Toilet Talk


Yes, I have a potty mouth.  Some readers may be conversant with my theory that judiciously placed F bombs and filthy bon mots act as a repellant for the smugly self congratulatory who observe the conventions of “nice”  with little real charity in their hearts.  Save us from the “nice”. 


However,  today’s toilet talk is not metaphoric.  I have spent hours researching RV low flow toilets vs composting toilets.

Technically my lease on Oso Acre is up in September 2021 but not having a bathroom has made this adventure too much like “camping out”.   I am beginning to NEED more convenience and comfort.   Factor in the frustration of dealing with land owners less than grateful for their increased property values and more of the opinion they own a serf.


This “feels over”, particularly with the death of my Little Bear.  I am uninterested in putting more money and labor into my present home.  To walk away from the bloody fortune I have spent here and the labor of many years…  This lovely garden…  just kills me.  I created something very beautiful.  How I will miss the view. 

I have no dream here.   I need a dream.  I need a dream and a dog and not having those is evidently not conducive to mental or physical well being.

I have become very interested in the “micro house” movement, particularly the ones on wheels.  They have full bathrooms, kitchens and floor plans galore. 


I have been studying the Tumbleweed brand models and dreaming.  Check them out here.


For this reason I have been looking into toilets and water systems and there are many choices to make.  I may not end up with the micro home I would choose. 

I saw a renovated Air Stream style trailer on Craig’s list for ⅓ of the price of a Tumbleweed.  It had polished bamboo flooring, a full sized fridge and was SOLAR.  CHECK IT OUT

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21 Responses to Toilet Talk

  1. L J McFarland-Groves says:

    From my Android phone
    My friend Robby has an airstream. Would you like me to see if he’ll be amiable to talk to you about them and his experiences?

    • osolynden says:

      Yes, I’d love to talk to your pal about his airstream years. I may be your only friend who started out in a Tipi though Mac. An Airstream sounds like a huge step up. 😉

  2. I’ve seen some things on those micro homes and although I think they are adorable cute and have seen some fairly livable designs, I can’t see how they would be very easy to tow around. Especially with those roof lines. As to travel trailers, I’ve threatened to run away in ours numerous times. I could easily live in it full time (with hookups) if it was just me, my dog, and maybe the Man. We have a 24′ Jayco (built by the Amish) with a side pop-out and room to sleep eight. My only real complaint is that the bathroom is a bit too small to use with the door closed so I just kick everybody out when I want to take a shower. It’s nowhere near the quality of the Airstream but it had all the travel trailer goodies included and for the price we paid for it new, we just couldn’t beat it with a stick.

    • osolynden says:

      Once again Some Peoples’ Kids comes through with useful experience to share. Thank you. I have continued to look on Craigs list for used RVs and my only hope of pulling this off is to get a sound shell and reno the interior. Hope I am up to the job. A little at a time and maybe hire labor for the big projects as I can. The customized results would be mine and I’d probably be pleased. Love the fact that the one in the link is fully solar electric and the easy to clean wood floors.

      Since it would be just me and maybe a dog… I am wondering about not having a bath ROOM and just have a nice large shower stall out in the open where it fits into the floor plan. When not in use as a shower the luggable loo could live in the shower and go with the composting toilet. I will probably end up parking it (the RV) semi permanently and the black water will be a problem getting rid of. The grey water is no problem as it can go to one of my new flower beds…

      Hope your Christmas was a nice one SPK. Mine was and I am still staying with my friends until the 1st of January. Eating well and TAKING TWO SHOWERS A DAY… 🙂

      • Since you’re at your friends with that good high speed internet, I would suggest you search and peruse the various RV manufacturers and associated product websites. Camping World and JC Whitney have numerous ideas and products that might help with your ideas on solar power and waste management. There’s also a show called Rock My RV that takes redoing RV’s to a whole new level.

        The key to RV’s is keeping it simple, compact, and lightweight. If the RV is going to be towed, weight is the ultimate factor. The bigger and heavier the RV, the bigger the vehicle to tow it needs to be. I originally fell in love with a 32′ unit when we were shopping, but it was just too big for our 1/2 ton truck to pull and the Man’s love for his truck won out in the end. I don’t blame him. Even I love his truck.

        I would also check out the websites of RV dealers for their used inventories. I recently saw our 2006 Jayco model being sold used through our local dealer for less than 1/2 of what we paid for it new and it was in excellent shape. Dealers are pretty good about not reselling crap. There could already be a unit out there ready for you “as-is” for less than the cost of redoing an older unit. You could still make changes and additions as you wish, but the livable core would already be there.

        I’m a nomad at heart and I love living on the road, but my situation requires me to have a permanent home base so we can only do it once in a while. In our travels we have met people who live out of their RV’s full time and travel from place to place and just stay awhile. Some stay longer than a while. Some have gargantuan motorhomes with built-in decks and patios, and some just have little compact travel trailers with just enough room for cooking and sleeping in them. You can find places to stay that can vary from more than reasonable to just plain costly but include everything, or you can find places to stay free and completely on your own. It’s an amazing world out there in more ways than anyone can imagine.

        • osolynden says:

          Great advice and I am acting on it. My friend Anthony now says he is game to buy the Silver Streak in the ad above and let me rent to own till I pay it off. As you say the house can be moved and adventures become possible again. It is very exciting.

      • thomassparky says:

        A composting toilet is the real answer! Like you say, getting rid of the grey water is less of a problem! You did what you had to for the time and it took care of you. I can understand your need for change! As you get older and shower and a toilet are truly esentials! If you like a particular area, a micro home may still be the answer. I just don’t know how many areas are zoned for a micro home and grey water only systems. It may be a challenge! I’m so very glad you had a good Christmas. Mine finally smoothed out. I still want to chat some time. A Great Big Hug to you my Friend and Happy New Year!

        • osolynden says:

          Your input is appreciated Thomas. The Silver Streak I am looking at has a composting toilet. I can’t imagine fussing with black water hoses in the winter…. The thing about New Mexico is it is mostly regulation light… Making it an alternative living paradise.
          Non of the rural NM areas I would like have zoning for RV’s on your land.

          I’ll be be back home by the 3rd or 4th.

  3. thomassparky says:

    We bought a 31 foot Jayco Eagle this year with a huge slideout. It has a queen size bed, large bath with plenty of storage and a front kitchen. Nice open layout. There is even room to put one of those washer/dryer combo’s in the bottom of the bath closet! Yes, you can live very comfortably in one of these!

    • osolynden says:

      Check the last link above in the blog. We are going to try to go for it. 32 feet with new bamboo floors. It looks quite roomy to me compared to my present situation. The refrigerator is huge and NO ELECTRIC BILL.

  4. What an exciting prospect to be moving to a more pleasant abode and commode. I’m a bit jealous.

    Love the Silver Streak (an activity for mature, au naturel citizens?) in the ad. Including all the recent pro improvements. Apparently it even has operable AC?

    My sugar plum fairy visions for it: a structure over the top to protect from hail and/or summer sun. A new and fabulous garden. And an in-ground hot tub for the colder half of the year.

    So many romantic possibilities for you and a new canine companion!

    Do keep us updated if you are able to conjure a move. Hopefully including pics.

  5. This is seriously a smart choice, even we have been thinking of such. I feel your pain with the moving after all the time and money you invested. And the memories of Little Bear too. But you are doing the right thing! I am so excited for you. *fingers crossed*

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