The Blossoming of Stitch

Stitch the Wonder Dog has now lived with me for 7 months. Having his company has been a delight.

When he arrived I was told he had “portal anxiety” (fear of going through doors) and was afraid of strangers. Both were true. He was high strung, nervous and very easily frightened. I raised my voice with him the first month in an emergency situation (snake) and he vanished for an hour. He had great fear. It has greatly lessened.

Stitch is blossoming. It has taken time and love. He is a different dog. He doesn’t notice doors anymore (even new ones) and his enthusiasm for meeting people is remarkable. He has calmed, gained confidence, and earned my trust and therefore great freedom. I no longer need the leash on walks. I am so glad. It hurts enough just walking.

He sits on command at the edge of the road waiting for permission to cross. GOOD BOY!

His affection is adorable. He wants to be hugged and have arms wrapped around him and loves being talked to. He is quite the cuddle bunny.

He used to wake me during naps and at night needing pets and love. I never scolded him for that. That behavior has now extinguished. He is permitted on the bed but only stays for 10 minutes. He looks forward (more than I do) to my 3x a night time pee runs and beats me to the bed when the mission is accomplished.

As he has learned my rules so I have needed to learn his. He has great fear of having his tail touched and we are making some progress there. Maybe someday he will let me brush it… He is terrified if I raise my voice with him even if a semi is bearing down on us…

Like all shelter dogs his past will remain a permanent mystery. One thing is clear. He never learned how to “play”. He also doesn’t chew. Toys, bones, and chew toys gather dust. Frisbees are terrifying objects and squeaky toys makes demon noises. If I pick up a stick he thinks I might hit him…. Just getting used to my cane was a big deal for him.

There is a deep depression where we walk filled with water from the summer rains. It is still a foot deep. We visit it every morning and he goes for a dip. I had no idea he was a water loving dog.

It is very gratifying to see him getting over all of his fear and coming out of his shell. He is a real sweet heart. Perhaps in time he will learn to play tug of war or fetch with me? If not, well he gets to be who he is…


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23 Responses to The Blossoming of Stitch

  1. jillcb1 says:

    So lovely to read how well Stitch is coming on. He truly understands what a lucky boy he is to end up in your home. 7 months is still early days for him, but you have come so far together. Keep up the good work. 🙂
    On one of you previous blogs I think you said you now have a Facebook page. If you want to be friends on there or just have a look at my page, I am there as Jill C Baldwin.

  2. ladyhart2u says:

    It’s so wonderful that you have each other. I think the picture is pretty awesome too!

  3. So good all is working out for the both of you. Made my day reading about Stitch’s progress.

    • osolynden says:

      The rake’s progress? 🙂 Yes. He is blossoming. Last night there was thunder and lightning 50 miles away visible and audible in our big western sky. A few months ago it would have sent him into the house to hide. He considered and decided it was more fun to stay outside with me and his girl friend from next door.

  4. Ishbel says:

    The power dogs have to fill you with joy is amazing.

    So glad to see you writing again. I was getting a little concerned…!

    • osolynden says:

      Doing fine. I have just been very busy and tired keeping up with a young dog and his girl friend next door.

      Yes, dogs are amazing. If only damaged people could heal with time and love the way Stitch is…

  5. I’m so glad you and Stitch are melding so well. Don’t fret about the fact that he doesn’t like toys. Our Kiki never did either. She would grudgingly chase after a ball one time and then figured if you couldn’t hold onto it, then you could just go get it yourself. Now Dash on the other hand is a toy fanatic. He expects that every bag you bring in will have a new toy for him. He has favorites and certain games that he likes to play with certain toys. He wears me out. 🙂

    Glad to see this latest blog from you (I love your blogs), but I miss you over on FB. A few others do too!

    • osolynden says:

      Yes, the meld is on schedule. I suspect he might be part Vulcan on his mother’s side? Dogs are all so individual aren’t they? He has a new rule this week. If I offer a cookie pinched between two fingers he sits and looks and refuses to accept it. If I offer it in a cupped open palm he is all over it. This suddenly matters to him. 🙂 OK.

      Well, it’s good to be missed but I am not sending Facebook a scan of my driver’s license. Am getting interested in an up and coming social site called “Ello”. Still Beta for a bit longer and invitation only till they get it up and running.

  6. Ishbel says:

    I have never bothered with FB and if they are now insisting on ‘proof’ of identity, then I shall keep on not bothering!

    I miss Gather and friends from there. I even miss a couple of the nutters and numpties, but never enough to seek them elsewhere!

    • osolynden says:

      Well if Vic is one of the nutters you miss… He IS on Facebook and his dingleberry Civil is bound to be clinging to him… I am on the waiting list for “Ello”. It looks very promising.

  7. Ishbel says:

    Nooooooo not him ….. I honestly had erased that one from my memory!

    Let me know about the latest site, when you’ve had a chance to review it.

  8. What a delightful, wonderful, enriching relationship. A fortunate and well-matched couple.

    Unlike humans, dogs almost never ask for divorce;-].

    P.S.: Vic – you won’t let us forget him, will you?

    • osolynden says:

      Yes, Stitch is working in quite well. I was lonely.

      Vic is STILL out there as I write preaching Chemtrail Jesus. He and his buddy “Civil Unrest” may well have had a lot to do with the demise of Gather…

  9. Angelica says:

    Hello my friend , it’s a lovely blog and lovely dog you have , miss you oxox Angelica

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