Oso Gazette # 43 Gabillion

Here is a dog pile of subjects.   Just another Oso Acre Gazette… 

Stitch has been here an entire month as of the 24th.  A 5 week baby now and we are growing on each other.  He is young, high energy and wearing me out.  He is a total joy.  You should see him and his girl friend (Tula) tearing it up at the river.  The only good place to shake off the sand and water is right next to me…  Never thought I’d need to wear a rain coat on a dry day in the desert.

Tonight “brat dog”  (Tula next door) who got horse kicked recently (bad people, not bad dog) was down in the pasture barking up a storm.  I firmly told Stitch to stay.  HE DID.   Oh… he wanted to go so badly… but he wanted to please me even more.  Stitch is “working out”. 

We are still learning each other.  We heard gun fire in the hood.  It’s Amerika and rural…  Stitch thought about panicking and discovered the bed by my feet up by the swing.  He already knows I am his protector.  He is patient with me.  I needed to remove about 20 cockle burrs from his fur this morning.  No problem.  When he gets a “goat head” thorn in his foot he sits and lets me doctor.  Did I mention Stitch is working out…


My move from cigarettes to Vaping has been wonderful.  I went with the “cig-a-like” V2 system originally.  I wanted the transition to be as much like smoking as possible.  I understand there are stronger delivery systems out there that make giant vapor clouds.  I am not interested in carrying a giant Kazoo around in my shirt pocket.  The finger feel is part of the addiction for me. 

I have lowered my nicotine level to 1.2% or 12 mg. I quickly moved to clear (easily) refillable cartridges.  The V2 cartridges have improved considerably.  They no longer leak and they finally fixed the juice back (in your mouth) issue.  They are still a bit more expensive and NOISIER than the Kanger e-smart cartridges.  The Kanger are a bit larger than the KR808 batteries but the threads are compatible.  I like them best.

I have found some batteries (also KR808) less expensive than the V2 from V4L.  V2 did honor their battery warranty and send replacements for the three batteries that went dead.

For juice I am mostly Using Alt Cig and Zeus Juice.  Loving some of the nutty tobacco flavors, blueberry and black licorice.  The switch to Vaping has saved me tons of money.  I afforded a new dog and a new chair/love seat big enough for 2.  😉

My chair project is on schedule.  The first pillow sham arrived today.  The first coat of paint is done and the second coat will happen tomorrow.   I announced that I am putting furniture glides on the bottom and my landlord expressed concern that it will bounce around the room easily when bumped.  Imagine If I fart when seated and the chair slides ten feet… 

Yeah, I am really worried about that.

Just in:  The chair is all painted and will come home tomorrow.  Now I only need the cushions.  The pillow forms arrived today.  Here is the first sham stuffed: 


And here is the chair all painted:


Update:  This pic was a few minutes ago.  Maybe more shams will arrive today?

IMG_1633I’ll turn the top of the dog crate into an end table and gussy it up.   As I have mentioned I will need an ottoman.   A new dog door is in order.  The old one is too small.  

I never lack projects…

My new tree seems to have survived the winter and buds are forming.  I have never seen it bloom.  You will get pictures should that happen.  We sometimes get a flower killing late freeze. 

Lastly, I know it is arrogant for me to think anyone would be interested in the mundane adventures of an old half cripple and his dog.  I am grateful some are.  This blog is great fun for me and I have met so many wonderful people.  It is my platform, outlet and entertainment.  Thank you.

Next week:  Make up tips for your unsightly ear lobes.  Or maybe politics.  The American Christian right needs a good bitch slapping AGAIN.  WTF Arizona? Hugs buddies.

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10 Responses to Oso Gazette # 43 Gabillion

  1. dustup224 says:

    A very nice read, Lynden. The chair looks great and the sham pillow compliments it nicely. Can’t wait to see it with cushions and you two guys sitting on it.

    Missouri just joined the race to the bottom of the hate cesspool— We have a crackpot Missouri state rep from the boot heel that introduces these religious right bills. His is like AZ’s but much more general, which means that if passed (not likely), merchants will not only discriminate against the LGBT folks, but any other group (blacks, hispanics, muslims, brown people in general )if they can think of a religious reason to not provide a service, dine in their restaurant, or sell them anything…
    People vote for these idiots! That is nuts!

    • osolynden says:

      Thanks! I’ll need to wait for a friend to come for a family portrait in the new chair. My arm is just not long enough… 🙂

      Yes, I have heard about the Missouri bill. ;-( Glad you think it unlikely.

  2. I’m very interested in your mundane adventures. They brighten my day and let’s just say today I needed a little brightening. Thanks. 🙂

    The chair looks great. Stitch is going to love it.

    As far as Arizona, seems their governor grew a brain cell and vetoed that bill. But, hey, there’s always another day and another bill.

    • osolynden says:

      Watch out for that kind streak you have… 😉

      Sorry to hear your day needed brightening. Hope those sorts of days are rare.

      The chair will solve our race to see who gets to the chair first. I am slow and he always wins…

      The scuttlebutt on Brewer is the hierarchy of the GOP pressured her. It seems they are waking to the reality that they need some moderation to win elections? Ya think?

      • Kind streak?? I have a kind streak?!? No way! And I know lots of people who would swear to that. I would contact them and tell them that their swearing about me would be appreciated, but, of course, we’re not speaking.

        Your post, after an attempt at alcohol poisoning followed with several prayers before the porcelain Buddha and a comatose afternoon, read over a mug of chicken soup broth followed by a late night nap, made all the difference in the world. Once in a lifetime days, I hope.

        Sometimes to win the race you have to cheat a little. A hot dog bite tossed in an opposite spot (I would say corner, but you have none) would even the odds a bit, don’t cha know. It would at least give you a fighting chance. 🙂

        I don’t believe that the GOP is falling for all that moderation stuff. After all in Virginia, if I was still in possession of child bearing capabilities, I would just be a “host” for those parasites known as children. Arizona simply can’t afford to lose out on all the money they lost after their last brain fart with SB1070.

  3. A murder in your sleepy little burg would certainly attract a lot more readers.

    Especially if you were blogging first at the scene.

    With pictures.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. scarlybobs says:

    I love seeing photos of Stitch, he is such a unique looking dog, he is beautiful 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      Awe shucks! (and thanks) Your Furr Babies are lookers too but I bet you know that.
      Wait till I take Mr. Stitch in for a professional wash and groom. 🙂 Nothing like an hour at the beauty parlor for curb appeal.

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