Libertarians: Annoying Friends of the Plutocrats

Libertarians:  Annoying Friends of the Plutocrats

If you occasionally step into the online diarrhea of politics you have run into libertarians.  They are busy proselytizing souls to help build the new and improved tomorrow.  While the philosophy has different schools the American lot at the moment are all Von Mises Zombies.  They are well rehearsed in their arguments and quick to tell everyone they know more about economics than is possible.  It’s a set patter and they have it well memorized.

All ideologues are irritating and who enjoys being the heathen someone is trying to convert? 

What makes it worse is just how wrong they are.

The philosophy’s tenants are enumerated in a book “The Ethics of Liberty” by Murray Rothbard, (one of the dead Austrian economists).  The Austrians were a strange coven who emphasized “praxology” as the best approach to an already “soft science”. 

 Praxology walks away from including empirical studies and data in the attempt to understand economics and declares deduction the best approach.  So make a big pot of coffee and pass the donuts….

The only reason you may have heard of the Austrian school of economics would be their popularity with our libertarian friends.   They are not mainstream and not likely to ever be.  They didn’t just study economics they were activists and proponents of the “new morality” they had “discovered”. 

Economics as a whole is a “soft science”.  Experiments cannot be performed, repeated by others looking for the same result.  Economists cannot make predictions that come true and reputable ones won’t tell you they can.  Most economists are employed by governments, large corporations or universities.  Some of the university types may not be whores but there appears to be major snake oil being peddled in the entire field so when a group decides they don’t even need raw data and facts…  When the economy crashed in 2008 “free market” economics was in vogue.  Overnight Neo-Keynesian economics became the recommendation even from conservative economists. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Ronald Reagan started the American backlash against government,  not against government policies, AGAINST GOVERNMENT.  “Government is the problem “ he said.  The union busting of the Air Traffic controllers was his first act in office and policy moved in a “free market” trickle down/supply side, deregulate direction.  It was meant to benefit all of us.  Instead things started eroding. Reagan also took the solar panels (symbolically) off the White House.

What does this have to do with libertarianism?  Where did Reagan’s policies originate? And who is John Galt? Stay tuned for part 2.  I have a lot more to say on the subject.



Libertopia is a far off future.  It is  more instructive to know what policies they support in the here and now and who they are.

Charles and David Koch are the two most powerful plutocrat libertarians in America.  They founded the Cato Institute (originally called The Charles Koch Foundation).  They have recently reasserted control through a law suit/purge.

In 1980 David Koch ran as the vice presidential nominee on the Libertarian ticket.  Please read the platform he supported:

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16 Responses to Libertarians: Annoying Friends of the Plutocrats

  1. I love some – and am wary of other – aspects of Libertarianism. Just as for both our major political parties.

    Would a USA Libertarian party – along with the Dems & Repubs – allow people to continue overpopulating?

    Allow people to continue discriminating against gays or non-whites? Not mandate accommodations for those with physical challenges – wheel chair ramps and access to amenities?

    In other words, how much does USA Libertarianism contest the human propensity for apathy, mass willful ignorance, and the great bigoted malice against humans and environment that comes from these popular personality traits?

    Love your cartoon at the bottom! Here’s another, that actually seems to compliment Libertarianism:

    • osolynden says:

      A great many people can relate to the Libertarian/Ron Paul stance on overseas military adventurism. However (both small and large L) libertarians are not the only ones against empire building or the insanity of our current drug laws.

      I am sure your questions are all rhetorical and you know that in Libertopia no laws would exist to regulate any of your concerns. I recently read a justification for allowing racism made by a libertarian in the name of freedom and of course both of the Pauls have said they would have voted against the civil rights act. It is a dance of fine points. Both Pauls are gay un-friendly but are anti any government intervention into any situation ether pro or con. They don’t believe government has a role and we need the “freedom” to discriminate if we so choose.

  2. thomassparky says:

    It’s sad. Past elections have proven that nearly 50% of our population in this country believes in “Hooray for ME and the Hell with everyone else!” A huge side effect of the ME generation! It’s not just the rich. I know many average relatively poor people who are very self-centered and would not help anyone! The Love generation died a cruel death!

    • osolynden says:

      Hi Thomas. Yes, it really does look like ME,ME, ME… It’s odd how they are so busy attempting to turn it into a highly moral and preferable model. There are a lot of holes in the theory true believers seem blind to. As this series proceeds I hope to point some of them out.

  3. Libertarianism, along with every other political -ism, has its good points and ideas which are buried beneath a huge pile of BS, extremism, and hypocrisy. I always thought that we were supposed to take all the good ideas of governance “-isms” and blend them together for the good and betterment of the people (and astonishingly for the country) as a whole not just the preferred few, whoever the preferred and/or few may be at any given moment.

    Sadly, BS, extremism, and hypocrisy seem to rule in our country and have for generations. I can only keep wondering when we will collectively get over ourselves.

    • osolynden says:

      Once again wise beyond your years but at 29 how hard can that be…..


      My problem is reconciling Anarchism and Minarchism (libertarians are self admittedly in one of those camps) with believing we need government and wanting to improve it.

      When I continue this blog (part 2) I will post a link to a libertarian who doesn’t believe we need stop lights or speed limits because freedom and stuff. In the meantime libertarians are helping deconstruct all worker safety, environmental, worker rights, Unions,anti-discrimination laws, and the entire social safety net not because they disagree with the goals but because they define any law as coercion and against their principles of “non-aggression” and “self ownership”.

      I will also post a video of Ron Paul declaring we need to return to the year 1900 and before because the age that spawned the term “robber Baron” was when we had the most liberty… It gives us some notion of what Libertopia would look like…

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