DIY Chair

My recliner chair died.  It was a wonderful chair.  I pounded its chest and gave it mouth to mouth, but it had well and truly expired. 

I have a nasty make do replacement too low for easy senior egress and an hour in it feels like a revival of the Inquisition…   I need to make it as temporary as possible. 

Quality furniture is not in my budget, new cardboard wonders are pointless (been there) and you wouldn’t believe what they want for second hand Rose these days. 

No problem.  In my strange small octagonal house, custom is better anyway.  I am going to make a comfortable kick back chair.  I need something wider.  Stitch the Wonder Dog has needs.

As Stitch comes out of his shell (with me) he has decided he loves the one soft upholstered chair.  Yes, he moves instantly on request but it would be nice if we could sit together.  I need this now more than ever.

One of my antipodean friends suggested documenting my process.  I see his point.  You are all undoubtedly eager to learn how to make your own funky embarrassing DIY chair/dog love seat, out of painted plywood and dumpster dive hardware…   and have your friends point and laugh.

I will create something that works in this space, contains storage, turns into a guest bed… and done right, comfort that won’t need replacing in three years.  I am studying angles, height, padding and WHY some chairs are paradise and others are a bed of nails…

I have purchased a tri-fold foam twin XL mattress for the seat cushion (37 inches/94 centimeters wide).  I have owned a Shikibuton before and did use it as a couch for around 5 years.  I liked the look and it was comfortable with a sea of throw pillows against the wall.  Time has passed (how did that happen) and my body demands something taller.  

Here is the new chair cushion/guest bed.  It was astonishingly affordable for the genre and came with a zippered, washable, sturdy covering and carry handles:


Form over function is the triumph of appearance…   put me down as a form follows function kinda guy… 

I am going in… I am rolling up my sleeves and putting on my wading boots.  Tomorrow I will get out a razor blade, use the cardboard from a case of beer, scotch tape… and make a scale model of my proposed new chair…  This will force me to make all the measurements exact which I need before cutting.  

It will also be a required visual for my landlord who owns the workshop I need to use and thinks gays are even more useless than women, never mind all my shit is still standing and his projects  around the property are in various states of ruin.  Apparently my project needs his rubber stamp.

A 4 x 8 sheet of plywood seems around 37 bucks these days.  More than last I bought one, but still affordable.  

With Stitch wanting to occupy my chair I need this now more than ever… We need a place to watch “Red Dog” together without my mouth full of fur. 

Stay riveted for DIY Chair 2……

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6 Responses to DIY Chair

  1. “…for easy senior egress…”

    You are a sick, twisted, perverted, and disgusting old man!

  2. This is gonna be fun. Are you going to scrounge the hardware out of your dead recliner or is this going to be a completely different aspect of lounge seating? I certainly can’t wait to see what you come up with on this one.

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