Raising Hell

As I am not currently on any social site but Word Press I have taken to commenting some opinion and news articles on different sites including Alternet. Mostly it’s political which interests me.

I recently read a benign little article called “Happy LGBT History Month”. The first (and only) comment on the article was “Why would we celebrate the lives of people who mistake the anus for a vagina? Isn’t it perfectly obvious that the anus was designed to expel feces from the body and receive a penis? Why celebrate something so abnormal and harmful?” and that is a copy paste…

So I rolled up my sleeves and proceeded to raise a little hell. It is still ongoing and I replied again a few hours ago. A few of you may find it interesting or amusing?

You can if you want read the whole thing here:


You can also easily comment if you want to join discus which is a commenting program used by many different news sites. You do not need to use a real name. Even if the quick join process is not something you want to do you can “like” any comments using the up arrow under them with no hassle. It will simply record a “guest” like…..  Up votes will be appreciated as eventually I win a snickers bar or something and it shames the bigot to see my comments more popular than his…  😉

Update 10/14/04. The jerk is still spewing hate and i have made a few good points which he naturally ignores. What is tragically sad is how often christianity is the justification for hate and bigotry. I hate christianity and make no apology. I do hate the belief however and not the believer…

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5 Responses to Raising Hell

  1. osolynden says:

    I didn’t mention that this gent has left his discus profile open so his comment history can be read and he enjoys talking about penises, anuses and fecal matter… because god hates fags.

  2. Ishbel says:

    I’ve ‘liked’ all your comments, Lynden.

  3. max says:

    That dude takes “talking shit” to a whole new level.

    I’ve really got a sense of how bored you are mate, because normally, you wouldn’t give a dirtbag like that the time of day.

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