Healing Stitch

All of the dogs who have walked with me over the years (mostly my landlords dogs) have learned the hard way, and the harder way about BARBED WIRE FENCES.

Eventually the rabbit runs and the dog goes full tilt chase, the rabbit goes safely under the fence… the dog does not.


Stitch had his first fence lesson and it was a painful one. When he slammed that fence at a billion miles an hour my heart froze, the impact and ensuing yelp was loud. I saw the left front paw twist in an ugly way.

He cried in pain all night and the next morning I took him to the vet. I needed to know if it was broken. Untreated a broken foot or ankle could have left him lame for life and he is a young dog still learning the world out here in the high desert.

Going to the vet is not easy for someone rural, disabled and car-less. I needed my landlords help. They have 4 vehicles between the two of them. First they had an argument about whether Stitch needed to see a vet. Then the argument turned to which vet might be cheapest…

It takes all of my patience dealing with these folks but in the end they helped me.

On the way in to town I was told he was going to be proved right and this trip was not needed.

I snapped.

I told my landlord I was grateful for the ride but the 12 year old urgency with which he needs to be right was the least helpful thing about him and that my concern was getting an x-ray and caring for Stitch. I didn’t care if he was right or not, I cared if my dog was going to be lame forever when it could easily be prevented.

Stitch will be fine. It was not broken the x-ray showed, but they triple wrapped/immobilized the ankle and gave me two weeks worth of pain killer for him.

Four days later my landlord insisted on removing the brace/vet wrap. I am so tired of fighting with these assholes I allowed it. GIVEN A CHOICE I would have left it 3 or four days longer.

I needed a loan to pay the vet bill which my landlord was kind enough to cover for three days till my check came in. I paid him in full and for the gas to town that he thought I should pay, never mind all the favors (unpaid) they ask of me.  If I charged them a dollar a dog walk to exercise their dogs they would owe me thousands of dollars.  Taking their dog on the walk everyday probably COSTS ME $20.00 a month in high value training treats (chicken, hot dogs, cheese) but their dog now comes when it is called.

I suppose I should be more grateful but life next door to them is like one long trip to the dentist.

Sweet Stitch will be fine. The injured foot does touch the ground a bit now and then. He mostly still gimps on three legs.

I will see about stopping the pain killer (Remedil) tomorrow… He is down to the last 3 doses and for 200 bucks I thought maybe I could snort it?

I don’t give a damn who is right or wrong in this matter. I CARE ABOUT THE WELFARE OF THE DOG.  Is that so hard to understand?


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23 Responses to Healing Stitch

  1. Animals are much better than most people. says:

    I’ll withhold my coments about them. Know that my tongue is bleeding because I’m biting it. If I didn’t bite my tongue if would sound like a tremendous bout of Tourettes.

  2. dustup224 says:

    I’m with you, Lynden— it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a loved one’s injuries. I think that your landlord’s mental maturity level fails to understand that Stitch is not just a pet to you, he is your child, a beloved family member that holds the same status as your idiot landlord’s wife holds in his world (maybe I am too generous to him, by the sounds of it— maybe he would just tell her to walk it off if she ran into a barbed wire fence on a full tilt…)

    I am relieved Stitch is on the mend and there is no permanent injury.

    Damned bunnies, anyway!

    • osolynden says:

      Yes Leo, those damned bunnies… 🙂

      Always better safe than sorry, yes. It was such a close call if it was broken or not I really needed an x-ray.

      Funny you should say what you did. They declared a financial cut off for critter care once and I actually asked if it applied to them as well….

      Never did get an answer.

      • osolynden says:


        He walks mostly on all four legs now, MOSTLY.

        When he speeds beyond a slow walk he is back to the three leg hop. I am pleased with his progress. He hurt it badly.

