Sweet Stitch

Today marks the seventh full day Of Mr. Stitch adopting me.  I hadn’t realized how lonely alone could be.  I am ear to ear smiles and wake each morning with a purpose.

There are things we are working on but nothing of consequence that patience and a proper attitude on my part won’t fix.  I am walking the perimeter of the land everyday with a disapproving “EHHH!” when he crosses the invisible border and praise and cookies when he does not. 

He is increasingly at ease, less “jumpy” and his personality is emerging.  He knows any request fulfilled earns reward from “the hot dog man”.  I have his attention…  😉

He is the match of Mr. Huffle Puff in rapid learning curve,  and is also extremely quiet.  I haven’t heard him bark yet.  Both are qualities I admire. 

He now comes and goes through my front door mostly without fear.  He is no longer in his crate all the time inside.  He likes sitting next to me and lets me drape my arm around him.  He rests his chin on my shoulder.  He loves a peanut butter stuffed kong.  He sometimes chews some ancient bones I borrowed from next door.  I can pretty much count on a surprise midnight face wash but he keeps his back legs on the floor… Dogs have the soul of a lawyer, I always say.  As long as he is up at midnight it’s a fine time to eat a bowl of dry kibble.   He is wild in love with the pup next door (Tula) and they raise a giant dust cloud in the yard tearing around.  They chase, reverse the chaser and chasee… and wrestle trying to see whose head fits in whose mouth.  

It’s adorable. 

Stitch often has a wild, happy, goofy expression on his face.  We are becoming good friends.  He is a high energy handful.  I am tired but it feels good. 

There is a package at the post office waiting.  A 16 squeaky stuffed alligator, a retractable leash, and an Acme “Thunderer” metal whistle…  I fear I will need to teach Stitch to play with toys.  He shows little interest.  Google is my friend….   Quality kibble and some raw bones will come Monday and I have arranged a baby sitter while I go shopping.  It’s not easy having children. 

This photo is brought to you by Stitch the Wonder Dog:


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10 Responses to Sweet Stitch

  1. Melissa Hart says:

    I lol’d at your “tags”. Stitch is a fine looking dog. It warms my heart to hear you talk of him so fondly. I’m not sure which one of you are luckier to have the other 🙂

  2. dustup224 says:

    Nirvana! I can’t think of a happier existence for either of you. Just so.


  3. maks says:

    I knew you’d love him.

    The minimal barking is a trait of the breed, it frightens the cattle. Noisy dogs get a trip to the long paddock. Just keep him busy, well, don’t worry, it’ll happen anyway 😉

    • osolynden says:

      ” Just keep him busy, well, don’t worry, it’ll happen anyway ;)”

      Yes Maks, that is what worries me…. 😉
      Calling the pharmacy right now to renew my prescription for Celebrex…

  4. Cary says:

    <3………..on your brand new "relationship"…..<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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