Stitch Moved In

New Dog Report

Stitch moved in 3 hours ago.  The first hour was dismal as he clearly felt abandoned and uncomfortable and who the hell was I anyway?  He wouldn’t even take food from me.

I decided it was walk time to get his mind moving in a different direction.  He loved it.  He marked everything in sight.  I don’t think he has ever seen horses before.  He is excellent on the lead and doesn’t pull.  He sits on command.  He comes when I call him. 


We ended up at the landlords who have a fenced yard so I was able to let him off leash to play with both of the dogs over there.  They had a ball.  When it was time to go he came and sat for the lead to go back on. 

He did want to go back out immediately when we got home again and whined a bit.  I made it clear that wasn’t happening and he went and found his bed.

He came and climbed his upper body in my lap and wanted to have a nice long talk.  He wanted some love and he got it.

First quirk noted.  He is terrified of going through doors.  I haven’t run into that one before.  Coming and going will take some coaxing and patience.  The owners warned me about that.

They also say he is very shy around strangers.  We will see.  I still am practically…  As I said it’s only been three hours.

I’ll take him out again before bed and I know he will love the morning walk.  I’ll go see if my chair is still there, over at Carmen’s burned out farmhouse…  It’s a nice place to sit.

So, yes, I have a new dog.  I agonized.  It will keep me busy.  It was the right thing to do.

I will start taking some pictures for you soon.

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19 Responses to Stitch Moved In

  1. dustup224 says:

    A desert home companion. heart heart!

  2. This new developing relationship is mesmerizing.

    I am very pleased for the both of you, and want to hear and see more very soon.

    I worry about coyotes and/or rattlesnakes?

    • osolynden says:

      I am already pretty tickled with the new feller. Took him out for a 1o minute stroll (just) in the dark with a flash. He loved it and it wasnt enough. He is back laying his upper body in my lap again and eating his dinner Didnt seem interested earlier. When I was letting Stitch romp with the landlords dogs in the fenced yard I saw up on the hill watching a very large coyote perhaps 200 feet away. They have always been here and it is something to remember and be wary of. The rattle snakes I dont worry about as much. They flee when they can and are only a problem when you startle them. Lynden

  3. maks says:

    Back in the saddle!

    That’s the way mate. Life is for the living and it does get easier as we inevitably follow suit 😉

    • osolynden says:

      I realize in these few short hours since he came how sad and lonely it was around here not having a companion. I can tell He wants to be outside ALL the time and I will do my best. I need to get a dog whistle like I used to have And train him to it. Ill be glad when he can be trusted off leash to stay close. The leash is a bit of a struggle with the cane.

      Yuppers Max, Osolynden rides again. Lynden

  4. Diane says:

    Wonderful news!

  5. It’ll take a few weeks but I’m sure you’ll work out the issues just fine.

    Since he was a shelter dog it’s hard to say what his back story may have been to give him the quirks. The door one is definitely a new one. He might have been smacked hard by a door getting closed at some time or another. You might want to try standing between the door and him when passing through doorways to see if that might help. If that’s not it, then the doorway issue combined with his wanting to be outside all the time might be how he was first raised. To stay outside even if the door is open. If that’s the case then it will take a little time for him to realize that he is accepted (and expected) to be inside more than outside.

    They have a vaccine for rattlesnake bites now that slows or prevents the effects of the venom in order to have the time to get to a vet for treatment. It’s supposed to work on all rattlesnakes, but the Mojave Green. Coyotes are a problem all to themselves.

    • osolynden says:

      There you go again with sage advice. 😉 I too wonder if there was a past history of a problem/ hurt strongly associated with a door? I’ll never know. When he has bonded and I know he will stick around/return a dog door may thrill him. Certainly he will get outside more with me than most without an outside dog run.

      I have been hearing about the relatively new rattlesnake vaccine. I may look into that.

      I do have a play date this morning for coffee next door and the fenced yard with 2 dogs… After we will hit the trail like days of yore and be out for an hour. I can tell with Stitch that won’t be enough for 24 hours. We will work out the best way to serve his needs. Trust is key as the leash is murder for me with the cane and my back starts hurting. The sooner I can trust him to stick like glue the better….

      • I’ve become a forever home for a few rescues. The hardest part is trying to figure out how to ease their fears since we almost never know what causes them in the first place. The bonding seems to always be easy once they know we’re only here for them.

        We gave the rattlesnake shot to the Red Menace only because he will be in areas and doing things where snakes are more than likely to be encountered. When we asked the vet about it he said from everything he’s studied it works for buying time and lessening effects of the venom. Exactly how much time and lessening depends on the status (age, health, size) of the dog at the time of the bite. He didn’t recommend giving it just ‘cuz, but when we explained what Dash would be doing, he said it was probably a good idea and hopefully we’ll never have to put it to the test.

        Now on to your next post…..:)

        • osolynden says:

          I always figure a track record of doing right by them is the cure. I mean… what else does a hermit semi cripple have to do once the Iris are weeded but live to serve a dog And that serves me. 😉

          Interesting info on the vaccine

          Red Menace. I love it. Lynden

  6. thomassparky says:

    Life is never complete without animals! My dogs and my horse ARE my sanity!

  7. I’m so happy for you and wish you many great new memory’s to come.

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