Kentucky Blue Grass sod. It looked great for a while. Have you ever tried to drag your Lazy Boy Recliner across a lawn so you could mow under it?

      I leave my plants outside now.

  2. For shame! Vile temptress. Your botanical wiles will have no effect upon me!

    Oh, who am I kidding? I’m gonna go hug my oak trees now. ;-D

  3. drmanhatten1 says:

    I just got finished waxing my carrot this Sunday morning. I get excited gardening, not often to the point of climax, that usually happens at harvest time. I have tomatoes, collards, peas, yellow squash, swiss chard, onions, mint and kale producing now. Waiting on zuchinni, cilantro, basil, sage, cucumber and peppers.

    After keeping your emotions bottled up all winter, no wonder the birds and bees get busy come sping. Nothing beats getting connected with your food.

    • Personally I grow hairless carrots that don’t need waxing. Used to anyway… Water is so precious here I just do drought tolerant ornamentals. It’s actually cheaper to buy produce at the farmer’s market. That doesn’t stop me from leafing through the cucumber pictures in my Burpee catalog…

  4. Ishbel says:

    I don’t really like hot coloured plants Our cold northern light makes them shriek. I favour cool colours, apart from climbing clematises – I’ve got over 30 varieties on the high garden walls and trellis, and fuschias. I adore planting verbena bonariensis in the larger borders and rose beds. I only have roses of old English and bourbon varieties.

    I plan the garden, my husband supplies the labour and someone comes in fortnightly to help out!

    • osolynden says:

      Your garden sounds dreamy. I adore Clematis. Will look up that variety of verbena.
      Our climate here (high desert) is so harsh and subject to extremes that our palette is quite limited. My neighbor fights nature and if things survive at all they limp. I tend toward things of any color that will actually prosper in our climate. I don’t mind the result. As someone with a touch of red/green color blindness I imagine the hot colors don’t shriek for me? 🙂

      • Ishbel says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong. When I visit the Med countries, or the Far East and the Land Downunder, I adore the hot and vibrant colours on show. They match the climate and light. It’s here that they shriek!

        My garden is very quiet in tone. I have one broad border which has a white lilac tree at the back (It started life as a small bush) and all the flowers are white, spring narcissi, whitish green hellebores, white tulips and later white clematis, white roses and white lavender. We have a wooden bench in front of it and the scents in summer are heavenly!

        Do have a look to see if the bonariensis would suit your climate. They are much grown on parched Greek islands!

        • osolynden says:

          I did indeed check into the bonariensis and it looks very promising! It would be an annual here but would like the conditions I think, there is one way to find out. Found several sources for seed online.

          I would love to see photos of your garden. It sounds wonderful.

  5. Melissa Hart says:

    Hey!!! See if I tell you any more stories about my ball problems. Just yapping your mouth to everyone about them!! I sent my daughter a text message and asked if she’d help me with my balls. All she said was “Weird, mom” lol I told it would have only been weird if I had asked her to help me with her dad’s balls. She found that even more disturbing. I don’t get it. She’s going to be 26 this year. It seems as though she would be use to it by now.

    Yesterday it was snowing a little bit here. I do believe the frost chance is gone now though. No rain today, but it sure as hell snowed a little bit yesterday with the rain. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will be tackling the balls. UGH!! Then Friday I shall plant a few things.

    • osolynden says:

      You see the lengths you force me to Melissa… I don’t lightly discuss your balls in public. 😉

      Yeah, we are having a cold snap as well. I never the less put Johnny Jump Ups in several planters today. And a sweet potatoes vine with purple leaves.

      • Melissa Hart says:

        I reread my comment lol that’s what happens when you are watching tv when commenting on blogs. That’s my story, I’m sticking to it!!

        I goofed around too long this morning to deal with my balls. I did spend a wonderful day at the park with the grandson. More rain tomorrow. Crap.

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