About Canes

I use a cane.

I am a lucky, lucky man.  I went from a cane…   to a walker…   to crawling around on the floor LITERATELY.  A friend gave me a wheel chair.  I was grateful but they are a bitch on stairs. 

When my problem was finally properly diagnosed and surgically addressed (we could do better America) I was able to return to only needing a cane. 

I am very slow, walking hurts, I tire absurdly easily and often stumble.  The good news is I have only fallen 4 or 5 times so far this year. 

The damage to my spinal cord has healed as much as it will.  I am a very lucky man.  I can walk.  I saw what not being able to WALK looks like.   I am so glad I can walk.

Someone I know “BUSTED ME” crossing the room without my cane recently.

Yeah, that’s it.  I have been faking it for years. 

The same person once snatched my cane away (in a big box store) and informed me that not falling to the ground instantly meant I didn’t really need it.  I TRY to think this is meant as “love” and the wish that my body was better than it is. 

I try.

But in truth I think it brutal insensitivity.  Mobility issues are a spectrum.  Some have more problems than others.  Some in wheelchairs can rise, walk… maybe even go to the bathroom.  Some can’t. 

Cashiers in stores (when I actually get out) often tell me how many canes get forgotten and left behind…  I guess people with canes DON’T REALLY NEED THEM. 

Mobility problems are not a left wing plot to bilk the government.  Most of your tax dollars don’t go to the disabled no matter what the right wing freaks say.  Last time I checked 3% of Americans actually receive poverty level support for being “disabled” .

I don’t wish health problems for anyone but am puzzled by the inability of so many to “walk in someone else’s shoes”.

I fight to walk.  Do I also need to fight for your respect?  It makes me tired. 

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10 Responses to Canes

  1. Cary says:

    Well said! From someone whom also faced never walking again…………….or, lo and behold………I too, can walk and am ever so grateful!!!!! I have walked MANY miles in other’s shoes (or have tried to at least) because I felt it was my privilege to do so………….it is, isn’t it? I am so with you.
    take care lovely man.

  2. I don’t see the behaviors of this “someone” to be insensitive. Asshats are asshats. Asshats do not understand the meaning of words like “sensitive”, “empathy”, “respect”, “etc.”, for they are asshats. I wouldn’t “try” to think of them any other way since I find that to be just too taxing and an utter waste of time.

    I think most of the cashiers are truly just being amazed. I’ve been amazed myself at what some people have been able to leave behind.

    There now you have two comments. 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      It’s almost tedious how often you are right. Bingo twice more… 🙂

      And thanks! I cash these comments in for S&H Green Stamps. It’s a toaster thing…

  3. I know you posted this three days ago, but that’s how long it’s taken me to make it to the computer because I can’t find my cane.

    I can’t find my cane because I can’t find my glasses.

    And I can’t find my glasses because I can’t find my cane to go look for them.

    So I had to crawl around and feel for both my glasses and my cane for three days.

    But now that I’ve finally made it, I forgot what I was going to say.

    • osolynden says:

      Tee Hee… Well played. The BLIND black Lesbian in the wheel chair with Alzheimer’s routine reworked…

      Well, if it comes back to you you know the URL…

  4. Well put! And I believe what SPK said in reply pretty much sums it up well. 😉

  5. Ishbel says:

    sorry, I’ve been distracted by real life recently, so am trying to catch up on your stories.

    That person is what is known (this side of the pond) as a plonker or prat…

    • osolynden says:

      I never let real life interfere. Frankly, I dont care for it much. We dont use the word prat but I have heard it. Adding plonker to my vocab immediately.

      Very pleased to hear from you. Lynden & Stitch (The WonderDog)

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