A Gentleman Caller

Another Oso Acre Gazette:

I had a gentleman caller today, not the “The Glass Menagerie” type, but the first hummingbird of the season. He hovered insistently in front of me and I granted his request. I retrieved the feeder, dusted it off, and filled it for the first time this season. He returned in an hour and we were both delighted.

The wind this spring has not been as brutal as it can be. (We are famous for spring wind.) I am grateful as Stitch, my new pup thinks being inside is flat out wrong. Unless of course he wants to be (inside) and then I am wrong. A new dog door is in our future as I can afford.

It will need to wait as the roof is leaking and that is a big deal for most homes but a tragedy for a straw bale house.  (Can you say black mold?)  Yes, this little piggy built his house out of straw.

Naturally roof repair is priority one… even over Stitch’s needs or making my new chair more comfortable with an ottoman.

I did buy an Australian sheep skin to throw on the chair and we love it. My Australian Shepherd took a much bigger fancy to the new chair and occupies it now even sans daddy. I found a brown sheep skin. White is an absurd color choice for country living avec le chien.

Speaking of color the Forsythia bush is coming back from a hard few years and is small but glorious:


The new Hopa Crab Apple tree had the first lone blossom open today and In two weeks should be in full glory. The color of the bloom is the most wonderful subtle grey. Unless of course you can see red… I love it still.


With all the time I spend outside these days (that dog thing) the garden cleaning is ahead of schedule and I have the upper garden cleaned and groomed and as soon as I finished Stitch and Tula dug a huge pit together spraying dirt fan 6 feet all over fresh swept paving. Love me them dogs. I really do.

My Butterfly bush died. A new one is added to the wish list. I will make that happen. I don’t have that many “anchor” plants in my garden design and it was one.

The big news of course is Stitch. We grow fonder of each other by the day and he is a real dear. He has a few habits I need to talk to him about like waking me twice a night for “pets” and love or digging two foot pits in flower beds…

We have time. It will all work out.

He did see his first snake yesterday and it could have gone better.


He is a mostly off leash country dog and is not always supervised though I try to know where he is. The Bull Snake ultimately got really ticked and faced off ready to bite. I had called Stitch off 3 separate times. He kept going and finding it again. I finally raised my voice with a paint peeling NO!

Yes, it scared him but I would rather that, than have him rattle snake bit. Been there, done that.

Nights he climbs in the new chair with me and cuddles in a strange way. He sits like a small human leaning against the chair back with his lower legs extended, leans against me and puts his head on my shoulder. He stares at me and I drape my arm over his shoulder. He seems to really like that.

Hope things go well for you.

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12 Responses to A Gentleman Caller

  1. Leo says:

    I use Garrison Keelor’s voice in my head when I read your Stitch and me blogs.. I like reading about your homelife, Lynden. Thanks.

  2. scarlybobs says:

    What would a dog be without a few bad habits? 😉

    Haha how sweet that Stitch puts his head on your shoulder and looks at you adoringly!

  3. thomassparky says:

    My Australian Shepherd and his sister have pretty much the same habits as yours. Say, when Stitch and Tula play, does Stitch spin around and try to sit on Tula? Woody does that with every dog and the cat! He also wants to be in your face and try to stick his long lizard tongue down your throat. He also has a curious chortle. When he needs to go out, he will sit in front of me and try to form words with his mouth making all kinds of vocalizations. Woody and his sister were one year old in late January.

  4. What wonderful actions – and pictures – of Spring.

    Why, I remember what seems like just a weeks ago your talk of cold well below freezing. And snow!

    Your relationship with Stitch seems to be going well. But like all relationships, is requiring some ‘adjustments’.

    More pictures, please.

    And warm regards from the Pacific NW;-].

    • osolynden says:

      Ah, spring in New Mexico… Two days ago the snow came back. Just a flurry that didn’t stick but it was bitter cold. 26 degrees out as I write this.

      Will work on more pics.

  5. Melissa Hart says:

    I loved this!!

    Do you make your own juice for your Hummingbird feeder or buy it?

    • osolynden says:

      Awe shucks! 😉

      I make it. three cups of water and one cup of sugar. (some people do 4 to 1)

      I have an electric tea kettle and I boil the water and stir in the sugar. Cheap and easy.

  6. Ishbel says:

    That forsythia looks so pretty. It’s out everywhere here , too. I have a similar coloured hedge, about 5ft long, but my favourite is one that was here when we bought, many years ago, so I don’t know the variety. Instead of acid yellow, the blooms are a pale jonquil colour, carried on long, weeping type thin branchlets. Very, very pretty!

    • osolynden says:

      Hey thanks! Nice to hear from you. Your Jonquil yellow Forsythia sounds lovely. I have a friend who years ago spoke of Forsythia as having “Aztec plumes” in the spring. I have no idea why that has stayed with me.

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