Mid August Garden

I was exhausted and in pain.  I had just returned from a long dog walk.  It was a cloudy morning and Datura was still blooming.  Sun kills the blossoms…  So I whipped this video out.  I have done better, but this will have to do.   😉  I won’t bother apologizing for the weeds.  They don’t apologize to me… 

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4 Responses to Mid August Garden

  1. You have done splendidly with your desert oasis. I love it, Lynden.

    I don’t have my own space for gardening, so I have to live vicariously.

    Love the sunflowers especially: they were M.J.’s fave;-].

    If I ever do get there, I want to make up for all the years not having one. A big lot would be ideal, including space for vegetable and rose gardens.

    Sincerely Jealous

  2. Ishbel says:

    Such an amazing garden. And so ‘exotic’ to these celtic eyes!
    I have felt the kiss of Autumn whilst drinking my tea outside at breakfast time and to feel the heat of your garden does my heart GOOD!

    • osolynden says:

      Wonderful. I suppose I would have found it exotic once… It is about climate and limited water of course. Yes, winter is coming soon. The trees here down by the river are starting to yellow. There was snow to the north (Colorado).

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