A Stitch in Time

Tomorrow at 3:00 PM my new friend and I meet.  Stitch was a shelter dog who got adopted 3 months ago by a family that now needs to move to an apartment in Miami Florida. 

They are bringing his crate, his cushion and a small bag of what he has been eating. 

Isn’t he a handsome boy? 


He is a year old and neutered.  The owner guesses 35 lbs. just like a dog I once knew…  Aussie cattle dogs are reputedly high energy and very smart.  It will be a full time job which is exactly what I need…  As far as I know, no one in Australia owns an Aussie cattle dog.   I wonder if it kinda like chop suey…? 

I’m pretty sure I’ll love him.  I mean look at that face…  NO, he won’t be Little Bear or his replacement.  He will be uniquely Stitch and I will have the joy of learning a new dog and his quirks and opinions all over again.  But will he love me?  Do I have a hot dog in my pocket or not….  Sheesh.

So buckle your seat belts you are going to be regaled with more dog stories whether you like it or not… 

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20 Responses to A Stitch in Time

  1. dustup224 says:

    Congratulations Lynden. He looks great. I’m glad you two found each other. I wish you two much love and happiness!

  2. Woofster D Barker says:

    Mazel Tov!
    – doG

    • osolynden says:

      Hey thanks! Do ya think cattle dogs play fetch? Never in my life have I met a dog that chases that thrown stick of legend…

      Ok, Little Bear would make a pile, but he would never bring it back and say “hey, throw this again…”.

  3. We are so happy for you! Aussie’s are very loyal, caring dogs, and quick at learning all jack of trades. Defiantly look forward to the dog stories. Bring them on!!!

  4. Cary says:

    Charlotte is part Aussie Cattle Dog, so you ARE going to have a handful…………….but OH BOY!!!!!!! Nothing beats unconditional love. More than likely, Stitch will follow you around right at your heels……………..(don’t call em BLUE HEALERS fer nothin’!!). Love you so much and so HAPPY fate walked in at the right time!!!!!! Take care……..of You and Stitch!!!

    • osolynden says:

      Nervous as hell just now. I was told to expect a call around three and the gent would head over with Stitch. Probably be here by 3:30? Well it’s 2:30 now… I think a nice leash walk to explore the neighbor hood and a quiet evening.

  5. Jill Baldwin says:

    What wonderful news. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures together, of which I expect there will be plenty. And I hope Stitch (who looks adorable) enjoys training you 🙂

  6. He’s so cute. I love his split face markings. I’m sure you two will be fine together. He’s coming into a great forever home with a great forever friend. I’m so happy for you both. 🙂

  7. Antonio says:

    congratulations! he is adorable…love those eyes! now you have a great reason to take long walks! looks like love to me!!!! xo

    • osolynden says:

      Hey thanks! 2 hours out and about this morning. That includes a hour on the trail and two sessions of off leash play time in the fenced yard next door. He loves the girls next door and they took to him right away. I also discovered an electric fence can shock you right through a hooded sweatshirt…

      Where is my bed? I feel a nap coming on.

      Yes, I am pretty sure we are going to bond big time. The first thing he did was pee on Lori’s coat….

  8. thomassparky says:

    What a beautiful dog! My dearly departed cattle dog Shadow was easy to train and the most loyal dog I ever owned. He also lived to go anywhere with me and play fetch! You will be so very happy with him!

  9. That dog’s got the look of the devil in him! So glad you decided to adopt again. Our dog is a large part of my day, and not having Daphne around to go shopping with was tortuous, so then we adopted our Rosie. She was a very weird character when we first met; she seemed nervous and was yawning continuously, so Richard and I took tap dancing lessons to entertain her. Our bonding was not immediate; she had no idea who we were and what her role in the house would be.

    But these days, she’s in her own back yard, barking to her heart’s content at the passing skateboarders. Otherwise, this strange dog never makes a sound.

    • osolynden says:

      I am still waiting for the mischief to surface. I’m pretty sure it’s in there…

      You and Richard are dedicated dogsters. Tap dancing, eh? Stitch is easier to please so far and seems content with a triathlon followed by another triathlon.

      No, the bonding is not immediate. I wouldn’t expect that. We seem on schedule to get there.

      Hugs and it makes me smile to hear from you. Scritch Rosie in her favorite spot for me.

      Bought Stitch a 16 squeaky alligator toy tonight. He got very excited when I teased him with it. He chased it when thrown. He took it in his “crate” and lay down on top of it…. Sigh.

      Another foundling dog who doesn’t know how to play yet. Well, I know the cure. 😉

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