No Movie!


Several times this summer I promised a garden tour movie.  It never happened.  At no point did I consider my garden at “peak”.  Something wasn’t raked, swept and next week the whatever will start blooming. 

Then the floods and hail came.  We had two flood level deluges this summer that dumped more destruction than rescue on land so dry a spilled  glass of water beaded up as if the dirt has been “Scotch-Guarded”. 

I shouldn’t have waited for perfection. 

Rather than apologize ad nauseam let’s talk about parenting? 

Canyon Towhees are some of the best bird parents out there.  Mine had a late (2nd) nest this year and the teenagers are fully feathered and only slightly smaller than mom and dad.  The kids are pecking and scratching just fine on their own but the parents scarf bird seed and insist on shoving treats down waiting throats.  It’s adorable if you enjoy watching birds vomit. 

In other news I like the Western Scrub Jays better.  They can be so brassy, pushy and quarrelsome.  That is all of course anthropomorphizing so let me go one more step.  I am fonder of them since I read that they hold funerals… most unusual.

Scrub Jay funeral…    (Have no idea why this link did not change color but it seems to work)

Here is to your health.

Hyper intellect has a blog up these days.  Joy Bee did too for a bit but decided she was too shy for Word Press. 

Hyper’s blog is here.  Feel free to pay him a visit.  Tell him Osolynden sent ya.  Maybe he will finally start validating my parking?


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15 Responses to No Movie!

  1. Thanks for the pingback and mention. A good reminder to check in for a new post here.

    Wonderful pic with the orange and yellow together. These are back from the glory days of summer?

    Blogging with pics is so art nouveau. Because we know what neanderthals did for reminiscing before digital photographs – cave graffiti. They were so anti-disestablismentarianistically retro then.

    I missed Joy Bee’s WP – are any still up I could wander over and take a peek?

    You are definitely cooling down there. You may need to find someone to help keep you warm at night.

    Later instigator.

  2. Cary says:

    Oh, my dear Lynden, you are in a word, oh, let’s see…………………….WONDERFUL…..m k?

  3. The picture is beautiful!!!!!! We have finally had a break thru growing lettuce and cabbage. The kratky method is brilliant, fast and clean! And we are in the process of doing our fall gardens.

    Also, I hope you received my recent email of our soon to be new living arrangements on the ranch. We are so thrilled, will be finding out all the details this Friday 18th….I hope it’s the place by the lake! Life just keeps getting better!

  4. david cordova says:

    hay you , just sitting around,having our last beverage, last night was a doozy !!!!, xxxoooo

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