  3. Annie Whitney says:

    Sad that you did not know that there is an excellent that 3 miles from you. for any future follow ups, or pain meds, please call Nan Hack, Madrid veterinary clinic. She is still limited and some services because of the size of her little facility, but she is an incredibly experienced that, a super wonderful sweet human being, and she also does house calls if necessary.

    • Annie Whitney says:


    • Annie Whitney says:

      Oops…. excellent veterinarian

    • osolynden says:

      On your say so Annie I will put this resource in my phone book. Thank you. In this situation a full service vet was required who could do x-ray. None of the vets out here (and there are others) have that equipment nor have I noticed are substantially cheaper than in town… particularly if you need a house-call that ends up being a referral because you need a service they cannot provide. Like an x-ray.


  4. Those barbed wire fences are awful. Our bad experiences are usually with the ones that no one maintains and they end up in a pile of wire and fence posts which are then covered by sage brush so you don’t even know there’s anything there until it’s too late. So far I’m the luckiest one of the family to find those hidden piles. 😉 Thankfully, the Man carries wire cutters with us and feels that I’m important enough to cut me out of those when I do find them.

    It was nice that your landlord helped you and Stitch but he’s still an asshat for his uncaring commentary. Hope Stitch makes a speedy recovery and I feel sorry for that rabbit when he does.

    • osolynden says:

      I have a formal ball gown made entirely of barbed wire. It is a real man magnet . I am so into cutting edge fashion.

      Yes, it was nice that they helped. Why my needs are something to vote on I don’t have a clue. Yes or no and if the answer is no… get out of the way and I have other friends.

      If they want to charge me for gas for helping me, that is a game two can play. Next time they need me to house sit it ain’t free. I’d rather scratch your back and you scratch mine, but if we are going libertarian here then I can play by those rules.

      It’s a two way street.

  5. Cary says:

    Stitch is fortunate to have you as his dad.

  6. ladyhart2u says:

    I am so glad to hear that your pup is on the mend. I’ve had more than one tangle with barbed wire in my lifetime. That’s some wicked shit.

  7. You are a good daddy!!! Putting up with that crap, all to make sure Stitch got proper evaluation and care.

    I know what it is like to depend on others for a ride. I still haven’t straighten out my ID crisis. Seeing a local official in few weeks, to plead my case. My (third) lawyer has set it up. I will either get a hardship waver to pardon me from the Real ID Act mandates or if not, will be sent to a judge for name change. Name change..pfft…not changing my name, just dropping two off BC. What BS. But for my cancer, so far doctors use Mikes ID, for billing, getting surgery and treatment. And he goes to get my pain medicine. Without Mike I am SCREWED! TG that man loves me, and is good to me!!!!!

    I wish Stitch a fast recovery. Hugs to you both. ❤

    • osolynden says:

      Stitch is doing very well! As goes my dog so goes my mental health….

      I can’t believe they are still messing with you over your name. I am sooo glad you have Mike.

      Big bessos SGH.

  8. scarlybobs says:

    Oh jeez!

    Poor Stitch, and poor you for having to deal with your pathetic landlord…that must have been traumatic for both of you; I’m glad Stitch is recovering well 🙂

    When Kasper was an off-lead dog he used to do everything at 110mph…a year ago last April he came back to us covered in blood; he’d managed to cut an artery!! The vet said it was likely a fallen down barbed wire fence that did it…

    I hope Stitch continues to improve!

    • osolynden says:

      Poor Kasper! I had not heard that story.

      Thanks. Progress is a bit slow and when he seemed much better I took him for a short walk. Naturally he over did it and the healing was set back. My fault and I should have known better.

      • scarlybobs says:

        It’s so hard to tell when they are well enough. I know when Kasper was healing, we let him play with Zoey too early and his stitches burst…

        Such a tough decision to have to make, don’t blame yourself 🙂

  9. Ridiculous! I drop everything when my dog is hurt or sick and scram right to the nearest vet, time and cost aside. You have to do what you can for your beloved furry family!

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