I Finally Shaved

I think I “clean up” damn nice. 


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17 Responses to I Finally Shaved

  1. maks says:

    Stone the crows, you were better hairy! Good to have you back mate.

  2. Louis B Mayer says:

    You look like a movie star!
    Unfortunately that particular star is Una O’Connor

  3. I thought you were saving that outfit for our big press conference after we found the Dutchman? 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      That old rag? That’s just desert evening wear….

      I have something special for our Dutchman press conference. And did you find that whiskey yet?

      • I have not located the whiskey yet and now it is too hot to go tromping around the Death Valley area poking around drifting sand dunes. I will just have to wait till Winter to pick that search up again.

        I’m thinking about getting a metal detector and go combing through the old mobile home parks that were evacuated of their tenants for some fabulous development that just didn’t happen. You never know what an old gambler may have hidden in his rented back yard. 😉

        • osolynden says:

          In my daily ramble I sometimes visit an old abandoned burned out farmhouse. It is surrounded by huge trash piles. We visit because I found an old chair in the ruins and set it up in the shade and the dogs think it’s disney land. (rats live in the trash)

          I have often come home with treasures. A few days ago I found this gazing ball stand…
           photo IMG_1478_zps7f8a31f6.jpg

          • Question Lost Dutchman mine in Death Valley -(stop)- Thought was in Lynden’s area -(stop)-

            Please advise post haste -(stop)- Considering search expedition -(stop)- Warm regards Hyper

  4. jillcb1 says:

    Oh yes, very nice 🙂

  5. thomassparky says:

    Well I don’t know. I think you might try a Fu Manchu! You would look handsome and wise too!

  6. Cary says:

    Mmmm hmmm.

  7. Ishbel says:

    Great photie.

    But… If I might make a suggestion? There are many products on the market to help thicken the hair……

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