Fece Book

I have done the unthinkable and joined Facebook.  I finally got lonely.  Sure enough most of my pals from MySpace and elsewhere are playing the only game in town.

It’s pretty boring and tightly controlled.  You can “like” and “share” and there are no blogs.  Most of what you see you see 50 times…

Oh well….

I use a desk top email client so I have no “contacts” in my email account online.  Face book swears they will use only those contacts to “connect you”.  They lie.  They are very invasive and seem to know things I never told them even though I delete my LSO and cookies and use Ghostery and tell my browser not to allow tracking…

Big brother is not government peeps..  It’s the internet.

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  1. deleted by contributors request

  2. ladyhart2u says:

    I originally opened mine to keep in touch with a woman who had left Myspace. Then I found it was a great way to keep up on what’s going on with my grandchildren that live in another state.

    I found people that I had known for over a dozen years from other, now defunct social sites. Some of those people I have met in real life.

    I find that any social site can mean different things to different people. I guess it all depends on what you want or expect, whether or not you enjoy your time there.

  3. I’m there. As my real self, which isn’t saying much. I’ve never been big on friends so I think I have all of 24 or 25 friends on my page which consist of my ever dwindling family members and some of the Man’s high school friends. I joined for a place to share my photos with my family and to keep tabs on them, but then I found an interesting group and now that’s the main reason I pop in there regularly. After figuring most of it out, I kinda like it. It’s not perfect, but what website ever is.

  4. Ishbel says:

    Not a member…. Never GOING to join, despite entreaties from overseas friends and rellies!

  5. Ishbel says:

    Now…. Aren’t you the lucky one…?

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