Sigh :-(

As usual I braved the pain and took Stitch and Tula the terrible for a long walk this morning. How they love it. We had some recent scant moisture and I needed to sit frequently (because I do) but they told me WHERE today because they found areas they needed to dig in frantically.

I love dogs.

It’s fall here and temperatures are dropping so I don’t need to worry about shade for the three of us on every sit down. We mostly stick to the same path I have developed with shade for summer and sun for winter and rocks to sit all year round.

There is a stretch with little shade and a tree that is a favorite of mine. Junipers are rarely huge thick trunks with a round lollipop top. Did I say rarely? Ok, never. It was unique. Today when I walked through someone had chain sawed it down for firewood. And many other trees in that area. It was theft. It wasn’t their land.

I will miss that tree. When summer returns I will miss it even more. I have some heart for the situation because so many here are so poor. I will still mourn that beautiful tree.

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10 Responses to Sigh :-(

  1. They cut down a live juniper? For firewood? There’s no deadfall around there? Junipers burn nice, but they take so long to dry out, I don’t see any sense in taking a live tree especially if it is of any size. But around our wooded areas we have lots and lots of deadfall from which to gather firewood so I may just be spoiled.

    Being poor is no excuse for being inconsiderate, selfish or downright criminal. Some people are just born asshats. I’m sorry for the loss of your shade tree. They are one of the most important things in the desert wilds and not just for us lowly humans.

    • osolynden says:

      Yup. A wonderful beautiful healthy live tree. The trunk must have been 10 inches across. I saw the new stump again this morning. We don’t have much deadfall here. Mostly because our area is not exactly wooded… Yeah. Sigh. It’s just something I will have to adjust to. What is done is done.

  2. Ishbel says:

    Always sad to see healthy trees destroyed.

    • osolynden says:

      Very. My landlords just bought two cords of wood from local vermin ( low class) and never asked where it came from. It’s all juniper and bleeding sap out as it sits neatly stacked against their fence.

  3. So sorry to hear this. I hate change. Look on bright side, this could’ve happened instead…….

  4. Having stress from conflict with roomie who habitually leaves soiled dishes in both sink wells after being asked to leave one clear for others, and frequent smoking inside by guests after landlord said no.

    So I decided to come visit your blog for temporary relief from minor bitchiness.

    I fault your post for not being longer and therefore more escapist.

    Passed my test, and flew solo for the first time Saturday.

    I love dogs too, and fondly recall the picture of you two from your recent post. They are such wonderful companions;-].

    Warm regards, young friend.

    • osolynden says:

      Next time I will try to drone on longer but why because by then you will be in your happy place or prison for roomate-cide.

      Very happy you passed your test.


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