Mas Stitch

Another Minute by minute Stitch update.  30 minutes ago my new pal had been a resident here for a whopping 24 hours.  🙂

We had an eventful day.  We went next door for coffee and to play with the “girls”.  The two ladies next door are both heeler mix and smaller than Stitch.  They already adore each other and a good time was had by all.  There was the predictable difficulty going through the door… and Stitch saw the other dogs on the couch and had no problem climbing up there with them.   And OOPS, Stitch did mark in the house…  For which he received an instant loud NO and was gently ushered outside. 

After the play date I went to feed the horses as usual.  Stitch made it clear he is afraid of them which I think is a good thing.  He should be.  I tied his leash further away in a safe area while I was busy and then we hit the trail.  Tula the pup at the big house decided to accompany us.  When Little Bear died she lost interest in my walks.  She is a dog dog…

I did make it to the old burned out farmhouse only to discover “my” chair isn’t there anymore.  Oh well.  There are some cinder blocks I can stack for a resting perch.  Stitch is surprisingly good on the leash and only pulls a bit which is good.  HE LOVED THE WALK.  Most dogs do…

When we returned I offered to let him play more with the ladies but he went to the yard gate and pointed toward home, so home it was.  He still has the door issue.

This afternoon we spent 3 hours outside touring and exploring this property he now calls home.  He was being so good I dared to let him off the leash and run around.  He was a model child (mostly).  He would vanish for a minute but I kept up a chatter and called when I though he needed to return to me.  He obliged and since I was ground sitting he was all over me, face kisses and all. 

We worked on the front door fear and I left it open and put small slivers of cheese on each step.  Cheese as you probably know often trumps fear and it did.  He will now come in from outside when called if he sees me in my chair holding a cookie. 

He did inform me that like another dog I knew… He doesn’t like it when I go in the outhouse for 3 minutes with the door closed.  That’s good right?  He already needs to see me. 

I’d say for the first 24 hours we have made amazing progress.  He has started eating…  He didn’t much at first.  I found a ball and he carries it to the door but doesn’t seem to want it thrown, just carry it.  I rescued some old dog bones from next door and he is half heartedly chewing on one right now.  They are pretty old.

He likes to half get in my lap with his rear feet on the floor and get pets and love.  He seems eager to tell me something…  I just tell him I love him and that already seems true. 

Davie says when he is back from his trip Tuesday he can bring a rawhide chew and some stuffed squeaky toys.  I’ll lay in some “greenies” for dental hygiene.  I do want a pack of hot dogs cut into micro slices to have in my pocket at all times.  Yes, I am a tricky doggie daddy…

It seems to be going wonderfully well.  Stitch spent over 5 hours outside romping today.  We have only a short outing before bed left to accomplish.  I’ll put an 1/8 of a meatball on each step…  😉

He is already a delight.

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17 Responses to Mas Stitch

  1. osolynden says:

    I promise to update less frequently… I am just so darned excited and happy to have a new pal. Besides, I know what sells. This humble blog got 84 views yesterday… A star is born, Stitch the Wonder Dog.

    • Karl Gerber says:

      Hi Lyndon, it is wonderful being able to read your blog and follow your adventures with Stitch. Kalyn had tears of joy in her eyes knowing that Stitch has such a wonderful new home. I can’t wait to read your blog to my daughter who will love to hear about Stitch.

      • osolynden says:

        Thanks Carl. I am glad this small post can offer a bit of reassurance. I got up two hours earlier than I have been today because I had a reason to. When he heard me stir he came and did the feet on floor face kisses as I lay on the bed. I found that pretty amusing as my Corgi/Heeler mix was too short for such. Dogs have the soul of a lawyer and technically this is not “getting on the bed”. Stitch is an incredible gift to me and I thank you, Kaylin and your daughter.

  2. Furry trust is a wonderful thing. 🙂

  3. thomassparky says:

    I Love it! An awesome Dog meets an incredible man! It makes me cry tears of Joy for both of you! Woody’s sister came home with me for a visit. Mainly for nails trimmed and a bath. Last night we had a three dog night. Sparky, woody and Jesse all on the bed with us.

    • osolynden says:

      How sweet Thomas. I needed (NEEDED) a new friend. My life has been incomplete since Little Bear had to lie down. I am ecstatic! (and thanks for the flattery) 😉 Lynden

    • osolynden says:

      He is a sweetie. 🙂

      He has found the dog door next door and went looking for his new girl friend at 6:30 this morning before the neighbors were up. But he came back in ten minutes…

  4. osolikeyou says:

    SO thrilled for you, my soul is smiling at you and Stitch. Happy news indeed.

  5. Ishbel says:

    I am sooo glad you have found another great companion.

  6. Jill Baldwin says:

    You post as often as you want. Fur buddies are the greatest therapy. I lost one of my 2 dogs, Dizzy, just before Christmas and as she followed me everywhere, I miss her like crazy. But at least I still have the other one Sally and my Oriental cat Ziggy has taken her place in following me around and has become 200% more loving than he was. He misses her a lot more than I thought he would.

    I would certainly hate to be in a house without a fur buddy. Looking forward to hearing more of your on going adventures 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      Wow. I thought I had answered this comment but my satellite internet is dicey sometimes… I hadn’t realized you had lost a friend Jill and i am sorry. I know how that feels. And thanks for encouraging me to post.

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