Solar Shower Bag Season


Or the “Oso Acre Gazette’ as I sometimes call my rambling.

We hit 90℉ here a few days ago.  New Mexico may be the “land of enchantment” but it is also the land of extremes.  This morning we saw 26 degrees F.  The one tender plant I dared to put out early was toast. 

I have nevertheless gotten my solar shower bag out of storage.  There is nothing quite like alfresco au naturel…  Oh yes, soap, hot water and a view of the snow on the mountains.  Last year I resorted to a lawn chair for this luxurious  purge.  This year I will stand.  Does the good news ever end? 

I continue to recommend spine surgery for absolutely everyone.

The curtain is rising on an expanded cast of birds up by my Buddha garden.  The Humming Bird wars started weeks ago and today I WILL take the bird book up by the swing  to identify new visitors.  I am told one of them is a Rufus Towhee.  A quick google confirms that.  Kudos to Mel Avender for accuracy. 


Mr. Little continues to age.  He has always been an “eye hider”.  He likes to sleep with his head under my bed.  Recently he has begun wiggling deeper and deeper under the bed and getting stuck.  His shrieks are frightening when he discovers he has worked himself into a trap old legs won’t extricate him from. 

I put a couple of bricks a dog face distance in under the bed. I love that boy.  His troubles make me sad.  He still makes me smile.  He has decided when we are outside he will go to the swing and wait for me in the shade.  He knows when my labors are done that will be our “settle”. 

In a yearly ritual I am a slave to my seeds.  Seeds are an inexpensive way to garden but the watering can needs to travel to every pot everyday…  They won’t germinate if they aren’t kept moist. 

When my efforts pay off I will do a garden tour movie.  That will be fun (for me at least ;-)) and the sound of my footsteps shuffling can be masked with a suitable Tango…

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20 Responses to Solar Shower Bag Season

  1. The Seed Packet Tango…

    Not getting to do it this year, but with some luck, hopefully I’ll be set to join in on it next year. Those solar showers are nice. So much more entertaining than bland white shower walls and hair encrusted drains.

  2. drmanhatten1 says:

    Love the outdoor showers. You know Global Warming is a hoax when your plant dies of frost in May, LOL!

    Have you watched the movie “Back to Eden” ( We will be trying this method to some extent this year, trying to cut down on watering. The guy in the film quotes scriptures every two minutes, but some of the gardening seems to be promising, worth a try.

    Hummingbirds are starting their “battles” out here too, one buzzed me because he was upset that the feeder was empty.

    • osolynden says:

      Will go check out the back to Eden bit…

      You let your hummingbird feeder go dry? Bad Dr. Bad.

      Go take a time out in the corner.


      • drmanhatten1 says:

        It began to warm up early this year and after the hummingbirds came back, we had a late frost which killed all the blossoms. I use the sugar water like hummingbird cocaine to keep them around until the new flowers bloom. I am not being sadistic to the little birdies, I would just rather them be in my garden, pollinating, than be on the feeder shuddering from a sugar high.

        We have some Roma and Cherry tomatoes on the way, also some yellow squash, can’t wait. You and Little Bear take care and I will try to refrain from abusing the wildlife 🙂

        • osolynden says:


          Such a different climate. I have a few cactus blooming for the hummers. Nothing else, and if rain does not come the desert wildflowers will be a no show this year.

  3. We hit 100 degrees just the other day and today it is raining. The berry trees have bore their fruits and the ant wars have begun over the spoils. The collared lizards have come out of their homes and decorate the sunny walls of my house every once in a while. The Man has planted radishes in containers out on the porch and if the pup will just stay out of them he might just get something to grow this year. Spring is definitely here but won’t last long.

    • osolynden says:

      Love the news from Nevada! You sound way ahead of me (of course) since we are higher in elevation here. I expect by the end of next week I’ll be considering turning on the AC…

      And so it goes…

  4. Melissa Hart says:

    A solar shower sounds so wonderful. I would never be able to get away with that at my house. Neighbors are way too close.

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I think we are done with the snow here in Missouri now. That made me giggle. After all it just snowed here a few days ago. I just hope that this year isn’t the mirror image of last year or we’re all in trouble.

    • osolynden says:

      We are entering our 7th year of severe drought. Trouble is right. A decent rain would wake the desert. Everything out there is dormant or dead.

  5. I so love birds. This is my next adventure…

    You have inspired me to share our latest garden and hydroponics experiment, when back from our trip. I have the coolest mother-in-law and taking her on our trip with us for mothers day. It starts tomorrow. So excited, haven’t spent anytime with her in pass few months. Work has been overwhelming, but grateful to have it. I love my job!!!!!

    BTW… we may have figured out where all the hummingbird food has been going. BATS!!!!!! They love it too.


    Catch you later…hug Little for me.

  6. Garden tour movie, eh? Including the solar shower in use?

    It’s so nice to see The Moosehammer here too – and Sister Rubberduckyboots;-].

    Please tempo the tango tune in G-spot minor. If you have trouble with that, this stunning photograph of Roy Harold Scherer, Junior might help. (Later known as Rock Hudson.)

    Warm regardens.

  7. thomassparky says:

    Hi Hyper! Love the photo of the rock! Just stoopped in to say HI to everyone! I’ve been so bloody busy lately! The new pups are doing great. One of these years i’ll get my blog site up before the pups are old and grey! I Love all of you very much!

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