It’s Ten O’clock!

It’s Ten O’Clock!


😉  I generally know WHERE they are but not always WHAT they are.  I have a glorious stretch across from the Buddha Garden where I planted nothing…  nothing at all. 

I did weed, but left any wildflower that cared to blow in and grow.  I even gave them water once a week. 

It is now filled with Datura,


Prairie Zinnia,


And Snake Weed.


They are all lovely plants and being native are extremely low care and immune to our insect and rodent pests.  Because of 7 years of sustained drought here in the high desert, these plants are absent from my hills.  We did get too much water all at once mid summer. It was too late for most native plants. Some grasses have grown in the wilds.

I also have three native asters in a water assisted area.  Next year I will buy seed for them and plant a bed.  My garden is an ark for native plants to grow, flower and seed.    Yes, I know the seed is  dormant in the wild waiting for favorable conditions to return…  but it cheers me to see some growing. 

Until a few days ago this beauty


was a mystery to me.  With dead heading it blooms twice a season.  It makes a small dandelion type seed head that blows away in the wind and loves my rock work as a home.  They seem to live about 3 or four years and die but new ones sprout every season.  As you can see it is a fine silver grey foliage with a small yellow daisy type bloom. 

I finally found it on a native plant identification guide from Colorado


which was odd since it doesn’t seem to grow in Colorado nearly as widely as New Mexico according to their map. 

I’m pretty tickled to know what it is.

It doesn’t take much to make some of us happy. 

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13 Responses to It’s Ten O’clock!

  1. A lovely bunch of coconuts…er…uh…flowers. I am, as always, envious.

  2. Cary says:

    Ahhhh…………….nature at it’s best……and to know that PAPA NATURALEZA is helping everything along!!!! Usted es un hombre del renacimiento!!! Gran papá trabajo. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • osolynden says:

      I do love growing the natives. It’s nice to see them when they are absent from the hills. As to my being a Renaissance man… I’ll grant that I have days where my body feels like I was born back then… 😉

  3. thomassparky says:

    Nothing like using natural, local plants. They are almost guaranteed to succeed! BTW, they say it’s also 5 O’clock somewhere!

  4. Late bloomer here. Ahoy!

    Oh such a wonderful garden menagerie, Lynden. Thank you for posting these photos.

    However, one thing has left me a bit alarmed, especially considering all of your other visitors are doing their damndest to pretend nothing is amiss.

    We didn’t know Datura is what you New Mexicans call the big beige pods the aliens leave after they’re done visiting. How long has it been there incubating?

    • osolynden says:

      Glad you made it to my failed attempt at a party sailor. Guess everyone is busy or I bore them.

      Have you seen the beige pods? The movies are not a reliable source of fact. The aliens come here to collect my pods because the black seed they contain is hallucinogenic.

      The aliens are stoners.

      And my pods are scarier than theirs are.

       photo Datura_inoxia_pod800_zps2c92b21d.jpg

  5. Hi there you.

    Love your gardens.

    I see I need to step it up and share my gardens too. Right now we are trying out a new way to use hydroponics to grow veggies by using Styrofoam to float the pots. Unfortunately the chickens think Styrofoam is popcorn. We may have found a way to disguise it from them, but only time will tell.

    We are out of town for the week, working on the coast. It is so beautiful here. See you around, sending lots of love. 😉

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