Warts and All, My (May) High Desert Garden

My High Desert Garden

My garden is ornamental landscaping. I tried (for a few years) to grow some food but It is expensive and hard fought here. The amount of water required for edibles is staggering and water is permanently in short supply.

I have clay and sand for native soil and neither is friendly to the plants I knew when I moved here, annums and eons ago.

Rather than fighting nature and climate I adapted. Why fight when you can partner.

People are sometimes shocked when they see my garden and assume it requires an enormous amount of water. They fail to realize the green is largely sedum,Image succulents, native plants and other xeriscaping . Almost everything I grow is drought tolerant, I don’t have a flush toilet or other water wasters and collect every rain drop or snow flake that hits my roof.Β  I’ll contrast my water use with anyone in the neighborhood.Β  I’ll bet I use less.

As time has passed the challenge of gardening has increased. We have moved into drought and increasingly unpredictable weather with wild extremes. We had a serious freeze in the early morning hours of May 15. Three days ago we had a nasty hail storm that flattened, shredded and filled my rock gardens with ice. Last summer we had two floods so severe a stretch of our road washed out.

As I said I don’t combat nature. It is what it is. I still do darn well with my landscaping I think, but you be the judge.

Last summer I promised a video tour of my garden. I never got it “presentable” enough to want to show it. Hell with that. Here is my early garden with most of the plants barely an inch tall but the bones show. It is decent when picked up, swept up and groomed. Maybe I’ll get there this year? πŸ™‚

Enjoy the tour.

I’ll try to do another walk through when the big bloom starts. Here are a few close ups of what it looks like at the moment:


(pre hail)




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25 Responses to Warts and All, My (May) High Desert Garden

  1. ladyhart2u says:

    I just love those “evil” colors of the Iris. I dug mine up when we was changing to the castle rock and I never replanted them. I also enjoyed the video quite a bit.

    What was that white statue on that thing next to your shed? I’m quite nosy lol

    • osolynden says:

      Yes, Vic the Dick would love my garden. All those Satanist colors…. Bwa ha ha. The man has the IQ of sawdust.

      Next to my solar heat pump house (shed) is the housing for my breaker box. On top for weight is an old lamp base I inherited from my friend Walter. It’s old but was “inexpensive” when new. I think it’s cement and 30’s or 40’s… It’s a not very detailed (Grecian?) naked woman holding a vase on her shoulder. I painted it white. I keep threatening to do flesh tones and add a thong so folks like Vic will only rate me a 5 on the Satan scale…

  2. Ok, I really missed something important….just when did purple get put on the “evil” list?

    Love your place and you have such a lovely garden. I’m very jealous ’cause I’ve got a talent for killing every plant I’ve ever had the pleasure to plant. Flowers, especially, do not do well with me. Except the ones I want to be rid of. Those thrive just to spite me.

    Luckily, the Man does well with trees and I can dig an awesome hole so our yard isn’t completely barren.

  3. How to spell the name of the woman in the bottom photo?

    I’m pleased you posted that video. What a delight for those of us who are prevented from visiting in person, Lynden. An oasis in the high desert.

    However, my morbid sides wishes you had shown a bit more of The Death Star. AKA: The Big House.

    And a pleasant surprise is that you have a youthful voice. Which, unfortunately, makes you notably less effective when chasing away any children that might haplessly stumble across your yard.

    Warm regards, Desert Sage;-].

    • osolynden says:

      I have seen at least 3 or four spellings for Quan Yin:

      I decided it was risky getting too close to the death star… I have been finding a lot of spent cartridges on their back door stoop of late.

      Voice isn’t the only technique for telling kids to “get offa my lawn”. A witch hats works wonders. Oh wait, I don’t have a lawn.

      Thanks for the visit. I’ll get over to your blog today but the new one is so long…

  4. Ishbel says:

    Lovely, lovely, LOVELY!

  5. Ishbel says:

    Absolutely no need! I am not snobby, but confess to being a little OCD in terms of tidiness.. But a garden like yours just gets more charming.

    In case you wonder who is visiting from Greece… That would be me!

  6. scarlybobs says:

    Your garden is beautiful, and it was *awesome* to see Stitch on video too! ^__^

    His dog door looks really good as well, and as for the buried dog ‘cave’ WOW that is cool!

    Your garden really puts ours’ to shame πŸ˜›

    • osolynden says:

      Yes, my garden is very “dog friendly”, but they contribute so much to it’s survival by scaring away the pests who eat my plants. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the visit.

  7. Cary says:

    How lovely Lynden! Robert and I will sit with you and have a long, wonderful visit there one day…………………….<3

  8. Wow…just WOW. I love all you’ve done with gardening! I see the crab-apple tree is coming along. Your place is fantastic, envy you! I see, I need to consult with you on building my place once we move to Portland!!!!!!!!

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