No, this blog is not about Evangelical Christians or Republicans.  It’s about actual rats and mice. 

They are a huge problem where I live.  Probably for most rural people.  They can do huge damage very quickly.  I put a closet rod in an outbuilding once and stored clothing and it all had to be disposed of.  They eat wiring and…  everything.  The loss translates into huge dollars and they carry disease. 

It can be hard to hold your own against them. 

I don’t like killing things but rats and mice cause too much destruction to tolerate. 

A neighbor loaned me a battery operated rat/mouse trap.  I have caught a mouse or rat every night since I started using it 3 weeks ago.  You bait it with dog kibble, raisins or bird seed (less messy) and turn it on.  The execution is swift (electrocution) and you dump the contents without touching the mouse.  You re-bait and turn it back on. 

Finally a solution that works, is poison free and more humane than some control techniques. 

If rodents are a problem for you, you might consider trying one.  Vermin aren’t a war you ever win, but keeping the problem small matters. 

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27 Responses to Vermin

  1. scarlybobs says:

    Nooo, I have pet mice and rats! 😉

    Can only imagine how much of a problem they must cause. Glad you have found something that works 🙂

    • osolynden says:

      I understand. I have met pet rats and mice and they can be very sweet. Yes, wild ones are a horror unchecked. They are trying to move into the walls of my house at the moment.

  2. Ishbel says:

    We have a lot of field mice in the garden at the moment.
    My husband, who grew up in a poorer area, keeps telling me ‘they are a better class of rodent than those from inner cities’.

    I come from a fairly posh area of Edinburgh and reply. ‘THEY ARE BLOODY RODENTS’.

    Traps are the only way to prevent them entering the house.

  3. Ishbel says:

    Where’s the Pied Piper when you need him?

  4. Ishbel says:

    And they certainly look like a lower class of mouse…. Not the sort WE get……

  5. Ishbel says:

    I think you may be right. My husband’s best man at our wedding was an Aussie. He boasted that he was the descendant of a First Fleeter (similar to Mayflower descendants in the USA) We joked that we could still see the ancestral manacle marks…. It drove him mad as he swore his ancestor was a British govt official!

  6. Ishbel says:

    Haaaah, just like Australians, blame it on the limeys of the first fleet!

  7. Ishbel says:

    Listen, a feisty Scotswoman can outsmart any Aussie!

  8. Ishbel says:

    You’re safe, but it pays never to get complacent!

  9. We plant mint around house and chicken coops. This mice and rats hate it! ❤

    • osolynden says:

      My climate is so harsh even the rats have adapted. In a desperately dry year they eat plants the internet says repel them… 🙂

      • Oh wow…that’s crazy. I use cayenne/cinnamon mix when the mint doesn’t help. We put it on ground where I see their entrance to chicken coop. Friend of mine can’t seem to get rid of them so she put DE and parasite meds in food, and lay it wherever they track to cut down on health risk to her chickens. Healthy rats…lol.

        • osolynden says:

          So far the vermin fryer is working extremely well. I have killed a rat or mouse every night since I started using it. Best mouse/rat trap I have ever found. Unfortunately I thought if I threw them far away from the house the crows and vultures would feast and end of story. Not so. Stitch doesn’t eat them but he is making a large pile of dead things in the front yard…

          • Now I know what to send Stitch, when send you another goodie box. Just kidding….lol.

            Well tomorrow big day….finally found time to see a doctor. Really REALLY scared. Its hard being optimistic when seriously sick. o.O

            Chop Suey!

            • osolynden says:

              I’ll keep you in my thoughts all day and light a candle with you in mind. Hugs.

              • Sent home for now from hospital. The mass in lower right-side of my throat…its probably just a infection…duh…I hope so.

                Put on antibiotics, and if infection/mass doesn’t clear up…see ENT to have more test done. The right lung looks clear, no sign of infection. I just feel the drainage from throat infection irritating it.

                At least I know why I felt so blah…have fever, ear and throat infection.

                We were told a combination of stress, being overworked and not eating well(when traveling, which has been a lot lately) may be cause. Also told I’m having anxiety attacks. They can’t tell me exactly what caused infection since haven’t been sick..sigh…so they think maybe sinusitis? I haven’t had sinus trouble in long time. The blood work came back clean other than white blood count is significantly high.

                Overall grateful getting something done and crossing fingers don’t need anymore test!!!

                It really sucks my doctor retired. Finding new doctor is not fun.

                Going to lay down and rest for while…I need a hug. 😦

  10. Ishbel says:

    I’ve got about nine or ten different types of mint, in large pots near the house. Obviously, our better class of vermin are not deterred by its aroma!

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