I am Pro Life

Pro Life

Had a discussion with a pal.  Had coyotes been a potential threat to Little Bear? 
(My recently departed dog)

It started the wheels turning…  I hate when that happens.   🙂

The short answer is YES.

When we were a “fresh” team, before we hit the “sweet spot” of mutual clairvoyance and cooperation….  He wandered too far on a hike and was “too busy” to respond to my calls. 

I kept moving, calling as I walked.  He tore back my direction with a large coyote nipping at his heels trying to “hamstring” him.  The last “missed” bite was an inch from taking my boy down.   He was fast when he was young but coyotes have longer legs than a corgi mix.

The coyote stopped dead at my fierce yell and large arm waving.  Mr. Little veered quickly toward me.  He brushed my pant leg as he whizzed past and circled to face his nemesis.  He barked,  looked over his shoulder at me and wanted to chase.  “Come on dad, we have him on the run”! 

Pardon an old man’s ramble of memories.  I tell this tale for a reason. 

In spite of this (and many incidents)  I often find myself defending coyotes, rattle snakes and wild things. 

Many “country folk” where I live think getting out the guns and making war on nature is the only fix. 

“Pro life” is a glib bumper sticker that has nothing to do with life.

Most self declared pro life folk aren’t.

Wanton over reproduction is not pro life.  “Keep it your pants” is not a solution.  Life is bigger than humanity and imposing “statist ” laws   about the exact moment God thinks human life needs legal protection isn’t science.  It is religion.   It is theocracy.

I question if it serves “life”. 

Only on the internet will you meet anti abortion folks who oppose birth control because it might fail and lead to an abortion.  Freaked me out when I found out how extreme the extremes can be. 

The American debate will continue and remain bitter.  I actually AM pro life.

Yes, embryos are alive and so is a fetus.  The cancer cells that have killed so many of my friends are alive as well. 

I will be contacting my Representatives and Senators.  I will be starting a Whitehouse.org petition.  Raw cookie dough doesn’t get the respect my God tells me it deserves.  Every dollop is a potential cookie.  I would like to control by law what goes on in your kitchen on your cookie sheet. 

Life!  Panda bears…  polar bears…  trees…   butterflies,  dogs, lizards and flowers. 

I am pro life.

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10 Responses to I am Pro Life

  1. Cary says:

    me too…………………….love ya, old sage, ya……………………<3 ❤ ❤

    • osolynden says:

      Our local Hospital (the only option here) just denied a 12 year old rape victim an abortion Cary. They are Catholic not for profit which means they operate just as cut throat for profit as any hospital but get huge tax dollar subsidies from county, state and fed while not paying taxes.

  2. We are so alike, I’m Pro Life too! This is AWESOME write and well said I say!

    I live in the country, a very rural area. With the rewards of living in noise free, clean air and beautiful land comes wildlife. We try our best to not disturb any natural habitat here but instead turned my garden into a sanctuary and yes plentiful when in came to food for us. We always planted extra to share. We have a few cleared meadows due to cattle coming through. They have grazing rights on our 100acres land. We live between two very large state parks, so hunting isn’t really permitted even though the Teabillies here do. I believe a neighbor about a mile away are militia…much as they practice shooting and the sound of the type of guns they have. I say Teabillies because the radio has them brainwashed. They have no clue they are for a party that is total opposed to their own needs. Most of them are working but still live off food stamps. Sad!!! They are so filled of hate, the GOP rely on people like these. I hope they wise up.

    Anyhow…these Teabillies will kill any wildlife in a heartbeat. They even run off the road to kill a snake regardless poisonous or not. They don’t even care if animal or reptile is protected.

    Also we have coyote and foxes, bobcats, racoons and so on here…many occasions have lost an chicken or close call with my pug. My dad freaked and gave us a gun just in case. But we never use it. I took it to shut my dad up. He is military, so yeah he is a gun enthusiast, but he is also for universal background checks. He said anyone against that has something to hide!!! He also said we need to have everyone registered who has a gun, what kind and how many. I love my dad even though at times we butt heads sometimes politically.

    Well off to get some chores done, then vegg-out, and watch netflix!!!! 😉

  3. drmanhatten1 says:

    Pro life Liberals, unheard of, that’s like Conservatives embracing welfare and voting right equality for everyone. It will soon start raining cats and dogs (that means I will be busy trying to stop my wife from picking up strays).

    The Liberals used to be the social party with their hippies, free love and choice while the Conservatives were the party of Big Business. Now the “Socialist” POTUS has spent his term helping the business community and Wall Street while the Conservatives have fixated on social issues.

    Good write, hope you are doing well. I am still very busy on the project that has occupied most of my year. Good to hear from you.

    BTW, did you see the “open mic” moment between Mitch McConnel and Rand Paul, Classic. It is awesome that Republicans can worry about “messaging” while they put 800,00 people out of work and cost the country $300 million a day. This must be the rebranding that Reince Priebus was trying to get the Republicans to do after the last general election. Glad to see it is paying off.

    Take care.

    • osolynden says:

      So nice to hear your E-voice once again Dr M. I reckon pro-life liberals would mostly like to give all life a helping hand rather than focus on the legal staus of the human fetus. Interestingly the Ron Paul modern “libertarians” disagree with the founders of their own movement. Rothbard who wrote the definitive explanation of libertarian morality not only thought abortion an individual choice, he insisted parents had the right to starve a dependant infant to death if they chose. I’ts in his book “Ethics of Liberty”.

      Ayn Rand held a similar view and declared the notion of a fetus having a right to life is “vicious nonsense” .

      In fact Rothbard and Rand hold the only view consistent with the rest of the philosophy.

  4. thomassparky says:

    I’m pro life too! Not because I’m Catholic, but because I believe all life, especially Animal life is very precious! I like our new Pope! He can see what the conservatives have been doing with their Faux anti abortion drum beating. They don’t really believe in it! It just helps them win elections! How can you be pro life and anti poor? The new pope is out to change the church from no, no, NO!, to love and forgiveness, with heavy emphasis on helping the poor! Their numbers have been increasing thanks to the conservatives! Love You lots and lots my Friend!

    • osolynden says:

      Hey there Thomas! Howdy.

      Glad to hear the new Pope may be a positive thing. Sure would be swell if he OKed birth control. Surely fewer people would be the most pro life thing we could do for this finite terrarium?

      How are the pups? All growed up yet? 😉

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